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Discussing Three Rarely-Discussed yet Highly-Relevant Black Males

1. EMMET TILL – the 14-year old Black young man from Chicago who was accused of flirting with a White woman at a general store during a trip to Mississippi to visit relatives and was subsequently abducted from his uncle’s home a few nights later, beaten, tortured, shot in the head and thrown into a river. The Whites who committed that heinous crime were acquitted, hence why Black Americans make references to EMMETT TILL when White murderers get away with murder after killing a Black person.

2. Jean-Baptiste DuSABLE – Black Haitian man who founded the City of Chicago

3. HAROLD WASHINGTON – the amazing Black man who became Chicago’s first Black mayor.

TODAY – was FREE TUESDAY (Free Black Soul Empowerment, LOL) at the DuSable Museum of African American History. And over the past couple of years being Mr. Frugal, I have tried to go there on a Tuesday unsuccessfully mainly because it was named after Mr. DuSable, a Haitian man (my countryman) who founded the City of Chicago. However, after having lived in Chicago for over two years now, I have become more than a Black man from Haiti who resides in the U.S. Indeed, I have become an American Black man at heart and have fallen in love with the Black community, their strengths, plight, struggles, and the history of abuse, racism, and disenfranchisement that they have suffered from their White counterparts and each other due to the mental slavery that was strategically infiltrated in their psyche (Please see my related MENTALLY-ENSLAVED article). TODAY I felt the spirit of the slaves, compassionate/tolerant Blacks and even those of the mentally-enslaved Blacks (dead or alive). I will make some more pictures available below.

YET – despite it all, MODERNLY, there has never been as much awareness among Blacks… so much brotherhood and an understanding that we are in the struggle together in AmeriKKKa. And my visit to the DuSable museum reminds me that in the end, just like Europeans will end up uniting when they are affected by a common cause, so will/do/must Blacks and that we often do. Let me also add that Blacks are the most forgiving human beings on Earth. Sometimes I wonder HOW can Blacks me so nice to Whites? Some even make a living out of kissing the ass of Whites daily… it truly takes a special and stronger people to do so… it is as if Blacks are the older Brother/Sister who willingly chooses to suffer to accommodate the weaker and less empathetic younger Brother/Sister (i.e., the Whites).

Lately, the political climate has induced rogue (and potentially insane or simply hatred-filled) White men to attack some Blacks, and Jews or anyone that differ from their views. In fact, that is exactly what happened to one of the three Black male figures that America and the World should never forget, namely, EMMETT TILL.

It is so easy for so many to try to distance themselves from poor Blacks, especially those that have dealt with addictions, lack of literacy and a cycle of dependency. HECK, even many Black Americans take the “HAPPEN TO BE BLACK” stance as if to say that their Blackness is a disadvantage but they don’t want to be viewed through that prism.

WELL – I beg to differ. I ONLY want to be viewed as a BLACK MAN. Not an educated Black man… not a man who graduated with many degrees in many fields. But rather, it is SUFFICIENT to me to be JUST A BLACK MAN and it is the best gift that God could have given me. I cannot imagine being anything else but BLACK.

The other Blacks are Mr. DuSABLE (Black founder of Chicago) whose name the museum is named after and Mayor Harold Washington, a former brilliant lawyer who survived the ghettos of Cabrini Green to attend one of Chicago’s to top law school and practice law and beat seemingly insurmountable odds to become Chicago’s first Black mayor only to MYSTERIOUSLY die in office. It is suspicious because just like many Whites hated the idea of having a Black/mixed President (i.e., Obama), many Chicago Whites despised the thought of having a Black man as their mayor as well.

In all things we have to consider THE END… many Blacks will have had great personal achievements and even public ones too, but HOW WILL THEIR STORY END IN AMERICA?


For defying the odds… for being too brilliant for a Black person in America… for outsmarting a system that was designed to disenfranchise THE AVERAGE BLACK PERSON and even many of us who think that we have accomplished so much are living in the SHADOW of the many Whites who chose to let them in or who are THE GOOD BLACK or THE INVISIBLE BLACK or MR. or MRS X WHO HAPPEN TO BE BLACK.

It is time for more Black people to realize that WE ARE ONE (AMAZING PEOPLE)... not just political prostitutes or scaffolding on which others build their wealth.

When EMMETT TILL was murdered at 14, I imagined myself being murdered the same way when I entered the U.S. at the age of 14 for being too chatty with a White woman, and remember the story of many Black men who were married to White women that were found murdered. In fact, I have personally been poisoned before for dating a beautiful and successful White woman that a White man (bartender or bar owner) felt should have belonged to him. I’d be a liar if I were to say that hasn’t affected the nature of relationship that I have had even with the best White women out there because in the end WHITE MEN see them as their possessions and at any given time some rogue or crazy White men can decide to kill a Black man for daring to be with his possession.

So the latest incidents are not TRUMP-related. They are embedded American history and both Blacks and Whites are guilty of being in denial about the fact that it is still quite a silent killer or better yet remains a STILL WATER of which Americans must always be aware.

RACE does matter… COLOR does absolutely matter… If you don’t believe me, ask Michelle Obama, a beautiful and highly intelligent Black woman about the treatment she experienced even as her husband and she embellished the HIGHEST OFFICE on the face of the EARTH…

For some Whites… there is still the feeling… that THEY ARE GENIUSES but they are BLACK and for some Blacks, being Black is still so not enough, that they have to say like that Pastor did… “I am not a BLACK _________... I am just a _____________ who happens to be BLACK”…. HUH? Really?

Get a grip folks. Far too many WHITES are still VERY RACIST... in BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES… So don’t link yourself with Democrats only because you believe that they are Pro-Black because they too are racist. Link with a party because its ideals appeal to MEANS to whichever END that you’re pursuing knowing full well that you are choosing the lesser of TWO MALICIOUS EVILS.

There are some decent Whites out there, but they too have set stereotypes about Blacks that will never truly go away… and there are Blacks out there who have done nothing to DEBUNK those very stereotypes as well.

So, if you manage to become POWERFUL… Remember how you were treated when your BLACK ASS was in the GHETTO… Don’t be a MICHAEL (i.e., Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson)…


NEVER become so successful that being BLACK is no longer good enough that you have to marry a WHITE WOMAN/MAN or have to say that “YOU JUST HAPPEN TO BE BLACK”.

You know that’s BS, right? Because you do so, you will simply just happen to be STUPID, UNLESS you truly do it for TRUE LOVE!

Don’t get it?… Please Read by “IS STILL A NIGGER, SPIC…?” article


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