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Are Blacks Still Being Poisoned and Preyed On?

According to our LorinsPOST Accountability Quotient Analyses, there is irrefutable evidence to suggest the following:

1. Many Historically Deprived Predominantly Black neighborhoods are purposefully “precursored” by White Flight for the Sole Purpose of making it Easier to Target Blacks;

2. Wealthy White Entities Set up Shop in Black Areas ONLY with Businesses that are premised on Taking advantage of Illnesses or Propensities that are linked to Blacks Genetically or Culturally, or because of post-slavery induced disenfranchisement such as:

2a) more aggressive forms of cancer because of lack of Vitamin D, due to more melanin in the skin, with the melanin being a natural protectant against skin cancer, which protected our ancestors back in Africa.

2b) kidney and obesity related diseases and other diseases attributed to heavy drug use and lack of property nutrition.

2c) more problems due to racism, lack of income and criminal records etc.

2d) potential or actual poisoning of Blacks (by racist White –controlled entities) via alcohol or other consumable items distributed in predominantly Black areas as predicated by White flight. Just remember the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. I have White friends who work at some Hospitals in Florida who have told me that if I have a relative or friend who is Black and not wealthy, I should tell them not to go to certain hospitals as they will let them die as per the order of their racist White-owned owners.


3. Some predominantly Black areas being knowingly or purposefully or inadvertently or negligently poisoned via known brain-cell-or-body-cell-damaging agents (e.g., lead or biological agent poisoning.)

4. Even some establishments run by racist Whites purposefully poison or microbe-infect Blacks.

It is irrefutable that there are many entities that are run by people that don’t like Black people, which have the power to adversely affect Black people. And TRUST ME, TRUMP has NOTHING to do with that… (smiling). Those are morally deprived and brainwashed White people who simply never snapped out of their stupidity and thus would simply wish that they could eliminate Black people off the face of the Earth.


Well, to Whites, Blacks were and are in many instances still a COMMODITY…

Let us define a COMMODITY before you get too angry at me without allowing yourself to become EDUCATED about the philosophy behind this very important article:

COMMODITY -- Defined

A raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee…

Synonyms: item, material, type of produce, product, article, object, thing, artifact, piece of merchandise;

A useful or valuable thing, such as water or time… for instance, "water is a precious commodity"

Naturally, Blacks were brought here to be used as a slave COMMODITY, which could be bought and sold and traded like any other chattel or material or item or object in the stream of commerce. For instance, Blacks sportsmen and sportswomen and/or entertainers are often viewed as commodities to entertain primarily HIGH-PAYING WHITE AUDIENCES. They are owned by them and end up keep their mouth shuts for the most part to maintain the status quo.

So, how is a commodity viewed? It is either USEFUL or USELESS, and if it is not USEFUL to WHITES, it is deemed USELESS and worthy of being DISCARDED or DISENFRANCHISED, but the moment that it is USEFUL TO WHITES, it is PRECIOUS and of course a CELEBRITY or STAR (e.g., the two MJ's, namely, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson... Michael Jackson was protected while Whites were making a lot of money off of him, and was released once he took possession of his destiny, and Micheal Jordan is being protected and keeping his mouth shut, just like the other MJ used to do, but if he is ever brought down, he'll all of a sudden remember that he is Black, LOL... I have sen the script many times.)

Accordingly, many BLACKS have associated their SELF-WORTH with WHITE APPROVAL… I have heard many educated Blacks say things like:

  • It must be a good restaurant because there are a lot of White folks in it; OR

  • It must be a good neighborhood because most of the neighbors are White…

All while forgetting that WHITE TRASH is all over the States and many Whites cannot even come close to the class exhumed by CLASSY BLACK FAMILIES that are working class, poor or rich. However, that doesn’t matter, because WHITENESS has permeated the souls of MOST OF US to the extent that even those of us that are PONTIFICATING associate success with the presence of White folks.

I have heard Black pastors identify their churches as MULTI-RACIAL CHURCHES when it only has one rare White member that visits once in a blue moon. YES, the majority of us BLACK PEOPLE are so bamboozled, and affected by WHITE SUPREMACY that we simply feel that talking about it alone will make it go away, but in reality many of those that claim to hate it the most are perhaps WHITE SUPREMACIST by DEEDS, ASSOCIATION or OMISSION themselves.

