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Solutions to 400 Years of Black Equality Bad Checks!

NB: CAPS denote my writing style...

After over 32 years of living in America, and using it as a lab to analyze the issues surrounding Black plight, I believe that I have the best answers I have yet to have come across all while I stand on the shoulders of GIANTS. Please read this VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE if and only if you do indeed give a damn about the Black Plight or the issues that affect Black families, children, women, men and communities at large. I will place the solutions at the end as to encourage you to read the whole article. It's a long one but will be the best article you will have ever read on Black plight in America.

America has been defaulting on its deferred promise of equality for Blacks 400 years after it has treated them worse than wild animals are. America essentially gave a WORTHLESS AND BAD CHECK TO BLACK AMERICA. So as people worry about Immigrants that are WILLINGLY crossing the border knowing that they may be separated from their children since they already have such a NOTICE, they should think about the BLACK SLAVES that were UNWILLINGLY SEPARATED FROM THEIR KIDS

without ANY NOTICE. Keep our priorities straight and don't get bamboozled by tactic that defer attention from the Black cause (e.g., ME2). Don't be STUPID and GULLIBLE like far too many of our ancestors were. We live in an age of information. Don't just follow the herd and act like others do because it's cool. THINK, THINK, THINK!

When President Nixon "cunningly" focused on ‘Black capitalism", it allowed Nixon to neutralize black resistance while also undermining the demand for reparations and diminishing the social safety net. The Blacks of today appear to be just as "SWEET AND GULLIBLE" when dealing with RUTHLESS WHITE CAPITALISTS. By discouraging welfare dependency in the name of “Black enterprise,” the former POTUS was able to suppress black demands for economic redress and reparations. “People who own their own homes,” he reasoned, “don’t burn their neighborhoods.” The latter is the same logic that later justified his dismantling of Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty programs as well as his neglect of other anti-poverty efforts, which were seen as costly and responsible for creating dependence on the state.

America still does not deserve a righteous President of the US (POTUS) and America does not deserve to criticize its current POTUS because he is the product of America and America is also immoral and unjust. TRUMP is a Capitalist and a BULLY LEADER and so is America.

America was established by White men who capitalized on all others to meet their Capitalistic goals and the more things change, the more they remain the same my friends. YES, there are outliers, a few sprinkles of cognitive elite from all races and national origins who will have gotten this article, but I hope to open up just a few more eyes even just a little bit more as to entice them to open their minds' eyes widely and induce changes in their truest forms.

Anyhow, as I write this article, I can "hear" the voice of the great Dr. King re-making the following assertions:

1. AMERICA IS UNJUST TO BLACKS: "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."


“In a sense we’ve come to our nation’s capital to cash a check,” he said, in what rhetoricians would call the exordium, or introduction, of his speech. And he went on to accuse the United States of being a moral skinflint when it came to honoring the debts of justice. “It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned.”

Black Americans are still NOT EQUAL 400 years after they were treated worse than chattle-animals as slaves, and certainly in sub-humane manners and arguable even today they are treated differently in every aspect of society.

Woody Allen vs. Bill Cosby

Catholic Priests vs. Michael Jackson

White Predators vs. R. Kelly

White Boys vs. Black Boys

White Men vs. Black Men ...White Anything vs. Black Anything

STILL SEPARATE, DIVIDED and UNEQUAL in America... in 2019.

"For more than 400 years, each generation of Black people in America has PRAYED, STRUGGLED, and SACRIFICED, hoping that their children would be a part of that generation in which Blacks in America would receive EQUALITY. Each time, THE DREAM OF EQUALITY has attempted to take root in the rich soil of the American dream, it has been strangled by FEAR and RACISM. It attempted to take root with the Emancipation Proclamation, the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, and the Civil Rights legislation; each timethe dream has been deferred. With the erosion of each hope, the echoes of the prophesy of CHANCELLOR WILLIAMS (1974; 319) in The DESTRUCTION OF BLACK CIVILIZATION become louder..." JOURNAL OF BLACK STUDIES, Vol. 16 No. 4, June 1986 369-384.

I may add that w/ the advent of the OBAMA administration, BLACKS thought that the ever ELUSIVE EQUALITY DREAM was finally being achieved, ONlY TO SEE AN ARRAY OF BLACK BOYS NEEDLESSLY SHOT by Non-Blacks. The misguided ANGER of having a BLACK/BIRACIAL POTUS was obvious... America just does not care about Black Life as much as it does about White life... and even for too many BLACKS have bought into that culture. The latter will have caused the destruction of not just the Black race in America but that of America at large BECAUSE America owes a BIG DEBT to its BLACK PEOPLE and SOME DEBTS cannot go unpaid under the POWERFUL LAW OF HARVEST!

As Black Americans continue to demand that America replace the BAD CHECK (NOTE) wiht a good one that it can CASH to FEEL at least EQUAL to WHITES, it becomes increasingly OBVIOUS that AMERICA would rather self-destruct than to make BLACK AMERICANS WHOLE.

