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Defending Trump's "You Can Leave"...

Please allow me to make an "ARGUMENT" for "TRUMP's YOU CAN LEAVE!"

I am an expert on this because I have been making the same argument for years and I have applied to myself as well. The moment I really hate the way things are run because of America or an American President, then it is time to leave... But historical factors have to be considered here.

How did the White man get to the top of the FOOD CHAIN? Was it accidental? I assure you that it was not!

You Can Leave, said TRUMP!

QUESTIONS for those that HATE TRUMP or WHITE DUDES... (and I used to dislike White dudes too, until I realized that I was supposed to LOVE ALL unconditionally, else it'd be to my own detriment)... would you have been that different had you been WHITE? Let's be CONSCIENTIOUS?

1. Do you know that White dudes conquered this land for White Dudes?

2. Do you know that the policies of White dudes concerning CAPITALISM and What's in it for HIM is what has made modern WHITE RUN COUNTRIES prosperous?

3. Do you know that prior to the industrial revolution, and the information revolution, slavery was one of the best business moves that the White man had ever made... it was FREE LABOR (not cheap)... FREE... that is amazing! Imagine having people working for your FREE OF CHARGE... imagine your PROFIT MARGIN... His business moves and capitalism centric thinking had him out-prosper all others, even former richer African kings, EXCEPT Musa I (c. 1280 – c. 1337) or Mansa Musa was the tenth Mansa, which translates to "sultan", "conqueror", or "emperor", of the wealthy West African Islamic Mali Empire.

4. Do you realize that most of us are FLOCKING to WHITE MALE RUN LANDS?

5. Do you realize that the BLACK FOLKS that threaten to leave b/c TRUMP became elected CAN'T LEAVE b/c deep down inside they know that AMERICA is where it's happening... they know that's why PEOPLE ARE FLOCKING TO COME HERE... they stop using their heads to help their own homeland and use it solely to come to America.

But once they get here, they want to tell the WHITE MAN how to run the LAND that he conquered. THINK ABOUT IT? Would any other group have been NICER than the White man was in the end?

The Jews are still fighting with the Palestinians. Iran fought with Iraq for years. Muslims have inner fights among different sects. The Dominicans treat the Haitians like Animals The Haitians discriminate based on wealth, color and race.


But here in America, I have seen rich Whites live side by side with poor Backs without any daily incidents... I have also seen Latinos live side by side with Whites and Blacks and other groups with no daily incidents.

HOWEVER, immigrants and the children of immigrants are adamant about telling America or the AMERICAN WHITE MAN how to run a land that he conquered, but was proactive enough to UNWILLINGLY share so that he can be viewed as the leader of the FREE WORLD...

America has been overly lenient w/ Immigrants... and overly laissez-faire with welfare...

If people are FLOCKING TO COME HERE despite their hatred of the MAN who started it all.... IS IT WRONG for one of them to tell those that don't like it to KINDLY go elsewhere?

There is a big World out there. IF you don't like it HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE and so can I! He is right!

He says it b/c he knows YOU WILL NOT LEAVE.

You are being EMOTIONAL and REACTIVE and I am keeping it REAL! THINK ABOUT IT!

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