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Trump v. White Hypocrites & Others

According to our LorinsPOST Accountability Quotient Analyses, there is irrefutable evidence to suggest the following:

First of all, while TRUMP’s unfiltered-ness may remind of all us of the BIASES, HYPOCRISY and STEREOTYPES that many of us have so successfully suppressed via our DENIALS and SELF-DECEPTIONS just to make ourselves believe that we are BETTER than others, it is refreshing to “hear” someone tell it like it is and that may be one of the top reasons why TRUMP is in office…

YES, many of us, including yours truly would have used more polished or politically correct words about WOMEN, UNDER-DEVELOPED COUNTRIES (formerly-known as third-world countries), and MINORITIES, and CRIMINALS but we have all internalized similar feelings about each other as displayed by how SEGREGATED and UNEQUAL we are in many aspects of our lives in our WONDERFUL MAKE-BELIEVE DREAMLAND called “AMERICA”.

So many of us are HYPOCRITES and at the top of the list are the following groups:

1. White Liberals;

2. Wealthy People of all Categories;

3. The Media.

The above 3 entities have been COVERLY discriminating against MINORITIES and especially BLACKS all while asserting a MORAL SUPERIORITY over CONSERVATIVE WHITES, and all other groups.

White Liberals

White Liberals claim to be COLOR-BLIND, yet they are just as RACIST in their hiring practices, White flight, silence or acquiescence as they observe their friends and relatives disparately discriminate and disenfranchise people of color, especially Blacks. Racism can be found across the political spectrum, and there is a long history of white liberals preaching equality while being reluctant to fully embrace efforts to make society more equal in ways that might make them feel even SLIGHTLY UNCOMFORABLE. People born with PRIVILEGE and POWER are often squeamish about giving any of it away.

Since the election of President Donald Trump, many minorities have become as vocal about their disapproval of what they perceive as racist behavior by the POTUS, just like many Whites did under Obama. However, under Trump, many that never had a voice felt validated and some of them are also minorities. But too many Whites, including White liberals who pretend to be non-racist, demographic changes, and the prospect of racial equality, have left many of the POTUS’ strongest supporters fearful of losing "their" America—which many (including White liberals) see as, by rights, a largely white nation.

But until the country’s constitutional Amendments became part of the laws of the land, America was a WHITE NATION. And even as it has accepted all others under its freedom and civil right laws, many of us as still trying to approach WHITE MALE STANDARDS (via a degree of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and that includes White women), and the latter includes WHITE WOMEN.) White Liberals, however, are a dangerous group, like Hillary Clinton, they speak on both sides of their mouths. They want to be viewed as being SO DIFFERENT FROM TRUMP or any other wealthy WHITES, but secretly they have all been on the same bed of WHITE RACIAL SUPREMACY, that my friend is Hypocrisy. Hillary is known to have been rather disrespectful and racist to Blacks all while Blacks stupidly embraced her Husband as their “make believe” first Black POTUS, until they got their real or nearly real one in the “biracial” Obama.

Former Vice President Joe Biden—now a presidential candidate for 2020—fought against racial integration efforts in the 1970s. Moreover, between 1973 and 1975, Biden regularly voted for proposals that aimed to prevent school districts from busing White and Black students to different neighborhoods to create schools that were more equally mixed.

In the 1990s, the Clinton administration helped pass a crime bill that many critics argue disproportionately targeted people of color and contributed to America's ongoing mass incarceration problem. Clinton signed the law at least in part to appeal to white voters afraid of minorities. In addition, critics have also argued that the welfare reforms passed during the Clinton years were similarly based on the era's racist sentiments, and have disproportionately harmed people of color, especially Blacks and Latinos.

The Obama administration, despite being run by the presumed first Black (biracial) POTUS failed to do anything about issues that affect Black males at large including the incarceration issues that were partially caused the public policies effectuated during the Clinton era.

Christopher Parker, professor of political science at the University of Washington, says that, while conservative whites are more sensitive to a perceived loss of power, many liberals also worry about it. "Insights from behavioral economics suggest that most people, regardless of political orientation, are sensitive to perceived losses," Parker says. The problem with White Liberals is that they pretend not to be concerned about it, and to be on the side or minorities ONLY to STAB THEM IN THE BACK partly thanks to the GULLIBILITY or unawareness of such people.

