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The 3 Lorins-Prescribed SUCCESS Musketeers

CAPS – denote my own writing style… I am not just another screaming Black man (smiling)… Read on… and I assure you that this article will change your life. I dedicate this article to MY BELOVED FATHER and MOTHER... THE GREAT PASTOR and MADAM LORINS!

This is one of the most important articles that I will have ever written. It is not only self-edifying, but also it has the potential to edify others. WHY? It is because it is one of the rare articles that I have written that applies to HAPPINESS FOR HUMANITY AT LARGE and not just segments of people in North America and elsewhere. If you are a HUMAN-BEING, this may as well be the BEST ARTICLE that you will have ever read… after all, what is the glory of living if you are SAD even after achieving your presumed best goals?

Please allow me to provide you with TWO VALID DEFINITIONS OF SUCCESS. One is an objective definition of success, which I will call the Lorins Definition of SUCCESS, while the other is the typical definition of success… I call myself the HAPPIEST MAN ON EARTH because thanks to my LATE DEAR BEAUTIFUL, GODLY AND WISE MOTHER MARTHA and my FAITH-CENTRIC FATHER PASTOR, THE GREAT PASTOR LORINS, I have always believed that my life has a BIG PURPOSE. Thus, MY SELF-ESTEEM was never low as I always had FAITH in a higher being, and always felt that no matter what happens in life as long as I don’t give up, it can only be contributing to MY ASCENT towards my ULTIMATE PURPOSE… in other words, MY CALLING. Are you still with me? I hope that I didn’t lose you yet because there is great meaning in this article and I truly want it to help others. Thus, I’ll try to write it in a way that “EVERYONE” can understand it. Some of us will have known what our true calling (life purpose) is, but most of us may never know what it is because we will have been so stuck into a career or job or gig because of some perks without realizing that you are BOUGHT by others who are ultimately and HAPPILLY achieving their TRUE LIFE PURPOSES.

Let’s start with THE LORINS LIFETIME-PROVEN DEFINITION OF SUCCESS… could there be any better one out there (just kidding)… but of course, I am biased, but I am also RARE, MULTI-TALENTED, MULTI-PHILOSOPHY EXPOSED, SCIENTIFIC, GODLY and objective. So, of course, in my HUMBLE (smiling, OK not so humble) OPINION, I believe my definition of success is THE BEST ONE THAT HAD EVER BEEN THOUGHT OF BY MANKIND because of the uniqueness of my intellectual diversity and life story, and my unadulterated faith in a higher being (GOD) and the feedback I have gotten about it all from some of the best minds on earth... but then again, feel free to be the ultimate judge:


SUCCESS is a happiness quotient that measures how happy one is mind, body and soul (especially mind-and-soul-wise, but if the body is not happy, neither will the mind and soul) with one’s goal achievements in a way that brings about pure joy, motivation, and skills use as to use those very achievements to tap into one’s true life purpose, essentially, ONE’S CALLING.

Of course, it requires a support system, dedication, self-discipline or consistency, focus, and occasional shortcomings (presumed failures, since I don’t believe in failures as failure itself is a progenitor to heightened success for those who don’t give up, and thus it only exists when one actually does give up.)


A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.

"I must make a success of my business"

However, the above definition is flawed because it assumes that “reaching the aim” or “reaching prosperity” alone is enough to make one FEEL SUCCESSFUL. If success is an internal thing (not an external one), and not based on other’s perception of our level of success (e.g., the types of clothes we wear, house we live in and cars we drive), then shouldn’t it be about HOW WE FEEL about our own goal achievements… OR how HAPPY we are when we are alone after we have achieved our very own goals?

Recently, I was multitasking by doing executive tasks for the many companies that I co-run, all while drafting many retainer agreements and business sale agreements via the law firms for which I work, and then I realized that just over a 7 years or so ago, I had lost my Mother and LOTS OF ASSETS and had nearly NO CASH but for my NATURAL ENTREPRENEURIAL TALENTS, and really had to re-CALIBRATE my life purpose all over again… I did some deal soul searching, listened to some amazing and candid friends, who believe in me and always listened to, loved me and looked out for me, and JUST LIKE THAT the created brought me TO THE VIVID REALIZATION that success in anything can be summed up to following three amazing things that I called the 3 LORINS SUCCESS MUSKETEERS:

1. Expectations Management

2. Self-Preservation

3. Faith-Driven Strategic Planning

It doesn’t matter what your RACE, GENDER, SEXUAL-ORIENTATION, SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS, RELIGION etc are… If you truly understand the depth and breadth of this article, I will personally guarantee you that you will EVENTUALLY live a SUCCESSFUL life. As there are many people that appear to be SUCCESSFUL that really are PRISONERS IN THEIR OWN MASQUERADES, trust me, I have met quite a few of them. I say that because they are not TRULY HAPPY and you can tell it from their decisions and their ultimate presumed life calling, faux-pas (false step) reactions, and ultimately the way they treat themselves and others, unless they are politicians than none of those rules apply (smile.)

