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Trump Must Disavow White Terrorism, Albeit at a Price...

Trump did disavow White terrorism, even though he did not invent White Supremacy... if anything he may be as much of a victim of it as any other person living in America has been in one way or another... No one in his right mind would ever, knowingly, choose to associate himself/herself with such a despicable school-of-thought that is based almost certainly on pure fear and unadulterated hatred. Nothing good or decent has been produced by racism... it's ruined nations, cities, neighborhoods, families, and individuals like no other disease can. It is pathological... it is a disease of the mind and soul. And no group has been more adversely affected by it than the people whose racial category I share, namely, Black people. The latter have been disenfranchised, demonized and treated disparately almost in all aspects of life, solely because of White Supremacy. Thus, although I am not as biased or angry as I used to be in writing similar articles (by virtue of my understanding of American status quo), keep in mind that White Supremacy is not joke. It has pretty much been a genocidal agent for Blacks, natives, Hispanics and many Asians or others. The El Paso White supremacist clearly felt ample racial animus towards Hispanics, but that does not mean that he represents ALL White supremacists either, YET, he represents the ideals of far too many anti-diversity-centric White supremacists.

While many ignorant Whites will, mistakenly, continue to see "diversity" as "White genocide", Diversity in every area of life brings more advantages than disadvantages (e.g., genetically and with investments). Likewise, many Blacks will continue to think that only Whites use assault weapons. While the latest incidents of assault weapon use appeared to have been fueled by racial animus, Whites are not the only groups to kill with them. And even if we abolish all assault weapons, there are other ways in which those who are animated by hatred can hurt others, including biological warfare. So, the issue is not assault weapons themselves, but the depraved heart that some have developed as a result of enough hatred that allowed them develop the desire to use such weapons to effectuate senseless killings as a manifestation of their hatred. The fact is that White extremists are not the only groups that use such weapons to kill others modernly, even though they seem to be the only group that uses it specifically with racial animus in mind in the U.S.

Clearly, President Trump's message about a tougher America and taking the country back does resonate to White Supremacists as much as it does to many non-Whites (if not more, but for different reasons.) The idea of taking the country back must sound amazing to a White Supremacist who has been waiting to hear such a message in any possible context. Many White supremacists do take Trump's rhetoric out of context, but Trump also understands that his base contains a great percentage of White supremacists. Often, Trump's rhetoric has nothing to do with racism at all, including his stance on immigration and trade with china. And although Trump may not adhere to their core values, he is the beneficiary of their votes, influences and connections. Last year, David Duke said: "Donald Trump is talking implicitly . I'm talking explicitly." The latter is how far too many people who are racist will view many of Trump's rhetoric, even though a great percentage of what Trump says is not meant to be racist at all. In many ways, he can be viewed as a shaker of things or even an equal opportunity offender when it comes to keeping it real.

Ex-KKK leader David Duke said that White Supremacists will "fulfill" Trump's promises of taking the country back if he does not, and essentially, they want Trump to know that they are the one who put him in office... Thus, just like Obama followers felt empowered by having a Black POTUS, in a post-Obama era, TRUMP's White followers include some White Supremacists who feel happier about having a President who takes a tough stance on immigration, welfare, illegal immigrants and many other things that many White supremacists happen to favor. However, in the case of the the two young White men who went out on a rampage, at least one of them appeared to have killed even his own sister and her Black boyfriend, something that links him further to already known racial animus.

The latter was so alarming that even George P. Bush, the son of Jeb Bush, who has a Mexican Mother (who happens to be the Texas Land Commissioner) wrote, "conservatives have not been afraid to confront extremism in our world, and we must not be afraid to confront terrorism here at home." He is absolutely correct. But I am sure he knows that there are many decent Americans that have an appeal for keeping the status quo, or conserving the old America, and that includes keeping America as White or Euro-centric as possible. However, that has always been the case. When I arrived here decades ago, people were overjoyed to see Blacks on television and when people like Oprah, Montel and Arsenio and others appeared on TV, it was a celebration for Blacks at large. It was clear that those that controlled America wanted it to be viewed as a WHITE COUNTRY on the surface, even though it had been becoming a melting pot more and more, with a clear path of having Whites become a minority race at some point.

Of course, White Supremacists are afraid of the latter, and of course they are afraid of Black and government retaliation as well. The latter is also tied with the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. However, just because one believes that White is the supreme race does not imply that he is a terrorist or a far-right extremist. Terrorism is about getting notoriety or revenge... OVER-COVERING or OVER-REACTING to what terrorists do or say is in essence accomplishing their very purpose. The best thing to do is to take a stance of “strategic silence," all while having a plan to disarm them via reverse psychology and the rule of law.

