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Dear Reader:

Thank you for tapping into this press release... the ("RideRight" or "R2") team wants you to know that thanks to their innovative founders and latest investors, "RideRight" or "R2" is now ready to handle logistics/transportation projects in all aspects of 3PL logistics and customizable transportation services at large (e.g. deliveries, rides, moves, car transport etc.) was founded after realizing that far too many needs and people were left out when it comes to land transportation, and from the onset the goal of its founders was to create a system that would, essentially, become the "Travelocity" of land transportation. From the conceptualization phase to actually servicing their first few clients (in both short and long distance projects), RideRight exhumed dependability, reliability, friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

At RideRight (R2), the management team remains aware that its clients or prospects have other transportation options. However, as a uniquely specialized and customized transportation brokerage service/system, they want to be their clients' or prospects' most cost-effective and reliable transportation back-up plan.

Simply put, their customized and prearranged transportation brokerage system will simplify the life of any individual or business that is in need of transportation service that fits their unique needs all while simplifying their transportation experience.

There are those that make empty promises out there, but at R2, their relationship with their clients might as well be sacred. Check them out when you can... they are not presumptuous...

Their mission is to be your best transportation back-up plan each time the need arises. But should you happen to need them to step-up to the plate to be your main transportation service provider, rest assured that they will be ready as well.

For companies that are looking for transportation coordination/brokerage/operations assistance, please tap into their service to spend less than half of what you would have normally spent on an in-house transportation coordinator, yet get 50% more results.

Their WEB SITE can be visited at: ... thus, feel free to use either your computer or cell phone to quickly access them in order to start using their uniquely customizable service Today!

--- Brokerage Liaison

Mobile: (773) 372-9656 (sales/marketing email) (management/concerns)

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