Ok, let us (let’s) start with the first one:

1. Expectations Management

Most people fail to achieve their goals not because they are not achievable, but rather because of lack of expectations management.

A person whose expectations are set unreasonably high under particular circumstances is likely to feel discouraged when s/he falls short of such expectations either for reasons that are within or out of his control. The reason is that a person may associate his/her inability to reach such goals to a plethora of unreasonable reasons, but the real reason is a failure to ascertain all that it takes to meet those very goals accurately and proactively.

On other hand, the person who sets his expectations too low, either do it as a coping mechanism or for self-preservation to prevent himself from feeling the depth of defeat or failure, but in turn, s/he is self-limiting or not reaching his/her true potential by not shooting for higher goals or testing his /her limits because of a fear of failure or missteps etc.

Well-managed expectations foster balance and fall somewhere in the middle and thus are neither too high nor too low. They are the results of accurately ascertaining all of one's SUCCESS boundary conditions as to use proper TIMING to manage one’s expectations in an accurate and succinct way.

2. Self-Preservation

At one point, most of us will realize that there is more to lose than to gain in an endeavor or partnership or relationship. Those of us that fail to so realize will have failed to self-preserve enough (and will have paid some dire consequences for it, many of which may be financial in nature); while those that do so realize (i.e., realize exactly when to walk away or stop the bleeding) enough are generally very good at self-preserving, while those that don’t will generally become distracted from their own goals and will have succumbed to peer pressure or eventually failure at reaching the task at hand.

So, for example, it is no surprise that many of us are too greedy and that most intelligent women shoot for men that can provide them with financial security, a nice living and/or take care of the family either after pro-creation or in preparation for procreation and future child rearing or simply to just enjoy life at large without any children. Those that ascertain whether a man or partner can help to that end usually succeed at preserving their own EXPECTATIONS of living a decent life, and those that don’t either failed to discern or failed to understand what it would take to make them happy with or without financial security.

Even the climate or weather can have a lot to do with how we live our lives, prepare for work and how we react when we succeed in reaching a major milestone. The latter even affect our culture, the operating system of our minds and expectations of ourselves and others. Don't believe me? Compare people that live in VERY HOT/HUMID parts of the World to those that live in Cold ones. Heck, just compare New York/Chicago to most parts of Florida... You'll get the gist of how even the WEATHER can affect how we self-preserve and how we live our lives (smiling).

3. Faith-based Strategic Planning

Faith-based strategic planning (FBSP) has nothing to do with religion, rather it concerns one’s spirituality, or the connection of one’s thought impulses to “infinite wisdom” ("GOD") long enough to produce original, visionary plans that help simplify even the most complex activities. Once the latter is achieved, it will induce some to call us “GENIUSES”. Bur rather, as per Napoleon Hill said, people that achieve that state of Strategic planning and manage to align it with "EXPECTATIONS MANAGEMENT" and "SELF-PRESERVATION" will appear to be gifted people to others as they can tap into their discernment to connect their thought pulses to Nature’s/God’s infinite wisdom as to achieve things that might have seemed impossible to others but very possible to them through tapping into the Universe’s/God’s infinite wisdom via FAITH.

So, how does the above thesis add up to SUCCESS?

Well like in everything in life, MODERATION is key… and thus from my 3-decade-long interactions with others that are SUCCESSFUL (or HAPPY AFTER ACHIEVING THEIR MAIN LIFE GOALS), I realized that ONLY those that MANAGE TO MODERATE/BALANCE the THREE LORINS-PRESCRIBED SUCCESS MUSKETEERS, namely, 1) Expectations Management; 2) Self-Preservation; and 3) Faith-Driven Strategic Planning as only the latter will have allowed them to stay SELF-PRESERVED long enough without becoming too SELF-CENTERED, and GAUGE THEIR EXPECTATIONS WISELY anticipating both shortcomings and triumphs and deal with them accordingly, and of course have a redundancy plan or a faith-based strategic plan (plans A, B, C etc) that will be customized and re-customized with each shortcoming as to maintain a state of CONSTANT HAPPINESS and one of eventually reaching one’s ULTIMATE LIFE PURPOSE… or a state of ULTIMATE LIFE-CALLING FULFILLMENT… for instance, ROSA PARKS did reach her life-purpose, and so did Dr. King and Malcom X, or John Kennedy or Obama or even President Trump, but the answer lies in THIS THESIS, not on their eventual SUCCESS!