If you're BLACK and reading this... I invite you to tap into the pattern of UNEQUAL TREATMENT even with BLACK and WHITE STARS... many White stars end up recovering from seemingly unrecoverable damages to their image, but remember that while you join force with those that DESTROY YOUR BROTHERS/SISTERS, your day will come as well in which you will cry RACISM and will seemingly feel the STUNG of it alone.

For that reason, until America provides a decent CHECK to its BLACK PEOPLE, one that Blacks can cash and feel relatively EQUAL, I will not join force in the destruction OF ANY BLACK PERSON (unless it is so egregious and proven and done in a similar fashion that it is done for their White counter parts), and NO WISE PERSON should ever dare to DIFFER if they understand this DEFERRED DREAM WELL.

America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her BLACK CITIZENS are concerned. Dr. King would still be saying that we can live together... it is what siblings do even with sibling rivalry, but if you are half as wise like Dr. King was or at least believve you're remotely intelligent, you should never DARE to forget the METAPHOR OF THE BACK CHECK that he used either as "It is STILL obvious today that " and to ACT LIKE America hasn't and to stay SILENT ABOUT IT reminds me of this other quote:

"IN THE END WE'LL REMEMBER THE SILENCE OF OUR SO-CALLED FRIENDS MORE THAN THE UTTERINGS OF OUR ENEMIES". Blacks in AmeriKKKa seem to have a lot of BLACK, BROWN, YELLOW and WHITE FRIENDS that have remained EGREGIOUSLY SILENT as they too benefit from WHITE MALES, but when the PENDULUM shifts, please DO NOT EXPECT MY COMPASSION because you are a CO-CONSPIRATOR in this endeavor and God's judgment will hit America so hard UNLESS it makes its BLACK PEOPLE WHOLE!

When FAMOUS WHITES are accused... they keep them OFF TELEVISION... but when FAMOUS BLACKS (e.g., Michael Jackson, and R.Kelly) are, they put OTHER BLACK FOOLS out there to perform their best COONERY and help make a MOCKERY those folks to the DEMISE OF THEIR OWN EQUITY. Oprah and Gayle should remember how OPRAH was discriminated against at that SHOP in EUROPE.

America will use and get entertained by you but if you're Black, once your value has diminished, LIKE CHATTLE-SLAVES, America will SPIT YOU OUT FASTER than you realized it because YOUR LIFE/CAREER never mattered even 400 years after its very citizens were forced to accept you as an EQUAL.I have seen that script play OVER AND OVER and it is SICKENING at best.

America ought to be ashamed of itself!


EQUALITY = EQUAL ACCESS (to homes, jobs, loans etc.)

As Whites and non-White Outliers (e.g., talented Blacks and others) get superior access to jobs and live in their lovely homes and Blacks get lower-tiered jobs and live in ghettos and sub-ideal conditions... The privileged ones will continue to thrive to the demise of the non-privileged ones and UNLESS there is a REVOLUTION, 400 years from now, what will have seemed to have been an improvement will have only relatively MORE OF THE SAME!

This explains the PLETHORA OF LIQUOR STORES AND CHURCHES IN BLACK AREAS... People have no access... people are their wit's end.. and when they are tired of praying and waiting, they resort to liquor, pot and drugs. Can you EFFING blame them?


So, again, as people worry about Immigrants that are WILLINGLY crossing the border knowing that they may be separated from their children since they already have such a NOTICE, they should think about the BLACK SLAVES that were UNWILLINGLY SEPARATED FROM THEIR KIDS without ANY NOTICE.


They are similar to those use to discredit (induce the fall of) those stars with a hidden element of racial animus in them. BOTH Blacks and Whites are conditioned to hate something about that person over time so that no resistance will be displayed as they and their careers are disposed of. Americans love to see stars rise as much as they like to see them fall nearly heartlessly. It's the case of WHO'S NEXT? LOL




- Without meaningful acquisition of ownership interests/equities by financially literate Blacks, the Black communities will never achieve true community-centric wealth. There may the few Blacks who are either geniuses or will fall through the crack or simply inherited wealth or understood financials well that manage to become wealthy alone, but THEIR EQUITY will also be affected by the lack of RACIAL EQUITY attributed to most Blacks. As Johny Cochran said, ALL BLACKS LOOK ALIKE ON THE WEEKEND when they are dressed down (LOL).

- The reason why Blacks were denied the 40 ACRES (and a mule) promised by Whites to each Black family after they were freed was because of the very understanding that land ownership translated into wealth creation either via structures that can be rented or agriculture. Either way, the latter translates into wealth accumulation.

- Acquisition of equity interests in proven ventures no matter who owns them because Whites and others would prefer not to lose money and Blacks that ride along with them will end up make money or become part of the same success. Birds of the same feather flock together...

