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White Benchmarks: Is the Human Race Living in the Flawed Shadow of the White Race?

The great comedian Chris Rock once jokingly uttered that "IF it ain't White then it ain't Right"...

In a post-colonialism and slavery World, it seems that Whites established norms or standards or benchmarks not only in Europe, but also in all previously White-male dominated colonies or occupied lands that establishes what is moral, immoral, ethical, of quality and in essence good or evil. A lot of pre-textual evil things (e.g., the killing of Gadafi and Saddam or the attack on their homelands' sovereignty) are done under the guise of protecting the helpless or disadvantaged, just like the Tuskegee trials were used to conduct experiments on Black Americans like lab rats for research to further economically exploit them under the guise of helping them (something that creates distrust Western medicine in the hearts of many Blacks until today.) The latter led many to believe that AIDS might have initially been designed to genetically destroy the Black race, but ended up ricocheting into Whites and other groups as well.

Whether one is from India, Africa, China or any non-European continent, his level of enunciation or education or finesse or even values are often measured against what we'll call (flawed) WHITE BENCHMARKS. Another name for it would be DEVELOPED countries' standards, which normally means European (White-run) countries, even though there are other developed non-European countries in the World. And here in America, it is called "MAINSTREAM" (whatever that means).

In a World in which the European-run Catholic church manged to portray JESUS as a White man, and in which White men are often portrayed as messiahs that go to impoverished lands to save or feed non-Whites again famines or arm them against intruders, the message is clear... WHITES have established themselves as the 'de facto' standard or benchmark or superior version of the human race. Far too many Whites naturally desire to believe that they are superior to those falling in the other human races and go out of their way to assert than seemingly innate and predisposed tendency.

It seems to me that far so many non-Whites go out of their way to either SOUND WHITE or ACT WHITE or disconnect with their roots just to feel accepted among Whites. The latter is less about assimilation than it is about insecurity or a need to feel part of WHAT's WHITE to in turn feel like one belong in What's Right. pronunciation/enunciation standards etc. Accordingly, many things were initially and are continuously being designed with Whites in mind... from educational systems to health care products, and

For instance, many Iranians or Latinos would rather be viewed as Europeans or Caucasians than Arabs, and many Hispanics and Blacks often mention their European or Indian lineage over their African one. And they only do the latter (the opposite) to make Blacks or others feel more comfortable around them at opportunistic times.

It stems from how the ECONOMICALLY-CONTROLLING GROUP portrayed EVERYTHING WHITE as GOOD and thus induced people to want to link themselves with their WHITE (side)... in other words, their good side. The latter is obviously reverse psychologically and a GENIUS MOVE by EUROPEAN MALES to even SUBTLY maintain control in a World in which slavery and Colonialism are not frown upon.

THE NEW WAR or DIVIDE is a purely ECONOMIC one and as mentioned above, the invisible enemy is called ECONOMIC INJUSTICE... in which BLACKS and other NON-WHITES are induced to live in conditions that EVEN DOGS owned by most WHITES will never live in.


If Whites/Europeans are minorities on the planet, why are their BENCHMARKS established as the DE FACTO standards for HUMANITY AT LARGE?

WHY do we label anything American as "of the entire WORLD" (e.g., World Series) even even when no other part of the World is participating in it?

(By the way, a TRUE AMERICAN has never been viewed as a NON-WHITE person since a Black person can live here for 1000000 years while a White one for a day, and the latter would still be thought of as being American more than the Black one... hence the need to label the Black person as BLACK-AMERICAN or AFRICAN-AMERICAN as opposed to just AMERICAN.)


Could this be the reasons why White-led nations are wealthier than most others (except the oil rich ones)?

Every day I see non-Whites go out of their way to look White and/or act White... from the bleached hairs, to the bleached skins and fake blue/grey/green eyes (contacts)... I mean it is obvious that those people are not Caucasian and obvious that because they feel that Caucasians standards/characteristics are preferred in their locations, they should go out of their way to resemble Caucasians as to approach their benchmarks/standards and thus maximize their chances of feeling preferred or accepted as well.

The psychological understanding is there but the logic is faulty. I am so proud of my race that I have never once wished that I were White. Thus when people do such things it does offend me to the core as it shows that they do feel degraded and unaccepted enough to do anything just to attempt to FELL WHITE or White-like as to be accepted.

