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The Even-As-a-White Guy Privilege Syndrome...

If I can count how many times I have heard White dudes tell me "EVEN AS A WHITE GUY" to acknowledge their position of privilege on the World financial scale, I would have never had to work one other day in my life...

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, the White physician who uttered you are treating like a F-ing Black person" (I'm sure he meant to say that that he was being treated like an F--ing nigger)Yesterday, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, the White physician who uttered " as he was being arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, trespassing after warning and disorderly conduct and possession of cannabis, is a prime example of the sort of mindset that White males have in America if not the World at large. You can view an entire article on him by NBC NEWS at the following link:

Granted, White males have a history of being the most ruthless and heartless of mankind in their acquisitions of wealth via genocide, slavery and conquest (strategic theft), making far too many White males and their relatives some of the wealthiest and most dominating group financially Worldwide.

The latter has created a sort of entitlement in the head of even the most innocent-minded White male.

So often, I have heard things like:

- I wonder how much more successful you would have been had you been White

- Even as a White person it is so hard for me to get it done...

- Even as a White person I get pulled over by the police...

- Even as a White person they try to.. BLAH BLAH BLAH

So, it is obvious that WHITE MALES expect to dominate the FOOD CHAIN... Moreover, society accepts it... NOT JUST WHITES, but also ALL OTHER GROUPS... it is accepted as the NORM and status quo until a WHITE GUY says something that frustrates them personally. I blame SOCIETY AT LARGE for accepting that, and if society chooses to use TRUMP as a scapegoat for the behavior of ALL WHITE MALES combined because of that same entitlement, then I would perhaps wee a point. Otherwise, it is a futile politically-motivated attack.

Case in point is of course TRUMP... Why are so many Blacks or non-White-males offended by border-line racist things that TRUMP utter?

IS it because they expect a 70+ White man not to hold non-racist views or because they are in DENIAL about how WHITE MALES and ALL OTHERGROUPS have accepted WHITE MEN as the DEFAULT leader of the food chain.

A second point is that in 2018, the US still hasn't elected a WHITE FEMALE PRESIDENT... Is it because there has been a lacking of females of all color?


Rather, it is because other than a genius called OBAMA and prior to him Jesse Jackson, no non-White-Male American has dared to seriously or even audaciously run for the presidency. They just didn't believe they could beat a White man... Often it is arguable that even Blacks or women did not believe that they could elect a Black or female president of the US (POTUS).

HENCE why OBAMA had to use his FAITH to carry them through his:

"Change you can BELIEVE in"


"Yes YOU CAN!" Chants...

Americans are like a foster children of the Brits... As pioneering as America has been, it still is a very TRADITIONAL place... a "that's how we do it here" kind of place... with often no logical basis behind such decision making processes or traditions...



IS IT not your CHOICE to either accept or deny WHITE MEN as the de-facto dominator of most important things that the country or World has to offer?

have even accepted a WHITE MALE JESUS when Jesus could not have possibly been WHITE... In a nutshell, you have accepted the image of your GOD as that an f--ing WHITE MAN... You

My question to Americans is... HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? Better, yet, HOW STUPID WILL YOU STAY?

RACIST WHITE MEN like TRUMP are a product of Black and White America... So are all stupid politicians that you have voted for or elected...

You raised these people... and their values are values that they inherited from your PEOPLE... and the votes that they received came from you as well.

So, perhaps the finger should be pointed at Americans at large as opposed to ONE MAN or individual racist White men...

America has to change its ways towards minorities and particularly BLACK American men who have been disenfranchised by White male run entities. See my article on the Broken Black Boy (Triple-B) Syndrome (A-Realistic-Diagnosis-Solution-for-a-Broken-Black-Community-Family).

WHITE MEN are directly and indirectly responsible for 80% of Black male derilicts that are on the streets of America. They are directly responsible for a good percentage of Black father absenteeism as jobless men are more likely to do drugs and abandon their families... Their disenfranchisement of Black American men has single-handedly been the biggest blow to Black Americans since their initial direct blow, namely slavery.

So, TRUMP may be the WHITE MALE who is the most visible and non-traditionally vocal on very sensitive topics that affect minorities and women as the man who leads the leader of the FREE WORLD, it doesn't mean that such ideas only emanate from his head. If you think that's the case you are more ignorant than you believe you are and you must travel through America and get to know what far too man Average White dudes truly think about minorities and women. While Black men are being treated as the villains and thugs, the real villains appear to be RICH male chauvinistic White men who refuse to share the wealth with other groups and are adamant about keeping a slavery master mentality.