You see, I am an enigma. A double-edged sword, and just like the WORD OF GOD, I belong to no entity and to GOD alone. No weapons formed against me shall prosper because I have a clean heart and a right spirit. I am here to utter TRUTHS that many are too scared to UTTER… I am here to LOVE EVERYONE enough to share a bit of TOUGH LOVE with them no matter what your race, national origin, political affiliation or religion may be. I am both your best friend and worst enemy concurrently, but like very good medicine, I may be kind of bitter or sour but in the end, I am VERY GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH whether your realize it or not.

BALTIMORE – A Model Semi-Case-Study About Crime and Lead Poisoning

For more than a decade, Baltimore, which is 63 percent Black, has, consistently, reported thousands of black children testing positive for lead poisoning, more than any other city in the United States, yet people like Representative CUMMINGS who are bought out by wealthy Jews choose to do nothing about it, while they are busy criticizing TRUMP who is doing a great job helping his base grow the economy. The Mayo Clinic reports that lead poisoning in children causes numerous symptoms, including developmental delay, learning difficulties and irritability. Lead testing in Chicago, another city plagued by violence in black neighborhoods, revealed during a three-year period that 75 percent of Chicago’s elementary school students had high levels of lead. TRUMP is taking care of his PEOPLE, and as such he has the right to tell CUMMINGS to take care of his as a BLACK MAN, and to be honest, based on our ACCOUNTABILITY RESEARCH, as a BLACK MAN, MR. CUMMINGS has failed our Blacks Brothers and Sisters in Baltimore. Between 1993 and 2013, more than 65,000 children in Baltimore tested positive for dangerously high blood-lead levels. But, Mr. Cummings is not alone in this because the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, which had the past been LEGALLY RACIST and has since promoted an atmosphere of equality (for which it should be applauded), YET, under the Obama administration (supposedly a Black male run administration), in 2015, the federal government slashed $35 million from the Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes budget, which provides funding to state and local governments to help reduce the risk of lead poisoning. To me the latter is UNCONSCIONABLE at best.

As Blacks, we PONTIFICATE too much… While we are TALKING SH*T, WHITE PEOPLE are strategizing to become WEALTHIER and are continuing to work TOGETHER despite their differences in the end, just like they did to form the framework of the U.S. Constitution as evidenced by their struggles and quest to convince each other in the Federalist Papers.

God wants to help Black people. We are a special people. WE are the modern-day Israelites, and like them we are the most INCREDULOUS and STUBBORN people on Earth. Some of us are BRILLIANT HARD HEADED FOOLS. Trust me!

We need to WORK TOGETHER and STOP THE B.S. now or GOD may even choose to VACATE our blessings…


A. Stop requesting justice and fairness from the White man… QUESTION EVERYTHING… TRUST NO ONE… Blacks can be used as AGENTS as well to execute the orders of Whites that don’t like you… Don’t let the SKIN TONE induce you to let your guard down… Fight for what’s yours… and love your own community. The White man did not intend to give any other human being anything; you had to become martyrs even to earn the right to use the same bathroom as he did. So, stop the delusion of expecting the White man to do what’s right by you… You have to do it YOURSELF for your own community Mr. Cummings and those that claim to be Black leaders whether you are elected or are a T.V. or social media personality… please read this article in its entirety… It is YOUR MEDICINE and REDEMEPTION CATALYST!

B. Work with other intelligent Blacks even if you differ from them on certain issues like FAITH, MORALITY and others. Stop trying to approach the standards of Whites and create your /our own standards and perhaps yours will be even superior and perhaps Whites will end up learning from you just like they learned to incorporate democracy into their sub-consciousness from you, but you had to FIGHT FOR THAT. It wasn’t handed out to you/us.

C. Love yourself and your community even in its current despair… Become a TRUE LEADER… A leader is someone who FINDS, RECOGNIZES and SECURES THE FUTURE… don’t try to be a HEAD NIGG** in CHARGE… don’t try to sound smarter than other Blacks just to sound smart, but without any substantive plan to help your community. DO MORE and SAY LESS.

D. Apply Godly principles… be forgiving, kind, understanding, patient, caring, courteous, loving and love-restoring to yourself, and your own lovely Black community.

E. KEEP your PRESIDENT (TRUMP) ACCOUNTABLE on things that affect you directly, not SILLY INNUENDOS on FOX or CNN or Social media … Don’t alienate ANYONE who is the leader… Mr. TRUMP needs to be held accountable just like any other leader… don’t give up on him… Kanye and the Kardashians got it to free people and pass prison reformation laws… so can you…

Lead poisoning is just as much a crisis as the nation’s opioid crisis that is now getting response from the Oval Office. And of course are kids are MORE IRRITABLE because of it and lack of paternal role models because of incarceration and post-incarceration issues (e.g., inability to find jobs because of criminal records based on petty crimes.) If politicians like Mr. TRUMP who claim to be a maverick are genuinely outraged by the saturation of criminal activity in Black communities, they cannot simply “mentor” or incarcerate their way to building safer communities. Instead, they need to COMPREHENSIVELY address the environmental threats that feed the stereotype of Black people living in struggling communities as poor, violent and uneducated.

