Happy Mother's Day From Our Editor!


Love babies, and babies come from Mothers... so, needless to say I LOVE MOTHERS too :)

- Lost my late Mother, but I wish her HMD first and foremost in heaven!

- Already wished HMD to my 3 healthy children's 2 Mothers. I could never thank them enough. My babies are essentially ME! Both mothers have a great relationship and so do all the children including my step children. I'm happy for that and them. At least I know how to pick decent people. LOL

- To the best, Mothers, keep it up... you're awesome!

- To the OK or worse ones. It's never too late become an amazing Mother.

ALL IN ALL. A mother is VERY SPECIAL. Hence why we call NATURE, a MOTHER. She nurtures patiently and she ensures that our genes carry forth.

I am still a young PUP and who knows how many children I will end up with... but, undoubtedly, it can only happen via a future Mother.

I WISH MY MOMMA were still around. So, if yours is gone, I'm so sorry... cherish the memories and things that made your mother special. So, if yours is (still around), TREASURE HER TODAY and give her some kisses and some hugs for me. If she is not in close proximity, then find a way to make it happen...

To the Black and Brown and Single Mothers out there that have to work 10 times harder ... and the poor ones... and to the hopeless ones.... You are GOD's TRUEST AGENTS for PROCREATION despite all odds!


Sincerely and In a Rush!

Dr. Pete Lorins

LorinsPost chief Editor

Click to the Image to Listen to LIVE "DEAR MOMMA" PERFORMANCE BY 2PAC:

(Actual Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iulbzZKUeXM)

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