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A Case for a Development-Centric US-Led Occupation of Haiti!

This article will make you think more critically than any other has before... please read it and think CRITICALLY. Don't just REACT TO IT! You will thank me later (smile).

Nota Bene: CAPS denote my own writing style... I am usually not screaming (smile).

Some will argue that Haiti is already informally occupied. But the latter is a primordial aspect of the problem. There are no formal arrangements and no clear benefits and detriment for either side. THUS, SIMPLY A STATUS QUO in which there are truly no true winners, but in which the presumed winners (US, France, Whites at large and others) cannot be outwitted because they have an indirect/informal control and the presumed loser (Haiti) is disillusioned with a pride based on a past stellar victory over the presumed winner and prefers to hang on its pride and disillusionment of progress instead of adhering to the well known wisdom of:

"IF YOU CANNOT BEAT THEM THEN WE SHOULD JOIN THEM!" Some if not most (on both sides of the fence) will/may view it as a pact/deal with the devil... but what they are forgetting is that more often than not the latter is in the details... THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON FOR EVERY MADNESS... don't just judge or pre-judge... CRITICALLY-ANALYZE as an INTELLECT-ual and then act based on a TRUE UNDERSTANDING of the truths behind one's ideology

What is in it for a US Led Coalition and Haiti?

  1. Unnecessary illegal immigration prevention in a better and more developed Haiti.

  2. A prosperous neighboring Afrocentric, historic and mountainous country that is both exotic and rich with history that others can easily visit and with historical sites that will marvel just about anyone.

  3. Haitians are very innovative and entrepreneurial. They can then spring from poverty-level-thinking to developed-World-thinking and thus bringing unprecedented innovation to the US and World markets.

  4. If non-Haitians and Haitians in the diaspora feel safe to invest in Haiti, it will only provide Americans with more opportunities to capitalize on Haitian development in a country that is a few hours from Miami creating modern jobs in Haiti for all Haitians while de-stigmatizing Haiti both based on safety and infrastructure (and aesthetics) while bringing opportunities for Americans who see no room for investments in the US and elsewhere, yet see investment possibilities and risk minimization in a nation of over 8 millions people.

Since all seemingly common-sensical approaches have already failed when it comes to securing a brighter future for Haiti, let us look at a more drastic and non-pride driven one. So what you are the first Black nation to defeat a European nation, but modernly you have been outsmarted, outwitted and rendered into a state of stagnancy, confusion and utter disability. You need help my dear Haiti and your children are also crippled from years of dictatorship and brutality and the abused has seemingly become a more modern version of his/her predecessors!

A lot of Haitians have left Haiti... this was recently referred to as a "BRAIN DRAIN" of Haiti by a White friend of mine recently, and he is correct. Those that really wanted to achieve something special in Haiti but lacked opportunities there left Haiti for better opportunities. The latter are often the thinkers that simply wanted a better life for themselves and their children. The rest is either comprised of those that are benefiting from the miseries of the mass that is stuck in Haiti (i.e., the eleven mostly non-Haitian families that control Haiti) or the mass itself.

2017 Haitian Migration Survey -- Migration Policy Institute Survey

ANYHOW -- The most important question to answer in any business endeavor or contract-negotiation process is the good 'ole "WIIFM - WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME/US"... Of course, something has to be n it for all parties in order to be worthwhile. It always seems to be a SHOCK to a lot of HAITIANS that the US would have SELF-INTEREST in mind. DUH? Of course the US is smart and should. THE QUESTION IS.... DO HAITIANS KNOW HOW TO NEGOTIATE THE BEST DEAL FOR HAITI AND HAITIANS MODERNLY?... Trust me they can learn a lot from the current POTUS about THE ART OF THE DEAL!

Haiti is strategically located and has a vibrant and proximate diaspora in the US. A great deal maker can help coin the best deal for Haiti. But s/he must be reasonable. I believe that such a person needs to be an outside-of-the-box thinker and CANNOT THINK LIKE the Haitian leaders of the past have been thinking. Such a person needs to be able to appeal to both the interests of Haitians and those of the prospective development-based occupiers as to foster a WIN-WIN and WIIFM-friendly MEETING OF THE MINDS.