Again, some of you will have known what our true calling (life purpose) is, but most of us may never know what it is because we will have been so stuck into a career or job or gig because of some perks (BAITS) without realizing that you are BOUGHT by others who are ultimately and HAPPILY achieving their TRUE LIFE PURPOSES... by MANAGING EXPECTATIONS, SELF-PRESERVING and MAINTAIN A FAITH-BASED STRATEGIC PLAN without worrying about what others think of them.

But even as you SELF-PRESERVE you must FORGIVE to be 100% healed… and even as you focus on reaching YOUR OWN GOALS, you must also not STEP on THOSE OF OTHERS, thus you must still EMPATHIZE and even as you have your own STRATEGIC PLAN, you must not purposely implement it to the DETRIMENT OF OTHERS.

People First Without Losing Touch with Expectations Management

Success Second While "Self-preserving Enough" and Maintain One's Life Plan/Purpose

Truly successful people love people and enjoy watching other human beings succeed too because they know the meaning of TRUE SUCCESS… It is happiness and there is no greater happiness than being one’s brother’s /sister’s keeper.



I have been blessed more than enough and BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS... Writing article like this is one of my ways of giving back... but should you feel inspired to CONTRIBUTE/DONATE to LorinsPOST, by doing your part through me please do so at:

Thanks for stopping by :)

IN A RUSH... Just like my PAPA... The Great Pastor Lorins... An Amazing Father

He taught me about FAITH before I reached my teens... He was also a realist...

He taught me about the realities of relationships... about RACE... about CARS and LIFE!

He loved my mother... was always about providing... built her two properties...

My mother was a beautiful and wise woman but she was very set in her own ways...

She was not into gossiping... she was into GOD, DESIGN WORK and SELLING her clothing lines at her STORE, and via consignment... She was also a GREAT WOMAN!

She taught me about TOLERANCE... SHARING... and that I wasn't better than the less fortunate, I was simply luckier and more blessed to have loving parents.

I'd give BOTH ARMS just to have 5 minutes with my MOTHER AGAIN (crying).

She is still the most serene, quietly loving and spiritual woman that I know!


My FATHER taught me how to drive a car at 10 years of age...

and I drove myself to school at 11...

He taught me self-respect and how to walk with MY HEAD UP-HIGH...


My Father did not even BOW DOWN to the RUTHLESS DICTATOR PAPA DOC in HAITI

I got my BRAVERY from him...

He always kept his word to me...

Even that of getting me a US Visa to visit the US at age "11"...


He only wanted to have ON CHILD (ME)... He should have had MANY!

He has amazing GENES because he had ME ... LOL

Yet he had orphanages filled other people's children...

I would take 100 Children... I love Babies/Procreating...

We are Mini-Creators that way...

We are God (Creator)-Like When we Bring Forth Life...


I am everything I am because God induced Pastor Lorins, my PAPA, to have me and love me!

I WAS ALWAYS HIS FAVORITE... and when I left HAITI decades ago he lost HIS BEST FRIEND... I do have guilt about not being by his side to love and protect as he got older in HAITI... We all would expect our CHILDREN to be by our sides as we age... OH WELL!

I intend to make the LORINS last name (surname) one that others can always feel BLESSED and it is ONLY BECAUSE I had a father like PASTOR LORINS!

So, WHO am I also PRESERVING while self-preserving? (crying happy tears)

Like a little boy, I still hear my MOTHER'S WISE WORDS, GODLINESS

and SERENITY-DRIVEN VOICE... I want to preserve her SERENITY!

She always told me that I was SPECIAL... that I had a SPECIAL CALLING...

Somehow, I never forget it all... and even as she was dying she reminded me of it all...

I also hear my FATHER'S WORDS of CAUTION about who to TRUST and NOT TRUST. and I hear his tales of FAITH in a TRUE GOD...

They were right about Haiti, Haitians and a lot of THINGS... but they were also HUMANS... They had their own issues, but compared to most, they were SAINTS!

I want to preserve everything GOOD that I learned from them and of course by PROCREATING I want to preserve their genetic code... and I WILL!

I am so lucky to be my PARENTS' ONLY SURVIVING CHILD...

I aspire to make them both PROUD and my CHILDREN and other Loved Ones always!

And I will... so even as I eye becoming THE WORLD'S RICHEST MAN (and I will through the FAITH learned from my FATHER... I also realize that I only need to preserve THE BEST THINGS that I learned from my parents (and other GREAT HUMAN MINDS/SOULS) first by passing it on... I am doing so via my children and of course, hopefully, via articles like this one...


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of… this article is sponsored by and

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