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2020: A Perfect American Electoral Storm

The Trump presidency has revealed a lot about America, but the following three points are even more substantive:

1. We have been too politically correct and insincere on the issues of race, gender, and race-based-net-worth gaps.

2. “2020”, the year of the “Corona/China” plague, will also now be known as the year that reveals a broken American electoral machinery and a year of heightened, vile, disrespectful, and ugly political discord.

3. We had been very naïve about our trade practices and many of our career politicians (like Joe Biden) were in bed via sweetheart deals with countries with whom we should be competing.

Many are being naïve about the whole situation. They think that it is a time to celebrate one side or the other. They think the whole thing is theatrical and adventurous. However, we are looking at an amazing nation whose fabrics or frameworks are being tested by all types of forces, visible and otherwise. There are powerful people on both camps, who instead of working for the betterment of the country, were busy going at each other’s throats. Naturally, those who were so angry at Trump for not allowing Hillary Clinton to become their first female POTUS or for antagonizing Obama about the veracity of his identity and records, desired to ensure that a TRUMP presidency would be as ineffective as possible. Yet, Mr. Trump was nothing short of adamant about his creative programs which affected all sectors of the country.

IN AN NUTHSELL -- simply consider the dire situation of the coronavirus pandemic, a very unorthodox and creative incumbent, a plethora of mail-in ballots, a vandalized U.S. Postal Service, voter suppression allegations, and seemingly limitless possibilities of lawsuits, then you’ll see a nation with an electoral process that is about to get tested by a “perfect storm”.

It is not news to anyone that President Trump can be very melodramatic and a rather equal opportunity offender or even politically incorrect. However, those are the very qualities that not only propelled him into the presidency, but also helped him survive seemingly insurmountable attacks from the Left. And who are we to count Mr. Trump out. He is about to embark on the legal fight of his life. And knowing his tendencies and ample experience with American jurisprudence, Mr. Trump is not expected to back out of this battle. Rather, he is expected to see it as a challenge and an opportunity to retaliate or SETTLE OLD SCORES.

But please allow me to defend President Trump (especially as a Black man) since so many of my kind have been brainwashed by THE LEFT to be against him.


You are 74 years old and you have just made more energetic campaign stops than guys who were nearly half you age; revitalized the country’s military (and the economy prior to the plague); lowered unemployment to record low levels for all groups; reformed immigration; created Space Force; helped HBCUs; fostered peace in the Middle East etc. And despite a pandemic, you fought on; and prior to the Pandemic, you fought vicious political attacks and even got impeached, yet you still kept your spirit high despite knowing that you destroyed two of the most prolific political dynasties in America to win (i.e., Clintons and Bushes) and in turn created Democrat political foes in them and in all those that hold allegiance to them. Moreover, you nearly illegitimated the first African American POTUS in your ascent to political notoriety, in the eyes of so many. YUP… VERY POWEFUL FORCES would want your demise.

For this reason alone, and considering the totality of the above-mentioned circumstances, President Trump has the right to feel the way he does. Yes, he will be melodramatic as always, but he will be a “BOSS” as well. He has worked hard to get re-elected and he deserves to know by a “preponderance of the evidence” whether his foes colluded to assure his demise. Americans have the right to feel the way they do as well. We are obviously divided. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE voted for this man. Naturally, whenever there is DIVISION, COURTS come into play to provide some form of resolution or finality to make parties whole. where there is STANDING (some kind stake or injury or something to be lost) and REDRESSABILITY (some conflict that the court can bring finality to, assuming that the court has Jurisdiction to hear the cause of action). Both doctrines apply here.

We have a right to let the court decide the outcome of a DIVISION-INDUCED OUTCOME. I am willing to accept whatever the highest court of the land (i.e., the U.S. Supreme Court) will decide. Conversely, I am not willing or able to live with those divided results. And if I am sure there are millions of American who cannot either. I hope that Americans at large can understand the totality of the circumstances that has brought about the perfect storm and not SCAPEGOAT Mr. Trump, who ran an amazing campaign and was very effective even with Black and Latinos as a Republican. The latter seems to have frustrated Democrat leaders and it is enough motive for them to act with bad faith especially in states in which they are governing. There were clear discrepancies in how votes were being tallied and the misalignments were obvious with or without an “confirmation bias”.

This is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER! It is one that provides President with any basis NOT TO CONCEDE. If you do not think so, please watch the FOLLOWING VIDEO by the amazing Van Jones, which will convince you otherwise. As still a young nation, America has always managed to have peaceful transfer of power. However, this time around is unique. Year 2020 has been PLAGUED by a REAL PLAGUE, a recession, blatantly compromised politics, and utter discord and disgust on both political sides. Legal scholars are like Van Jones are right to warn the rest of us of the threat for an imminent constitutional crisis that would leave our country with an illegitimate or unauthentic result. No matter which side you’re on, as an AMERICAN CITIZEN, it is time to PUT COUNTRY FIRST and be on ALERT because whatever the outcome will be will have been precedential.

CAPS denote my own writing style... I am not SCREAMING (smile)

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article is sponsored by


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