Wealthy People

The reason why many Blacks (even Rich Blacks) will not support Republicans is because of the perceived notion that it the party of the Wealthy (especially wealthy White men). While there is some truth to the fact that white men continue to make up a disproportionate share of the wealthy, modernly, there is growing diversity among the wealthiest members of society. American politics is increasingly defined by race, gender, sexual identity and religion, rather than dividing along class lines.

While we don’t want to have a war with wealthy people because class warfare is a detriment to us all especially non-wealthy people; wealthy people stick together too much and protect each other too much regarding racist practices used by entities CONTROLLED by such people and many of them are owned by White Liberals as well or the friends of White Liberals who appear on Television to say the most amazing things about tolerance and integration only to do the opposite in real life. Black wealthy people are either forced to cowardly say nothing because of SELF-PRESERVATION knowing that their assets and successes are widely controlled by WHITES, or they are too self-centered to say anything at the meetings on major issues that affect Blacks or minorities at large.

The wealthy must remember that there are implications about people who have race and gender privilege, but lack class privilege (for instance, the focus on working-class white men). However, there is also a flip side, essentially people who have class privilege, but do not have race or gender privilege. Research suggests that the wealthy have more influence over policy (since they are more likely to vote, volunteer for campaigns, contact their representative and contribute money to a campaign), so the rise of a more progressive class of wealthy individuals could have important implications for policy. But that is if and only if they CHOOSE to remember where they came from and focus on helping directly or indirectly bringing integration of both minorities and non-minorities in both main political parties by changing the perception that people have on such parties. Right now, both sides are doing a horrible job at it. YES, wealthy people love getting tax breaks from Republican POTUSs, and working class people love getting freebies from the Democrats, and liberals want to bring EVERYONE HERE legally or illegally. But, there must be a happy medium… extremism in anything is usually bad for one’s sanity.

The term WHITE FLIGHT should modernly be changed to WEALTHY FLIGHT because many Blacks live their Black neighborhoods the very moment that they become wealthy and move to predominantly White or ALL-White neighborhoods without ever returning to give back to where they came from. They are HYPOCRITES too because they are the first ones to appear on CNN to talk about Racial disparity while they are living a lie! The same applies to a plethora of non-Whites that may hold sentiments that are even more racist than those of Whites and that includes some Indians and other Asians too.

The Media

Well… the big culprit and modern fake news provider. The media used to be RACIST and CREDIBLE and it has now, for the most part, become RACIST and FAKE. Not too long ago, one could count the number of Black or non-White faces that were on television. Oprah Winfrey was told that her features were too Afrocentric (e.g., her lovely wide nose, gorgeous full lips and all were not attractive enough because they weren’t White-like enough) until she got her break in Chicago… that’s why I really love Chicago. It is a strategic City that exposes WHITE LIBERAL RACISM and makes it obvious that no matter how liberal a White person claims to be, he or she can still be intentionally or unknowingly racist.

Lately, a great number of Americans are both confused and frustrated by the media’s handling of President Trump. There are still some reliable media outlets out that are the lifeblood of the American press, and I commend them. However, in a TRUMP era, there are unprofessional and unethical journalists take incredible liberties, undermining the opposing party’s credibility with little basis in fact. The latter have been very helpful because TRUMP, being a master marketer has been able to absorb it all to turn their perceived negative spins into a positive for his movement.

The media is being myopic in failing to understand that, in the long run, constant displays of HYPOCRISY and BIAS serve only to further alienate the American people. The latter is exactly what turned me into a TRUMP SUPPORTER. While their vicious, overblown attacks work to attract readers and viewers short term, they are not a viable long-term method. Endless assaults on President Trump pollute the information received by Americans, thereby reducing the mainstream media’s credibility and encouraging alternative media sources. It is clear that so many members of the media were and are still intent on not having Trump elected or reelected, but the reduction they will have suffered public trust compounding my Trump’s successful branding of them as “FAKE NEWS” as a master brander will probably induced them to achieve the opposite of their desired intent/goal. The media should do its job, and particularly left-wing members of the media should realize that they will INCITE TRUMP SUPPORTERS from all walks of life more by failing to to do their job and report real facts with as little ‘spin’ as possible. Lately, the media has been as RACIST towards Blacks as it is to Whites. Don't believe me? Starting scanning through their news flashes. You'll be shocked!

Dr. King said that “in the end, we’ll remember the silence of our “presumed” friends more”… that couldn't be truer in today's World!

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