Any reasonable mind should conclude that Haiti is crippled or disabled. Haitian leaders have proven not to be able to lead a previously promising and historic nation (first Black Republic and first and only Black nation to defeat a European army) from modernly deplorable impoverished state. Rather, Haitian leaders and the external forces that control them, namely local politicians and mixed Haitians who inherit wealth and their mostly White, Asians and Arab supporters have resorted to rendering a bad situation worse by literally keeping poor Haitians in a shit hole state for their own enrichment, a condition that quite frankly is loser to living in Hell.

Such rich Haitian predators and opportunists are crippled by their own state of greed and hatred for the poor mass. Many of them marry non-Haitian women and White women and some have even married celebrities all while Haiti perish. I was fortunate to have had great parents, but my last and recent visit of Haiti which included trips to the poorest of Haitians in the country sides and mountains (the purest and most sane Haitians to be honest) to trips to the politicians and wealthy Haitians (who are thieves and ruthless bastards for the most part).

All crippled or disabled ENTITIES (like Haiti, Haitians and its leaders) require FORMAL assistance, accommodation or even OCCUPATION or guardianship. Many will argue that Haiti is already informally occupied/controlled. The latter is exactly the problem and they are part of the HAITIAN DILEMMA.


Many formally occupied nations like Curacao, US VI, Guadeloupe and etc are better off than Haiti. Some may even argue that HAITI, which might have catalyzed slave revolutions Worldwide, paid the price for it by getting its independence prematurely and being PUNISHED with hefty indemnities to France, its former colonizer.

BUT THAT IS ALL IN THE PAST... MODERNLY, America can help develop Haiti and no one understands real estate development more than Trump does. Yes, America and Trump will get credit but Haitians will be out of their misery finally. Haitians can keep their PRIDE and MISERY concurrently, or they can suppress it to allow a DEVELOPER to DEVELOP Haiti and even though TRUMP is likely to say NO at first, I'm willing to make the case to him that he is the BEST POTUS for such a job that the US has ever had as an amazing DEAL-MAKER and a REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER.

There is a plethora of Haitians out there that are great poets and orators or even amazing intellectuals. However, most if not ALL OF US/HAITIANS literally SUCK at this country building and faction/conflict resolution stuff. Perhaps it is linked to our DICTATORSHIP PAST that stemmed from PREMATURE NATION BUILDING BY MEN THAT NEVER LED A NATION PEOPLE... FORMER SLAVES who now wanted to be EMPERORS and KINGS like their FORMER MASTERS. Haitians must get away from this thinking... And even they see the brokerage of an OCCUPATION-BASED DEVELOPMENT DEAL as brokering a deal with the devil, at THE VERY LEAST, it will have been a CONTRACTUAL ONE with a contractor (US-led coalition) with experience and pride who will help us get the job done.

I am a proud Haitian, but I am also a HIGHLY disappointed Haitian. EVERY CONSCIENCIOUS HAITIAN SHOULD BE DISAPPOINTED IN HAITIAN LEADERS as well and should at least try to think about doing something about it. THIS IS ONE OF MY MOST UNORTHODOX AND CREATIVE ATTEMPTS AT IT. WHAT IS YOURS? We should be disappointed about our inability to unify, combat external forces and our inferiority complexes stemming from slavery that induce us not to treasure our best minds who look like us.

So, if you are Haitians, please pay attention to this... like many Haitians you either like America or American opportunities and and decide flock to it/them, right? In essence, you brokered a deal with AMERICA, which many Haitians have called THE DEVIL/BABYLON anyway. YET YOU ARE RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA... RIGHT?

THEN - SUPPORT a larger-scaled deal with America in which America would have its obligations and so would Haitians and Haitian leaders in finally developing and industrializing HAITI.

