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Humility Precedes Blessings: Baltimore-like Cities must so learn.

I went to Baltimore less than a year ago to visit a friend of mine after visiting a few other friends in other parts of Maryland, so I am privy of some knowledge as to what it feels like to drive, pump gas in Baltimore or walk around most part of this ghost type of city. This friend of mine has bee doing more work with young Black men, than most of the leaders in Baltimore can ever do... and he is not even from Baltimore... he is not even a Congressman... So, I know that Baltimore leaders are corrupt and lazy there. Trust me. The President said that "African Americans who live in Maryland are living in Hell" there. And for the most part he is correct. So, if someone like Mr. Cummings know about the problem, why hasn't it been addressed by now?

Dr. Carson built his amazing medical career as a gifted physician in Baltimore, Maryland during a few decades of him living there with his family, so of course he knows that Baltimore has problems with housing, drugs/ lead (affecting normal brain development), morale, and you can go on and on… of course he understands the lead problem that have affected the brain development of people who have used the tap water there… Hey, in less than 15 minutes of driving through Baltimore, I had seen enough. Thus, I can only imagine how much of a subject matter expert Dr. Carson would be about Baltimore, especially through the sixth sense of a gifted physician… and better yet as the TOP PERSON ON HOUSING in the country since he is responsible for HUD.

You see, sometimes, we human-beings are stupid. We treat some of the people that can help us do great things like our enemies and others that really don’t care at all like friends. Many of us don’t care about substance, we just care about form. So, when Dr. Carson was kicked off the parking lot of a church as he tried to explain what President Trump said about Maryland, it was a rather stupid move by that church.

See, when one is truly intelligent (not just schooled), he should be willing and able to talk to anyone as to understand that person and vice versa. Thus, that meant who asked Dr. Carson to leave the premises of that church is a prime example of the LACK OF HUMILITY and wisdom that has put places like Baltimore and countries like Haiti in the conditions that they are now.

You see, I have gotten some of the best advice on many things, including on how to fix a car or do something better from a derelict/homeless person or even a child because I understand that just because someone is less experienced or has mental illness or an addiction or might have experienced a perfect storm that might have rendered that person to in in that state, such a person still has experience and knowledge. So, needless to say, I would to at least believe that the story of Dr. Carson should be an example of what’s possible in America. Instead, many arrogant Blacks are using politics to further divide, and division is the source of most Black issues in American and around the World. Most of us are don’t or can’t work towards UNITY except when one of us is shot by a White cop... Yet, we allow conditions to become deplorable until we become exposed to rebuke or ridicule. WE have almost a purely tribal mentality. And others do realize our divisions and use it to divide and conquer. This is why we are a CONQUERED PEOPLE. The Black leaders of those communities are FAILING to realize that Dr. Carson has a direct link to the leader of the Free-World that while the my differ politically, or religiously, at least he is for sure able to relate to Baltimore as a Medical Doctor who worked there for years and as a Black man who happens to be a Republican.

So when Congressman Cummings mentioned that seeing kids that were born a couple of decades ago walk around like zombies, it felt as if he had no idea why those things were happening after millions of dollars have been poured into Baltimore form the Feds. When TRUMP, a wealthy and privileged White man, who loves exquisite stuff, is looking at Baltimore’s situation, I can only imagine what he is thinking. Of course, he will describe it as crime and poverty infested and that’s only because to him that is the only way one can describe such sub-human life conditions.

Far too many predominantly Black and Brown run cities and countries are crime and poverty – (ruined or infested) or whatever the heck else you want to call it. President Trump called certain places “infested” because in his mind, they are that bad. My last visits to Baltimore, Maryland, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, my former homeland, left me concerned, heart-broken and disappointed. I had major plans until I realized that the problem was the mindset of people that live in and control those places, not the places themselves. At time, they would rather pay to get you assassinated than to let others come in and get credit for doing what they could or should have been doing. Congress Cummings is from there, and it took a non-PC WHITE MAN named TRUMP to get people to talk about Baltimore, and to get people to talk about sub-par Black and Brown countries. The common denominator for those places is cultures of corruption into the monies that are being poured from the U.S. government and other places go straight into the pocket of a few.