NO human-being is inherently evil... I have made a great deal of decent White males during my few decades in America. But I must say that White males are very presumptuous, and deal with Blacks and particularly Black males on a CASE-by-CASE basis. They actually tend VET Black males when they don't normally VET White ones. They assume that Black males and other minority males are probably less educated, sophisticated, aware etc... in other words, they assume that they are AUTOMATICALLY SUPERIOR by virtue of being WHITE ALONE... The latter is the biggest B.S. I have seen in my life time as a human-being. And in 2018, White males who still think like that need get their nose out of their rear ends because it is ridiculous.

And, SHAME ON THEM if they don't do better because in a post-TRUMP World, they should know better and if they don't do better, it will have confirmed their historical HEARTLESSNESS.


Dr. Pete Lorins


"Please explain how white males have caused black males to be derelicts? Could it possibly be that black derelicts have not taken advantage of the education possibilities, financial opportunities, and, instead of prospering, have squandered their resources? How do you get ahead in life? Getting a job that is difficult, but maximizes your talents OR starting a business and leveraging your time and resources to create wealth. How do you destroy your life? By spending money that you don't have, and going into debt for things that do not create value. Pete, how is it that you can blame white men for the choices that people make? Everyone has a choice, they can choose to sacrifice and save, and create wealth, or they can squander their resources and buy toys. Who is to blame for the choices that a person makes? Isn't each person responsible for their own actions? OR are you saying that white men understand how to create wealth, and therefore it's THEIR fault that other people don't follow their example in their decision tree? Your logic is faulty, isn't it? "


"I used to think just the way you think because that is how we were designed to think. You are a product of your environment and so am I. However, as intellectuals, we have to look at the TOTALITY OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES and thus not just what we were taught and what are perceived therefrom (which creates our biases, stereotypes) etc. Let us start on a premise on which a reasonable mind cannot differ... PREMISE#1: in a post-slavery World, freed Black males were treated in the most ruthless of ways because the White male wanted to ensure that he remained the alpha male. Although Black males had all the trade skills at first because they were doing all the work, the moment economic gain was linked to such skills a reversion occurred to WHITE MALES... Black males couldn't find jobs and were not hired based on their color of their skin, and Black females were hired for servant jobs and White females for secretary ones. THE FOOD CHAIN was established by the people who were at the TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN, namely White males. While White males enjoyed all the privileges linked their skin tone, affluence and connections, Black males were fighting to use the same bathroom, or for CIVIL RIGHTS as a whole... and today's most celebrated negro (Dr. King) was treated worse than any White murderers of his time would have by the then White male run US Government. WHITE MALES established the structures, which INHERENTLY DISCRIMINATED against BLACK MALES and only GENIUS BLACK males got through after being highly scrutinized. SOCIETY cannot expect every Black male to be a genius when most White males are not geniuses. STILL modernly, based on my assessment it is 500 times easier for a White male to get ahead with the same skills or less than a Black male. WHY? DISENFRANCHISEMENT.... WELFARE instead WORKFARE... it is a DOMINO EFFECT my friend... While you may not be complicit yourself, you can't discard the DOMINO effect that came from your ancestors buddy. They wiped out the Indians, treated the Blacks like Subhumans and still modernly treat far too many BLACK MEN without dignity by depriving them of opportunities that are easily accessible to White males. It is WRONG and UNCONSCIONABLE... I had to be a genius to truly survive based on my circumstances. IT IS UNCONSCIONABLE to ask every Black man to be a genius UNLESS you can ask the same of a every White man. "


"Si, just to be clear, you are saying that only White people are responsible for their actions? "


"The PARENTS are victims of a previous generation of victims... many are entrapped in a culture of dependency (welfare)... most human behaviors are learned from our parents or environment... To blame the kids is to blame the parents and the grandparents and they are all a product of slavery and a formerly patently racist society... THE CLINGING to religion to solve all types of problems came from the desperation of feeling CHOICELESS under the brutal regime ran by WHITE MALES not only in America but also in all former imperialistically-colonized nations, especially Blacks ones. You can't hold VICTIMS responsible... just like you can't hold Motherless babies that are having babies responsible for not having better or knowing better. Some people know better and should do better, but most of the people that are stuck in a mentally-enslaved state are entrapped from the remnants of the BRUTAL INSTITUTION of slavery, especially the one perpetuated by American White males. Modern White males understand that and many are doing a lot about it. "

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was Sponsored by

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