Is Still a Nigger, Spick, Chink, Redskin, Sand Nigger, Poon etc the way many Whites still view non-Whites, modernly", which may shed further light on this issue for you... I mean it's nearly comical how CONFUSED Whites have gotten all other members of the human race who often MASK their own BEAUTY to approach often INFERIOR White characteristics. It's MIND-BLOWING CRAP!Not too long ago, I wrote an article that read "

Last year, I recall watching a Black security guard who happens to be a friend of mind KINDLY tell a White lady to move her car, which was illegally parked. At which point the lady replied: "DON'T YOU KNOW THAT A BLACK MAN SHOULD NEVER TALK TO A WHITE WOMAN LIKE THIS?"... at that moment the guard when back inside and came out and uttered the following:

"BITCH, if you don't get your stupid ass car moved within the next 2 minutes, I assure you that I will have it towed IMMEDIATELY"...

At that point, the White lady moved the car immediately.

My point is that she felt that the Black man was too inferior to tell her to move her car...

In so many ways, it feels like EVERY NON-WHITE GROUP is always approaching (WHITE) standards (White Benchmarks)... Some purposely constantly take pictures with Whites or hang out with Whites to vicariously feel superior to their own groups. Some even marry or have children with Whites for the same purpose.

If it's about TRUE LOVE then all is well as love is blind, but when the purpose is premised on feeling INFERIOR due to being MENTALLY ENSLAVED then it's a dire problem (See my MENTALLY-ENSLAVED article).

It was designed that way... in a post-colonialism and post-slavery World, NON-WHITE MALES (which includes White females that are not fond of White males) are often induced to deviate their focus on their their own standards and communities, only to spend a lifetime attempting to UNSUCCESSFULLY approach WHITE(MALE) STANDARDS/BENCHMARKS (i.e., trying to fit in.)

Asians are notorious for the latter, and many darker pigmented women (e.g., Asian and Black women) have fallen victim to it as well, as they feel more accepted in White circles in all types of positions including domestic ones (e.g., nannies,aux-pairs) than their male counterparts are when they do so.


In order to do so, ORDER must not be synonymous to WHITE/EUROPEAN and likewise DISORDER must not be synonymous to NON-WHITES as it's been currently established as the NORM far too frequently.

Any product, device or system must be seen as equal no matter from which part of the World it originated... there is no need to QUALIFY products or stores as "EUROPEAN" (i.e., WHITE-RUN).

Likewise, any individual accents or mannerisms must be equally revered no matter from which part of the World it originated...

So long as individuals abide by U.S. laws or self-conduct in an orderly fashion, they should be respected as human-beings and should enjoy the same privileges and immunities that White U.S. Citizens enjoy.

I have a friend who is Italian who has been living in the Netherlands her whole life (as she was born there) and her parents have lived there gene-rationally as well. YET, because she is not blonde and/or does not have blue eyes, she is treated more like a foreigner than newly arrived Europeans, just like non-Whites are treated more like foreigners than newly arrived Europeans in the U.S.

My question for the World is this... WHY IS IT that the EUROPEANS (WHITES), who are actually a minority on a World scale, are allowed to treat others as the MINORITY (INFERIOR/SUBORDINATE) wherever one goes in the World?

In South Africa, despite being a minority there, they treated the original Black South Africans as second-class citizens and savages for decades, and in the US, despite the fact that Blacks and Latinos (and others) are majorities in many areas, they are still treated as second class citizens.

Many non-Whites have adopted such snobbish values towards their own people and act like uppity people and go out of their ways to associate with Whites only because as the controlling group Whites give them access to money, jobs and the Bourgeoisie...

Why is it still the case in 2018?

Are far too many of Non-Whites too indoctrinated by White Benchmarks that they are unable and unequipped to create their own communities and systems (this is more prevalent among Blacks and Latinos)?

Do far too many of us feel that we need to associate with Whites or White entities to be taken seriously by other Whites and Non-Whites because Whites have more economic power or just because we don't associate each other with economic power despite that fact that we are an economic (commerce) force?

Have far too many of us accepted Whites and White ways of doing things as the BENCHMARKS of humanity at large?

If so, what does that tell us about ourselves (as Non-Whites)?

Whose fault is it really, modernly?

Who will suffer the most from it?

Is there really home for Non-Whites and their homelands (except some Asians and Oil-rich Non-Whites, of course)?

I'd love to hear some answers to these important questions as a failure to know their importance will have proven my point in and of itself!


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article is sponsored by

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