So, people shouldn’t get INSULTED when the President said, “WHO WOULD WANT TO LIVE THERE?” I mean, is that shocking? Here you are attacking a man who builds luxurious resorts, and you are a Black Congressman with lots of name recognition, who can’t even make the plight of your city an issue for a week, or even a day, or even an hour, and the moment TRUMP called you out after antagonizing him, you are getting insulted, calling him a racist, and grown men are crying on Television…

YES… it is touching to hear others talk about where one grew up in a non-flattering way. I used to feel bad about it too. But the reality is, the plight of where we were raised fall in the lack of leadership of those that ran those places… and undoubtedly, I have seen the contrasts, and to be honest, if one has options to live elsewhere, why would he want to live in Baltimore, UNLESS the purpose to effectuate changes.

My questions for Congress Cummings and those who are insulted by Trump’s rebuking of Mr. Cummings’ leadership are:

What are you going to do about it?

Does that change your plan for Baltimore?

Where do you see Baltimore in 10 years?

Why would you not work with a Black man (Republican, Democrat, apolitical or not), like Dr. Carson, who was a Medical Doctor in Baltimore and the current director of HUD?

Are you being humble?

Is the church that threw Dr. Carson off its lot when he was going to have a conference there being humble?

TRUMP is not dividing Blacks and Browns. He is just telling it as he chooses to. Others are thinking about it, and I have heard it from many before. But that’s not Trump’s style. But in the end, he sent a very successful and extraordinary BLACK MAN, who became successful in Baltimore despite its inequities and issues, in hope that you’ll feel better about talking about your issues with a Black man than you would have with a White man. YET, you still failed the test. Perhaps you deserve to stay deplorable; and if cities like Baltimore and countries like Haiti don’t change their mindset, they will remain deplorable indefinitely. And life is too short to live in a deplorable place when one has other options.

I posit that you are NOT HUMBLE and WISE. I have seen the same issue in Haiti. Many leaders of people and people who are in deplorable states are people who let their pride consume them, and people who lack humility to either accept help from others or only want the help to come through their own channels. Additionally, they don’t want others to come fix the problem and take credit for it when they have been there all along. They are the “Head Nigg*r In Charge (HNIC) after all. The problem is that they are part of the source of the problem. And until the leaders of places like Baltimore start having more humility as to focus more on caring about their own people than their pocketbooks, or pride, we will continue to have places like Baltimore and Haiti. And trust me that, “THAT AIN’T NO WHITEMAN’S FAULT and CERTAINLY, NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP’S FAULT… that’s OUR OWN DARN FAULT, baby!

We must work together… we are not monolithic. Some of us are Democrats, others are Republicans and Independent, yet others are apolitical; just like some of us are Christian, yet others are Muslim or Jews and Atheists. Some of us don’t want to live a life of victimhood because we realize that we have to brokerage deals with everyone, including White Brothers our President. We share the same land, same country/nation. Was it nice to hear that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, HECK NO, but after a while, I had to realize that it’s not my fault... I mean, they get lots of money from the FEDS.... why is it the WORST city in the country?

Black and Brown people need to work together more and more… People can say that they believe in Baltimore ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT, but until they actually do something in and for Baltimore, they are just in it for the photo op, but then they'll accuse someone who truly do want to help and can help Baltimore, especially with its housing issue as the director of HUD, as wanting a photo-op. REALLY? As they say in the hood... "Nigga, is you stupid?... Is you ignant"

Stop worrying about what TRUMP is doing or if you do, Take it as a challenge... Fix your city... fix your country... stop worrying about what others have to do, just do your own job!


Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article is sponsored by

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