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2020 Peacemakers Needed

Dear Fellow Americans:

Our country is at a dire post-election crossroad. This is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER!

There were foreseeable electoral process flaws that could have been prevented or minimized, particularly when it comes to a pandemic and an unorthodox yet transcending administration. Now that we are in this mess together, we’ll need local peace alliance makers to foster alliances between both sides as to promote peace or prevent a civil war.

Matthew 5 v. 9: "Blessed are the Peacemakers, they Shall be Called Children of God".

Look up “Lorins Faith Ministries” on Facebook for updates. or Visit

According to "": "As a nation, we have never failed to clear that bar. But in this election year of plague and recession and catastrophized politics, the mechanisms of decision are at meaningful risk of breaking down. Close students of election law and procedure are warning that conditions are ripe for a constitutional crisis that would leave the nation without an authoritative result. We have no fail-safe against that calamity. Thus the blinking red lights."

Let's not be disagreeable... Let's agree to disagree but still work towards solutions. I love this country and in my 34+ years of living here, I have never been as concerned....

You can reach me, Dr. Pete Lorins directly either via or Phone#: 773.372.9656 -- text messages are preferred at first, but you are also free to call me directly as this is an urgent matter.


HEY ALL — CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BIDEN CAMP AND SUPPORTERS ON THEIR “PROJECTED WIN”... This is a major achievement for Senator HARRIS as a woman of Color!!!

I am not sure what the Courts will decide. However, while it is not impossible for Trump to win based on the irregularities, it is clearly improbable. Many of you and I have had some heated debates over the past couple of months. I got to know so much about so many of you than I would have ever imagined. While I am not a Liberal or a Socialist, I am an American. Should the courts rule in favor of Biden, I will accept his ticket. I don’t agree with Kamala’s approach, but as a person of color I respect her effort and achievement and understand her journey despite my disagreement with her political views. I am still unsure about about Biden’s mental fitness but clearly many disregarded that. Trump did make some serious mistakes, but he also made some amazing changes!!! Like the rest of us he is human. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY and will respect whatever the Highest Court of the land or the Trump camp decides. It may be in the country’s best interest to move on. Again, not my call. If I offended any of you, no matter who you are, I am sorry. If you offended me, I forgive you! Let us be peace agents together. Send me a message or email or text and I will connect you with others who can help you professionally, personally and spiritually!

I am saddened by my candidate’s potential loss, but am still happy to live in a country that is progressing. There are many people of various races that supported both camps. There will be a lot of tough days ahead. But, we are Americans. We can handle it!!! With a heavy yet humbled heart, take care and may God bless my very amazing adopted land!

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