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Brother's Keeper Multilingual Motivational Video

According to our LorinsPOST Accountability Quotient Analyses and work conducted in conjunction with there is irrefutable evidence to suggest the following:

Most of us are not being OUR BROTHERS' KEEPERS either because we are too busy trying to survive ourselves or quite simply because we are too self-centered or even at times heartless. In life as in love, we can have RESULTS or we can have EXCUSES... but NOT BOTH... please read on, and be encouraged to do a better job at being your Brother's/Sister's Keeper. We can all improve in that department because most of us are on SELF-PRESERVATION mode and thus are by nature self-centered as we focus on What's In It For US!

Despite having helped and counseled a plethora of people (especially Black men) out there, within the past couple of weeks I have experienced something that I have only experienced once in a blue moon. And that is getting a call or a visit from one of the many Black men whose lives I have uniquely touched, and when it does happen, despite how hard I try, I am always brought to happy tears.

For instance, I recall meeting a young man in Orlando (Central), Florida that was working at Subway over a decade or so ago, and I felt that he had great potential, and after being served by him a few times, I asked him about his life plan. He was still at a technical school, which was not really getting him anywhere while he accumulated debts. In just a few weekends, I had him come to my office, and taught him more in 3 weeks than he had learned at that school in 3 years. Subsequently, I directed him to spread his wings and year later he came to my office with his suit and tie on to thank me and of course, the latter brought me to happy tears (for hours) after he left too. Every day, I look for the opportunity to encourage others from all walks of life, but my main ministry is Black men at large because I understand their plight and I have been both at the very top and bottom before myself and understand that one needs a number of things to succeed.

Recently, I, unexpectedly, got a call from MIKE, one of the many Black homeless men that I have mentored and encouraged on the streets of Chicago. I have been worried about him because I hadn't seen him for nearly 6 months. His name is Mike. I love Mike. He told me the story of how losing his Mother sent him on a path of destruction. But Mike is unique. He is brilliant. Despite his addiction, I had some of my most intellectual conversations with him. I exhorted him to get his life together, reminded him of how great he is and can be, and told him that I love him. Such and intelligent and crisp thinking and spoken brotha. I supported him as best as I could monetarily and psychologically!

WHEN Mike called me to thank me for changing his life. He sounded like a PRESIDENT, got his nursing license back, and recovered from drug addiction. I CHOKED UP (yup, I'm a CRY BABY like my PAPA)... and he said, Pete, you are going to get me emotional too... I got his number and planned to stay in touch with him as he too changed my life by making me feel that my work has not been in vain. I felt like the happiest man in the World.

There are many men that were never able to overcome and some tried and relapsed over and over and over... And because of that I realized that I need to keep in touch with all of the recovered ones that choose to stay in touch with me and I have started to so practice with MIKE as evidenced in the following screen shots that I have made available to you.

Here is a story of a man named Shawn Pleasants, who went From High School Valedictorian/Yale Grad/Wall Street/Entrepreneurship to Homelessness in Los Angeles ( and he is not alone):

We DO HAVE A HOMELESS CRISIS IN AMERICA... For instance, California alone has 25% of American's homeless population (that is 1 out of every 4 homeless people live in California), and considering that there are 50 States in the Union, that's a staggeringly unconscionable thing to process while living on the mightiest a and wealthiest land on Earth. Black men are even more affected because of unnecessary criminal records, racist hiring practices, and lack of preparation as a result of single-parent homes and unfit parents.


My Conversations with MIKE:

Please, I challenge you to be TRULY your Brother's/Sister's Keeper your way, but by all means LOVE YOUR BROTHER/SISTER the way you'd like to be LOVED! Instead of destructively criticize or gossiping about each other... LOVE EACH OTHER... The reward that you will feel is INEXPLICABLY SURREAL, SATISFYING, GRATIFYING, FULFILLING AND BLISSFUL!


(Like my Papa, Pastor Pierre Lorins... I LOVE YOU PAPA, MAMA and AUNT MARIE... thanks for teaching me what LOVE truly is verbally and non-verbally... It is the same love that I share with my children... and thanks for teaching me about FAITH, PAPA!)

LOVE >>>(is much greater than)>>> HATE

Be a true LEADER (by catalyzing your Brothers/Sisters to believe with you and follow you to a place to which they wouldn't have gone alone)!

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