You’re a GREAT PEOPLE, and God wants to use you to change not just the UNITED STATES for the BETTER, but the WORLD AT LARGE… Thanks to you, the U.S. redeemed itself and became a beacon of HOPE for FREEDOM for those who aspire to be FREE both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY… But, while we are all PHYSICALLY FREE, far too many of us are still MENTALLY-ENSLAVED (click the link to view my article on this topic) and because we are mentally-enslaved, many of us even become PRISON SLAVES and COMMODITY for WEALTHY WHITE-OWNED PRISONS as we were intended to be when we arrived here to begin with.

WAKE UP you INCREDULOUS MIGHTY PEOPLE… WAKE UP and stop being RELIGIOUS or RELIGIOUS FANATICS, and be RATHER LOVING and GOD-LIKE to your BROTHERS and SISTERS! Enough of those crazy churches with pontificating sermons, yet that do NOTHING for the Black community. ONLY LOVE will help us tap into God’s promise so that the WHITES will finally be ORDERED to let GOD’s PEOPLE GO!

You don’t need WHITE ACCEPTANCE… you don’t need to MARRY A WHITE PERSON to feel ACCEPTED or WORTHY… You need to LOVE YOURSELF and YOUR PEOPLE… that’s the only thing that will SET YOU MENTALLY-FREE and allow you to UNWRAP the amazing blessings that God has for you, which is to DOMINATE OVER THE LAND of your FORMER CAPTOR or OPPRESSOR!

That’s the message that God asked me to share with you… Don’t be like the people were when NOAH was building the ARCH. If we fail to do that, even GOD will give us on us to our peril. But if we do, we will RULE OVER THIS LAND with the White man’s blessings because our RIGHTEOUSNESS will have earned us GOD’s FAVOR!

Some Whites will care about you/us enough, but most Whites will only see Blacks in the prism of what THEIR RACIST PARENTS taught them. While most Blacks are affected by the same because they, too, are taught about a WHITE GOD subconsciously and associate more good things with WHITENESS and more bad things with BLACKNESS, Blacks have the DUTY to EMANCIPATE THEMSELVES from MENTAL SLAVERY. Whites have done enough of a job DIVIDING you/us via religion, education, color, race, national origin etc… please, WAKE the FU*K up or else you will be EXTERMINATED as only GOD is protecting you now because your own leaders have failed you/us. Be accountable… stop hating yourself and your own because White people chose to disenfranchise you to the point where you have to BEG WHITE PEOPLE for everything that is important to your livelihood.

God have you a brain… a spirit… a soul… and fully-abled body… WAKE THE FU*K UP… when we cannot continue to ignore the covert and obvious environmental hazards that can have a negative impact on generations of Black families, yet go on network TV or social media and pontificate about Black plight. The latter is just as unconscionable as being a KKK member.

I am doing my part… please do your part as well… perhaps TRUMP will voice the feelings held by far too many WHITES who believe that they are so different, but are simply in denial because they too have ONE BLACK FRIEND, and have probably not hired too many Blacks except a few token negroes. But make no mistake about it, TRUMP is doing a great job for his base (rich Whites men and entrepreneurs at large)… what are you doing for yours? Will you stop the psychological and biological poisoning of your people? Will you? Can you? Are you smart enough to do it? Can you be less stubborn? Can you listen to your Brother? Or will you continue to be like the JEWS were with JESUS and say… “Nothing good can come out of NAZARETH…” or “NOTHING GOOD can come from the mind of a BLACK MAN who is originally from HAITI.” What is I am a GENIUS, what if I am CHOSEN by ALMIGHTY GOD? Will you crucify me to? My mission is different from that of Jesus… my ending is predetermined by Almighty God… so, I don’t have a hero ending because I am not WHITE… LOL (teasing you, but on a serious note, you know that White people love to make a HERO STORY out of everything they do, yet a misery one out of what non-Whites do especially things that Blacks do LOL… REALLY? Christopher Columbus discovered it all huh? That SOB can kiss my Black ass!)

CAPS – denote my maverick writing style… Trust me, I am a loving Black man… not an angry one!

IN A RUSH (like my Papa… I love you, Pastor Pierre Lorins)

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