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John Singleton: The Black “Hood” Culture Exposer

NOTE WELL: I don’t like when too many people agree with me. Historically, most people rarely agreed with the most genius things that were asserted by the best human minds. Most people are NORMAL. Thus, if what’s uttered is TOO NORMAL/OBVIOUS then it’s probably also NOT CHANGE INDUCING or CONSEQUENTIAL. Minds like Garvey, Dr. King, Malcom X, Galileo, Einstein and others were always in the minority and usually never got credit by mankind until after they passed away. I’d prefer to fall in the latter than to join the NORMAL CROWD… I prefer to decipher the NON-OBVIOUS or the OBVIOUS that is not truly obvious. Normal is too boring. By the way, CAPS denote my own writing style. I am not screaming.

Ok, without further ado, I must say that Mr. Singleton, a Black male genius who we just lost at the young age of 51 (since people are living longer), realized that America or the World had no idea of how adventurous it was for Black men in the “hood” or ghettos of America (e.g., Compton, Liberty City, Bedford Stuy) to just live in a World that differs so much from the one that Dr. King lived in, yet is as dangerous because of territorial issues related to gangs and the fact that there are scarcity of resources, and ample frustration induced primarily by SYSTEMATIC WHITE RACISM. I stated PRIMARILY because MANY BLACKS (particularly Black intellectuals) are also unknowingly conditioned to be racist towards their own race out of a hatred of being looked down upon by Whites like the Black race used to be looked at (or even is looked now to some extent). Trust me, I know, I used to be one of them until I realized that I was a Black man in my last week of undergrad when I was profiled by an officer who apologized to me after I left a complaint against him because he squeezed by genitalia, urinated in my shoes, and fabricated 5 tickets because I used some choice words against him. He admitted to doing so, and I learned to behave better when I’m pulled over WHILE DRIVING BLACK, but I ignored him in Court and after the hearing despite his acceptance of misbehavior. I wanted to sue the NY Police department, but my FATHER and TIMID or racist Black lawyers were too afraid of the case (yup, case in point).

The EMASCULATION of Black Males and the nearly FULL ACCEPTANCE of BLACK FEMALES is not purposeless. America seems to have resorted to seeing most Black males as ENTERTAINERS (such in sports, music, or sexually), guards, or people through which OTHER MALES can live their fantasies, wishing they were LIKE BLACK MEN when they are in their NON-CORPORATE SETTINGS. Of course, there are outliers, but if you don’t believe me, do the 8-AM Test and go into any MAJOR AMERICAN CITY at 8 AM and compare the number of Black men to the number of Black women and others that are going to work and let me know if it’s representative of the Black male population or not representative of ACCESS PREVENTION because a JOB equals FFINANCIALPROWESS and thus CONFIDENCE BOOSTING.

Accordingly, Black men are thought of for PROTECTIVE ROLES (guards, bouncers and officers to protect WHITES and their ASSETS) and ENTERTAINERS to entertain mostly WHITES as opposed to their NATURAL CONFIDENCE, GENIUS and POISE.

The SWAG of BLACK MEN was exposed by John Singleton in movies like BOYZ IN THE HOOD and POETIC JUSTICE. The complexities of the HOOD (Black Subpar or Ghetto areas) were exposed and the GENIUS of BLACK CULTURE even in dire situations was exposed to the World. And many WHITE KIDS wanted to be Black-like (call it the EMINEM phenomenon).

Another PHENOMENON was the fact that a plethora of BLACKS who were historically better dressers than WHITES traded off their CLEAN ATTIRES for HOOD ONES. Black men went from being seen as MAINLY NATURALLY STRONG SEX SYMBOLS to being seen as GANGSTERS and in essence such an image have been used to portray YOUNG BLACK MEN as BAD BOYS who simply want to PARTY and HANG AROUND corners to sell drugs.

The latter couldn’t be farther away from the TRUTH. I have met so many young Black male geniuses, that the WHITE AMERICANS who don’t like BLACK MALE ASCENT would be paranoid if they had a chance to discover SUCH HIDDEN TALENTS.

We should never judge a book by its cover. WHILE AMERICA has chosen to take far too BLACK MALES less seriously because of A CULTURE that they acquired out of necessity and were GENIUS enough to create a whole INDUSTRY out of … one that SO MANY WHITE BOYS/MEN can’t have enough of after work as they drive from work or party or chilling out home.


Yes, sagging is not appealing but it’s not representative of one’s “IQ”. While I applaud America for embracing BLACK FEMALES in an unprecedented way, I am asking it to STOP disproportionately disenfranchise YOUNG BLACK MALES. I truly respect America and intend to continue giving back as best as I can because America has helped me become the person that I am today. One with whom I couldn’t be happier. HOWEVER, as a Black man, I understand the RACIAL AND GENDER EQUITY ISSUES that are linked with being a BLACK MAN in America. Often, I had to be a GENIUS to compete or outcompete with White males or get their attention. If WHITE MEN don’t have to be GENIUSES to succeed in America, neither should BLACK MEN.

Many Blacks are still MENTALLY-ENSLAVED post-slavery and perceive Black anything as inferior because post-imperialism and post-slavery; Blacks were left in disarray and poverty at the mercy of Whites who had benefited from centuries of free labor from them.

Modernly, Blacks MUST CREATE THEIR OWN MESSIAH. It is OBVIOUS that the MESSIAH that was given to them by the WHITE MAN has been the wrong one both in COLOR and CONTEXT. Black males have to return to RESPECTABLE REPRESENTATION and take back many of the roles that they used to have that are being handled by White males (e.g., construction, inventions, engineering and others.)