See my Black History Month Article for an encouragement to get involved in Solution#1 )

SOLUTION#2: BEWARE OF BLACK (MALE) IMAGE DESTRUCTION STRATEGIES (Don't be an Indirect Agent of Black Male Destructioneither as a Black/White Person or as a Person in Other Racial Groups)

- Do not believe for one second the BAD IMAGE of ANOTHER BLACK PERSON (especially Black Celebrities) will not affect either your Black Equity or that of Black at large.

- See my Other Articles Entitled:


People often talk about angry Black men in America but rarely talk about Broken Black Boys. Only the boys can truly be rescued into becoming solid Black men. And without SOLID BLACK BOYS there will be NO SOLID BLACK MEN and also NO SOLID BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS.

Black women are doing much better than Black men and Black women or any other women at many levels, but WITHOUT BLACK MEN BLACK WOMEN CANNOT CREATE SUCCESSFUL NEIGHBORHOODS OR COMMUNITIES. The current state of Black America speaks for itself. There is a Black Church at every corner yet so many Blacks feel helpless

The wrongful incarceration of many Black young men, and the tarnishing of their records prevent them from getting into impactful professions and disenfrachise them from society on many levels. There are no dumb professions and only dumb people, however, some professionals require a caliber of educated people with no criminal records and that may prevent many Black males from joining such professions and the latter is a systematic american design that the European male invented as to SAY: See, it's not our fault, they just have bad records or bad credit ratings etc.

Enroll your Black boys/girls in meaningful mentoring programs and get them involved in impactful churches where they can also find great mentors and role models that look like them. Some role models can also be non-Black, but most children can relate to someone that look like them more than others. When I was younger, I was able to view anyone as a role model, but I know that most other Black children that I met were different.


When I was a child in Haiti, many DARK BLACK MEN found LIGHTER-SKINNED Haitians more attractive. I have met many INDIANS FROM INDIA who told me the same POST-EUROPEAN-OCCUPATION phenomenon exists in India as well.

I personally find DARKER SKINS more attractive or more healthier looking, but to each his/her own. But either way, favoring a person over another because of A FORMER MASTER/TORTURER-INDUCED-STEREOTYPES is not only STUPID, but also SELF-DESTRUCTIVE.

Many Black women and other dark-skinned women have been known to have dangerously spent lots of money on SKIN-BLEACHING PRODUCTS, and far too many BLACK WOMEN spend thousands on FAKE HAIR enriching other groups that are marketing such hair to them so that they can look like OTHER WOMEN who don't have to spend that type of money themselves. Further the equity disadvantage of the Black communities. MONEYS that could have gone into TUTORING are instead going into products that WILL NOT CHANGE others' perception of the Black woman. In fact, it displays INFERIORITY and a desire to feel EQUAL only if one's hair is as long as that of WHITES. It is rather STUPID.


I have created the Accountability quotients a few years or so ago, which include THE MINORITY FRIENDLINESS QUOTIENT, which is a great example of tools that can be created to investigate bigotry-based disparate treatments by those who pretend NOT to be RACIST so that they can be exposed and kept accountable and honest.

Please read and re-read this article... It is my gift to America at large and Black Americans for fighting for the Civil Rights laws and for making it easier for A NEGRO like me to leave my country who after nearly four decades is still politically unstable. I could never think THE BLACK AMERICAN HEROES (and OTHERS) who fought for their freedom enough. Their equity is linked wit that of BLACKS WORLD-WIDE. Their rhythm, culture, swag and even vices no matter how tinted by European-induced greed still REFLECT THE SOUL/PLIGHT of BLACK FOLKS.

For this reason, I'd prefer to say BLACK SOULS MATTER... So many strategic campaigns that can only be understood my intelligent individuals are out there to DESTROY THE BLACK MALE IMAGE and present Blacks as SELF-DESTRUCTIVE PEOPLE. I hope this article will help you SO REBUKE and remind you that ALL OF THE WEALTH OF EUROPE and those OWNED BY WHITES were built from THE BLOOD OF BLACK SLAVES, and subsequently the INDUSTRIAL and INFORMATION AGE REVOLUTIONS came from a desire to mass produce without the FREE LABOR that was initially provided by Black slaves.

In many ways, Black males are still being TRADED in SPORTS and PRISONS just like they were prior to the end of SLAVERY.... Stereotypes affect Black males of all levels and only the genius and nearly perfect ones make it to the very top posts only to be USED by Whites and reminded of HOW MUCH MORE AMAZING THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN IF THEY HAD BEEN WHITE because they managed to make it DESPITE the White-male created societal traps specifically for their demise!

Unless America writes a GOOD CHECK as a substitute for all the bad checks it has been writing to Blacks for the past 400 years God's punishment awaits America and it will be nothing like anything America has ever seen... IT will be DIVINE ASS WHOOPING of the most exorbitant proportions.

That's the TRUEST VERSION OF THE STORY folks, and I am sticking to it. I hope it will help those who are truly interested in understanding and HELPING the cause. It shouldn't be a STRUGGLE... BLACKS should be made whole BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. PERIOD!


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article was sponsored by

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