I am tired of hearing PITY from others about HAITI. Even though I was not poor in Haiti myself, I have seen POVERTY and it is DEPLORABLE and HEART-BREAKING... I recalled my parents running their orphanages and sending me to take stuff to neighboring poor people. TRUST ME, POVERTY SUCKS and I see it as a MENTAL STATE and DISEASE!

Either way, BROKERING AN OCCUPATION-AND-CONTRACT DEVELOPMENT DEAL with HAITI would be a much more reachable solution than any others that anyone has even come up with. IS IT UNORTHODOX? Of course. But all great ideas were at first seen as crazy or unorthodox by most!

Haitians need to swallow their pride and let another entity/country that is an expert in DEVELOPMENT lead them to development, modernization, fiscal responsibility and nation maintenance post development via a checks-and-balance system supported by a SMART CONSTITUTION.

Otherwise 1,000,000 centuries from now the world will continue to see Haiti as either doomed/miserable/ unfortunate or as a hit hole country that most will be too afraid to even visit!

Give it up my fellow Haitians and Haitian leaders. You are corrupt, inept, ruthless, heartless and incapable of leading a nation to development, modernization and prosperity. Please swallow your HAITIAN INDEPENDENCE OR FIRST-BLACK-REPUBLIC PRIDE and allow a US led coalition of interested nations who have successfully built a modern nation before do so for HAITI in return for WHATEVER IS IN IT FOR THEM, even if it is the VERY CREDIT OF GIVING HAITIANS A BETTER LIFE. Your children's children will thank you for it. PRIDE has kept far too many homeless, helpless and doomed.Haiti does not have to remain both an eye-sore and heart-sore modernly. My proposed solution is the best one yet for CRITICALLY-THINKING MINDS.

AMERICA, PRESIDENT TRUMP, please hop on this project... I'm willing to support it in however way possible... I understand that HUMAN PERFORMANCE require MOTIVATION, ABILITY/SKILLS and OPPORTUNITY... I can help in all categories. When it comes to seeing a better HAITI, I am willing to SWALLOW ALL MY HAITIAN PRIDE to induce the opportunity of a dialogue on solutions for a better HAITI to spring forth. MOST OF US HAITIANS are TOO DARN PROUD... OF WHAT? JUST OUR HISTORY OF VIBRANT VICTORY OF THE WHITE FRENCH MEN or OVER OUR MODERN DIRT and POVERTY FILLED ON EARTH. The latter is what HAITI will be remembered for the most. Haiti must brokerage a deal with ANYONE who is willing to help it BUILD IT. Haiti is CRIPPLED, DESPERATE and nearly HOPELESS. It has to act soon, else it will be DOOMED FOREVER!

America has informal interests in Haiti that are not reduced in writing and so do Haitians in the diaspora. Let's make formalize them and let us make it a WIN-WIN situation modernly. A DEPLORABLE HAITI is not a good thing for the soul of ANY HAITIAN, AMERICAN or HUMAN BEING. I AM 100% CONVINCED THAT HAITIANS are TOO MENTALLY-CRIPPLED, BIASED and PTSD'd to do the job alone. HAITIANS must give up and seek external HELP yesterday, yester-year, a century ago even.

Haitians are FED-UP by other HAITIANS... THE BLIND leading THE BLIND... they will FIGHT OFF ANY HAITIANS become of their PTSD... and if GOD comes in the form of a HAITIAN, HAITIANS will ask for GOD's RESIGNATION TOO. Can you blame them... recently VENEZUELA as a sister nation gave HAITI BILLIONS of PETRO CARIBE MONEY to develop itself only to have HAITIAN THIEVES DEVOUR IT. Most Haitian leaders stole from HAITI and looted Haiti's central banks... WHY SHOULD HAITIANS TRUST HAITIANS?

Let's not dismiss this proposal... let's have a dialogue on it. ELSE, HISTORY will prove me RIGHT even if I would have preferred to be wrong for the sake of my homeland!

Most Haitians think that SOCIALISM is the answer... most Haitians think that OCCUPATION is a problem... the irony is that CAPITALISM and OCCUPATION are the only solutions for HAITI modernly. And I am the prophet to so announce... TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. I did my job!



Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of this article is sponsored by

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