1. Automatic Gear Shift (Richard Spikes)

2. America's First Clock (Benjamin Banneker – He was a farmer, mathematician, astronomer, land surveyor, and the subject of a Stevie Wonder song.)

3. Automatic Elevator Doors (Alexander Miles.)

4. Blimp (John Pickering – His was the first blimp to have an electric motor and directional controls.)

5. Blood Bank (Dr. Charles Drew – For his invention of a method of separating and storing plasma, allowing it to be dehydrated and banked for later use, Dr. Drew was the first black person awarded a doctorate at Columbia University.)

6. Clothes Dryer (George T. Sampson, 1892.)

7. Dust Pan (Lloyd P. Ray – Mr. Ray patented the reason we have far fewer backaches.)

8. Electric Lamp (Lewis Latimer – He also invented the carbon filament inside light bulbs.)

9. Folding Chair (John Purdy)

10. Gas Mask (Garret Morgan – It all started when this guy rescued trapped miners wearing a hood to protect his eyes from smoke and had tubes leading to the floor to draw clean air.)

11. Golf Tee (Dr. George Grant – They say he was an avid golfer, but not a great one. Hopefully his patent improved his game.)

12. Ice Cream Scooper (Alfred L. Cralle – You’ve been screaming, I’ve been screaming, we’ve all been screaming for this since 1897.)

13. Lawn Mower (John Albert Burr – The lawnmower’s best makeover ever brought better traction, rotary blades, and allowed cutting closer to buildings.)

14. Lawn Sprinkler (Joseph A. Smith – We should honor this man for helping with Father’s Day ideas every year.)

15. Mail Box (Phillip Downing – Before this invention, people had to make a long trip to the Post Office to mail a letter.)

16. Modern Lock (Washington Martin – His patent was an improvement on the 4,000-year-old Chinese bolt.)

17. Modern Toilet (Thomas Elkins – He influenced several major patents, but it’s this one we appreciate most (not to knock the multi-purpose table or refrigerators for dead bodies).)

18. Mop (Thomas W. Stewart – He’s kept us off our hands and knees since 1893.)

19. Pacemaker (Otis Boykin – a lifesaving invention.)

20. Portal Pencil Sharpener (John Lee Love – A carpenter clever with names for his inventions, calling this one the ‘Love Sharpener.’)

21. Potato chips (George Crum.)

22. Reversible Baby Stroller (William Richardson – He’s also the reason wheels move separately. We feel certain there are fewer crying babies in the world because of this man.)

23. Suspenders

24. Thermostat & Temperature Control (Frederick Jones – His refrigeration equipment made it possible to transport blood and food during World War II.)

25. Traffic Light (Three cheers for the red, green and yellow. Mostly for the green!)

Instead of being jealous of Black male creativity and punishing them to secure WHITE MALE DOMINANCE, society should embrace BOTH BLACK MALES and WHITE MALES on a MERITOCRACY and EVEN PLAYING FIELD-BASIS, but the latter will require a CONTEXTUALIZED and SUBSTANTIVE LEVEL OF REPARATIONS.

Amazingly, the man that most BLACKS hated for meeting TRUMP got it right in his “ALL FALLS DOWN” song seems to be closer to the TRUTH about BLACK SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS when he mentioned “THEY MADE (SO MAN OF) US HATE OURSELVES AND CHASE THEIR WEALTH… and THE WHITE MAN GETS PAID FROM ALL OF IT


It’s OK to PRAY but if you are so broke that you are too HUNGRY TO PRAY, you’re DOOMED… YOU NEED MONEY… you need some of the WHITE MAN’S MONEY… Most of it is YOURS anyway because you worked for FREE for so many years to secure it for HIM!

BLACK men that wan to sag to represent can sag in rebellion or dilute the work nigger by calling each other nigga affectionately as long as we want to represent the HOOD as we are making money from what which was supposed to get us doomed. But WE MUST ENTER the BOARD ROOMS and we must do like the ITALIANS did... go from HOOD to MANSIONS and CORPORATE GOLDEN PARACHUTES... and in the right settings WE/BLACKS much dress the part. THERE IS A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING...

This article is a Gift to Blacks (particularly Black Americans) in Honor of John Singleton... This was written from the SOUL... I am always inspired, but this is from the SOUL... RIP John Singleton. You're loved! I stand on the shoulders of great Black Americans. They SUFFERED so that all BLACKS and women could have CIVIL RIGHTS here in America NOWADAYS despite the WHITE MAN'S RESISTANCE TO CHANGE and INITIAL HATRED and REFUSAL. THEY WERE TRULY GENIUSES!

It’s ok to be GANSTA… heck your PRESIDENT (TRUMP) become POTUS by being GANSTA! LOL

Wake up Black folks… Wake the (eff) up… and FOCUS on getting YOUR 40 ACRES and even YOUR MULE… stop buying stuff that you don’t really need and making WHITES and OTHERS (e.g., Asians and Jews) get RICH off of your STUPIDITY… ELSE, it will ALL FALL DOWN in the end and only GOD will be able to save YOU/US!

IGNORE THOSE that mention BLACK EMPOWERMENT as "here he goes w/ that Black Shit" again... they are part of the problems and the TRUE RACISTS whether they are DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS! AS IF Dr. KING and MALCOM X and NELSON MANDELA ever did stop... Can't STOP until the PLAYING FIELD IS leveled!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by

IN A RUSH! (like my PAPA used to be... I LOVE YOU PAPA & UNCLE TOTO!)

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