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Overcoming Fear: From Fearfulness to Fearlessness to Blossom

Lately, I have been meeting far too many people who are living their lives FEARFULLY, so much that it induced me to write this article. I hope that it will have helped others as much as it helped those with whom I have shared my take on fearlessness.

OCCASIONAL CAPS denote my own writing style. I am not screaming.

We all have experienced “fear” at some point in our lives… and some have more than others, and some may never be able to live a relatively fearless life because of how they are wired… Some even fear the process of finding solutions for the very sources of the things that induced them to become fearful in the first place. Either way, fear for the sake of fear is self-crippling!

I am writing this article because I have had to learn to accept everything that God or the Universe has induced to arrive into existence or “communicate” with me or other entities (human or otherwise). After all, everything happens for a reason and thus “there is a reason for every madness” no matter how incomprehensible it may appear to be to us at first. However, such reasons need not to be feared as with a bit of using one’s intellect (brain), such reasons can be understood, and one’s fear can ultimately be minimized if not eliminated altogether.

FEAR is crippling…

It has been said that FEAR is the only thing in the World that we must truly FEAR… As a child growing up in a very superstitious country, I was often afraid to go from one room to another… moreover, growing up I was afraid of strangers or crowds and believe that such fears induced me to stutter a lot as a child. YET at some point, I decided to CONQUER MY FEARS and when from a state of fearlessness to one of FEARFULNESS especially after realizing that EVEN FAILURE is the mother of most success stories.

As children, our parents used FEAR to control us and as adults the government uses FEAR to control us. YET, what’s really induced the control is not the resulting fear. Rather it is the inability to understand the real reason why we are FEARFUL.

MANY OF US live a fearful life… some us of are constantly fearful of being terminally ill, losing one’s job, fear of starting and endeavor and failing at it (i.e., a fear of failure), fear of dating the wrong people, fear of rejection and fear of being shot or having one’s relative shot due to gang violence etc. Accordingly, such lives are controlled by such fears. It is like self-imprisonment-or-confinement, as a fearful person ends up self-limiting or never figuring out who and what she could have ultimately become or accomplished.

GOD or KNOWLEDGE OF INFINITE TRUTH or THE UNIVERSE – is the most fear minimizing concept of all. If one understands the truth, and one does his/her best as to his discernment to accomplish his/her role in the Universe, the rest is ultimately up to whatever you all the true force that controls the universe (depending on whether you believe in a God or not).

In other words, we are all here temporarily anyway as our ultimate destination is DEATH. We all have a MIND, a BODY and a SOUL. And at some point, our soul (which resides in our minds) has to leave our MIND/BODY and return where it came from to be evaluated by the architect of the UNIVERSE.

It is pointless to live in fear. One only has one life to live. The way one lives it is a very pricy choice. The choice is either one of living a FREE (fearless) life or that of living a FEARFUL and CRIPPLING ONE. Either way some universal rules control. WE REAP WHAT WE SOW… this LAW OF HARVEST controls every aspect of THE UNIVERSE. Our HEARTS’ cleanliness is only truly known by US and by THE TRUTH HOLDER OF THE UNIVERSE. Some will judge us yet really have dirtier hearts than we do. BUT ultimately, unless they are liberated by the VERY FEAR that induce them not to communicate, appreciate, and collaborate with another human-being, they will have themselves self-limited because there are chemical reactions that happen in the brain that will have only happened through COMMUNICATION or INTERFACING with the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME and when FEAR prevents one from using HIS INTELLECT (BRAIN), s/he becomes LIMITED, NON-INTELLECTUAL and quite frankly ignorant or stupid.

So, my friends, just do your best in doing your part in the universe and understand that ultimately the rest is not up to you, YET if you sow good deed, and if you have a clean heart, THE LAW OF HARVEST will work in your favor somehow, and your SILVER LININGS will be so highlighted, and your star will ultimately shine so bright that they will have been undeniable even to your worst enemies.

In my case, after prematurely losing my Brother to Epilepsy (or human negligence or foul play), my Mother to breast cancer (and human negligence), best Aunt to breast cancer, best cousin to negligence, and figuratively losing my Father to Dementia, I could have easily felt meaningless and guilt in my life. BUT, rather, I find meaning in my own blessings, in my FAITH in the REAL GOD and ARCHITECT of the Universe. Not some religious BS. Instead of becoming more FEARFUL, I have become ENTIRELY FEARLESS because I realize that MY FAITH and MY EXISTENCE are sufficient to allow me to be the BEST that I can be and that FEAR itself is the only thing that can limit me and that is FEAR of anything. Now it doesn’t mean that one should be recklessly fearless, but rather one should take calculated risks and SHOOT for THE STARS no matter how many odds one will have had to beat.

SO Be True to Yourself – Love Yourself, Life, Your Loved Ones and Others UNCONDITIONALLY – Trust God – Have Faith – FEAR No-one or No-thing and watch yourself blossom to fulfill the role for which the UNIVERSE/GOD brought you into existence. YOU CAN DO IT… and if you don’t believe you can do, simply take a LEAP OF FAITH anyway… make it your best one too and I assure you that if you truly have FAITH you will succeed in whatever you truly want to do IN THE END!


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article is sponsored by

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