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MGTOW: Do Most Modern Women Deter Men From Marrying Them?

NB: Occasional CAPS denote my own writing style…

Recently, a Physician client of mine who is not only aware of the women and the diversity of the women that I have dated after my two divorces, but also aware of my true character traits sent me a few videos on which he asked me to ponder after reminding me of the phenomenon referred to as MGTOW. Yup, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is a mostly pseudonymous online community of men supported by websites and social media presences cautioning men against serious romantic relationships with women, especially marriage. The community is part of what is more broadly termed the manosphere. Accordingly, after watching those videos and my experience and those of many close friends I have deduced the following highlighted facts, many of which are relate-able due to relationships of my own and those of other men of solid character that either are or were married to modern Western women:

1. The behaviors of so many modern women (particularly those of feminists and Me-2-ers) have induced far too many men to form lives that have nothing to do with women and only occasionally have moments of flings and infatuation with women only to realize that they have more to lose than to gain, despite their desires to procreate.

2. Far too many men see living with a woman or marrying one as rather risky, particularly considering what is in it for them (i.e., marry and have children)… in other words, how can men protect themselves in case a woman gets tired of their relationship and decide to move on with another guy and take his kids and assets away from him; and even make her new man the father of his kids to live a different life somewhere else and even turn his own children against him.

3. Horrible things happen that are induced by women that induce men to have no incentives to get married with women as far too many women are essentially financially independent and see men the way men used to see women (as a reproduction tools). Many women even consider the thoughts of using sperm banks so that they can be or date as many men as possible. Thus, far too many women have become either as promiscuous as or more promiscuous than men used to be and love the attention, connections and freedom that independence from men provide.

4. Other than having kids, what is really the point of getting married as far too many women nowadays are so masculine, and so many have completely stopped being women. Some don’t even clean, cook, and many don’t even try to look appealing if not for their man, but for themselves (e.g., shaving their legs, or doing things that would be considered pleasant to their men)

5. Far too many women have the attitude of ACCEPT ME AS WHO I AM, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, and they are not willing to go their extra mile to please their men enough. And literally far too many have become MEN or like MEN and MEN in turn don’t want to be with another man (unless one is a homosexual and even in such relationships one of the partners tend to assume a feminine role while the other assumes a masculine one).

6. Far too many women don’t want to be women and don’t take care of themselves and the kids enough and pass way too many duties to their men even when the men has a more demanding job.

7. There seems to be a lack of appreciation for men these days… and it is wrong for society to encourage young men to work hard, and get into a crazy career only to fall in love for psychopaths that will later on divorce them and take their money and children away from them. Society should be teaching young men to be careful and aware.

8. The institution of marriage seems to be slowly coming to an end, and the dynamics are changing far too quickly and far too many men will end up living non-women centric lives especially when they feel like they may end up being wrongly accused of doing things that they didn’t really do later on in life.

9. Western women will, particularly, become lonelier and more bitter as men will be becoming more afraid of women (e.g., at social clubs and at work) because of the fear of being accused of something like sexual harassment down the line.

10. Many Western men are being proactive by staying away from problems that marrying or committing with a woman can induce.

11. Far too many women are not looking for decent men with whom to settle down, but rather a man with money, and working male genitalia. The goal is to have someone to reproduce with if necessary that will also be there to entertain them and make them laugh.

12. Many women are not looking for a decent male partner, but are rather looking for someone to replace their fathers.

13. Women should not be surprised of the MGTOW movement when men go out of their ways to accept women with all their baggage only to feel that it is not fully reciprocated.

14. So many women put the GOOD WOMAN FAÇADE (e.g., they don’t sleep around, cheat, gossip…) yet in actuality they do cheat and do seek the attention of other males.

15. Women are looking for the ideal men when far too many of them are not even close to being the ideal women. Far too many women think of men as pathetic losers who only want sex, when far too many of them are whining losers who want someone to treat them like queens when they don’t even exhume queenly behaviors or traits.

In short, many Western men are realizing that they have to look out of for themselves and the latter is all due to feminism that portray the average woman out there as a complete narcissistic unfulfilled and selfish wh*re.

MGTOW may not affect all women or men out there directly, but it will have affected them indirectly or in the future via their children or relatives or friends. MGTOW is the result of FEMINISM, a phenomenon that has essentially destroyed women, unbalanced the interaction or ying-yang between men and women as symbiotic polarities. It is female self-destruction. And the future will so prove.

If you have any comments, please feel free to email it to RECRUIT@RAPIDGIGSPLUS.COM and I promise to post it in the article after it has been reviewed to ensure that it “kosher” to be read/viewed by all readers/viewers.


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