Far-right groups rely on the news media to help spread their message and recruit new members. Many have expressed the following sentiment: "We can’t fight domestic terror groups efficiently until the law treats them the way we treat foreign ones." However, White domestic terror groups are very well connected by virtue of the fact that they are White and naturally many of their members will be either affluent men or women or sons or daughters of such men or women or at least close relatives or friends/partners of theirs who are effectuating the agendas of those who can't afford to be be viewed as members of such organizations. There is still a plethora of White men that still dominate most aspects of the U.S. economy.

While a great number of White extremists are poor and live in rural and non-integrated areas of the country, many are CLEARLY the beneficiaries of former slave owners and they are the owners of the new industries that replace slavery after the industrial revolution as well. While there are many Whites that have a decent heart that welcome all good-hearted people who come to America legally, far too many Whites are still too racist.

I have met a plethora of decent Whites over the years, but I have also met many White men and women that are VERY RACIST and EVIL towards other groups. We can't always have Presidents who will only appeal to one group, otherwise, other groups would be either feel more motivated or would feel more invigorated to hate. KKK members are Americans too, and as long as they don't disobey the law or get involved in acts of terrorism (as was perpetuated recently), they deserve to pick which politicians appeal to their ideals more just like any other group, but that does not imply that the politician himself support all their ideals in return.

Racism was not invented by Donald J. Trump. And of course, as mentioned before, many Whites may support him because of his tough stance on many issues that may happen to appeal to them because many of them happen to be in areas in which they felt that they had no voice under Obama, and many even hated the idea of having a Black POTUS, but ultimately, they gained a voice under Trump for many reasons. However, we cannot expect TRUMP to change himself or them or White Supremacy at large or even to apologize for the actions of terrorists or murderers because his messages resonates to them in some way, shape or form. And even as he disavows them, he MUST do it in a way as to not completely lose his base. All politicians do so, including Obama, and Bush. Reelection is important to all incumbents and unfortunately, if preventative measures are what is necessary, they can all be taken without losing one's base entirely.

Terror is terror no matter from whom it emanates. But believe it or not, there will always be a difference between terror induced by Whites that terror induced by non-Whites. Imagine having your home vandalized by your own child one year and by a perfect stranger on another year. Who do you think you might feel the need to prosecute or destroy the most/least?

Well, you get my point! LOL... The operative word in White Terrorists is the word, "White" and it is a commonality that even a terrorist who happens to be White will feel more powerful with a White POTUS in the White house, especially if his stance is as tough as Trump's. HOWEVER, that makes Whites human and give us no reason to demonize Whites, just like the poverty and desperation suffered by Blacks in run-down areas give Whites no reason to demonize them as well.

We are all human beings, and in many ways some of us have a genetic pre-disposition to BLOW THINGS and PEOPLE UP MORE. Obviously, White men do have the latter in their DNA more. However, they are still part of the human race and have contributed both good and bad things to humanity. Let's look at the glass as half-full and let's do our best to "TAME" even the wildest and most deranged White Brothers of ours... Racism is a psychological disease. Once infected by it, it finds all justification to self-fuel and like a cancer, when left alone/uncontrolled, it becomes uncontrollable and very destructive.

These past 2 shootings by young White males revealed the propensity of far too many young White males like Timothy McVey, and we most commission subject matter experts to deal with ways of countering them and fostering respect for the life or all human beings our status quo. People like Farrakhan use anti-White rhetoric often, but I have never seen a Black or Latino young man do anything of that proportion as a result of racial animus. Many Whites, especially younger White males (and even some younger White females) do feel more and more ENTITLED when it comes to their Whiteness in the Trump Era (especially those who didn't like having Obama as their POTUS... ) Thus, the latter is either innate to Whites or being fueled by hate or both. Either way, we must SUPPRESS or attempt to ERADICATE it or simply PREVENT it as best as we can IMMEDIATELY. It is imperative... and with that we can stop other instrumentalities that extremists use to express their hatred... in other words, weapons of all types (e.g., firearms, biological etc.)

In disavowing such animus-driven actions, TRUMP cannot afford to pretend to make it a 2nd-Amendment (right to bear arms) argument on the basis of it applying to Whites only as it will only hurt his bid for re-election, considering the fact that people from other racial groups use such weapons too. Thus, a substantive argument has to be about CRIMES and PUNISHMENT under a SOCIAL CONTRACT to punish those that commit heinous crimes as no one is above the law, and yes that includes WEALTHY WHITE SUPREMACIST MALES who are hateful enough to see the killing of non-Whites as yet another White male privilege of theirs. Such behavior must be SEVERELY PUNISHED no matter how RICH or how WHITE or how RIGHT, one is!

WHITE SUPREMACY? "The idea of white supremacy is a major bowel unleashed by the structure of modern discourse, a significant secretion generated from the creative fusion of scientific investigation, Cartesian philosophy, classical aesthetic and cultural norms. Needless to say, the odor of this bowel and the fumes of this secretion continue to pollute the air of our post-modern times." - Dr. West


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