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HAITI'S Problems' True Roots and Solutions

CAPS: denote my own writing style... I'm not screaming!

This ARTICLE is VERY CANDID and OBJECTIVE and is from my 30+ year analysis of the PLIGHT OF MY FORMER COUNTRY (HAITI) and a QUEST for REAL SOLUTIONS by understanding the TRUE ROOTS OF HAITI'S PROBLEMS as to arrive to TRUE SOLUTIONS.

It will more likely than not THOROUGHLY CHANGE your opinion about HAITI, HAITIANS, and HAITIAN LEADERS... Read it THOROUGHLY and you will be EDUCATED on HAITI'S PLIGHT or that of similarly-situated nations or previous colonies.

Some say that HAITI needs GOD. And l although I will not DISAGREE or at least will agree in part, I MUST STATE to them the following:

"If you fail to prepare to clean/maintain or to clean/maintain your house by any means necessary GOD will not COME DOWN to do it for you..." ~ Dr. Pete Lorins

RESULTS -- your friends and relatives will stay away form your house and the government might even FINE YOU, UNLESS it's the HAITIAN GOVERNMENT, which has thus far NORMALIZED LIVING IN FILTH... and something that even MANY ANIMALS cannot tolerate have become the NORM for far too many beautiful HAITIANS who are forced to live in UTTER FILTH.

Haiti's INSTABILITY is SYSTEMIC and has been worsening... which is a sign of ENTROPY -- a SIGN that no one (i.e., no leadership) is guiding HAITI to ORDER, and where there is ENTROPY the eventual result is COMPLETE DISORDER/INSTABILITY... Haiti's state is a perfect representation of the latter.

ENTROPY -- Defined

A lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

POST-INDEPENDENCE from their former ruthless Colonizer (France)-- Haiti had NO PLAN... and as they say, if you FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL... and FAILED they did! It is analogous to a building that is erected without the help of an architect... there will be some flaws (obvious or not) and it will not withstand the tests of time or nature.

Freed Blacks, Biracials and others were just happy to be FREE, and acted as if FREEDOM alone could help them build a SOLID and STABLE NATION... And the amazing thing is, THEY STILL have NO PLAN! They were like teenagers who were SO HAPPY to be EMANCIPATED from their parents only to be hit HARD by the reality of REAL LIFE or NATION BUILDING. The latter is not for the mentally ILL-PREPARED.

Building any stable STRUCTURE (e.g., HOUSE or COUNTRY or anything on land or even in space) requires A SOLID PLAN or you can also say SOLID PREPARATION or EQUIVALENTLY what engineers and others call a REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATIONS ANALYSIS or a NEEDS ASSESSMENT. The result of such an IMPORTANTLY, which requires the LEVEL OF THINKING that former slaves were ill-prepared to do, is what we'll call the DESIGN PHASE (sort of like a BLUE PRINT) for what will end up being the INFRASTRUCTURE.


The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

In other to FUNCTION or OPERATE seamlessly or SANELY, any NATION needs a SOLID INFRASTRUCTURE...

HAITI does NOT have a solid INFRASTRUCTURE... and HAITI only has STUPID HAITIANS to blame. The latter needs to be diluted by both GENIUS HAITIANS and NON-HAITIANS, and thus far the so-called HAITIANS LEADERS suck at using the help of the latter.

For instance... HAITI needs TOURISM or GUESTS or INVESTORS from both HAITIANS in the DIASPORA and NON-HAITIANS... but wait a minute, it's time for an analogy...

Would you want to cook in the kitchen displayed below without first fixing it?

This is what Haitians leaders have been expecting Haitians and tourists/guests or visitors to do when they come to Haiti. It's not only APPALLING but it is UNCONSCIONABLE. One should be FINED for so allowing for such a long time, especially as such leaders have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS piling up in OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS... But the HAITIAN PEOPLE are LOST b/c of LACK OF WISDOM and/or LACK OF LEADERSHIP... PROOF: they keep voting the same mercenaries in!

ANALOGY -- Before inviting GUESTS to one's houses, wouldn't it make sense for one to GIVE A GOOD IMPRESSION or be IMAGE-AWARE so that the GUESTS will be either ATTRACTED to visit more frequently or even INVEST by ACQUIRING ASSETS or BUILDING ASSETS or PROPERTIES or INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES owned by the owners of such houses. At least, make them feel like it is a good FIXER-UPPER OPPORTUNITY!

People might feel sorry for you... but people don't like to see MISERY... it reminds them of how BAD life could have been for them... while some may help out of compassion, they also understand that MISERY loves COMPANY... and thus they prefer to do it from AFAR and they should. HAITI seems to attract such MISERABLY-MINDED leaders and even attract MISERABLE NATURAL DISASTERS as well both by its behavior and its lack of INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SKILLS. There are GENIUS HAITIANS out there, but OBVIOUSLY not enough because I haven't seen any VIABLE ANALYSIS on the PLIGHT of HAITI (particularly by a HAITIAN) until this one... ONLY HAITIAN GENIUSES that CARE enough to be UNSELFISH (by mobilizing GENIUSES WORLDWIDE) can and will help SAVE HAITI, but that is IF AND ONLY IF current so-called HAITIAN LEADERS accept that they CAN'T DO IT ALONE. And I am one of such GENIUSES my FRIEND!

IMAGE might as well be EVERYTHING!

Haitian leaders "suck" in that aspect. The last few times that I thoroughly visited and examined Haiti, it was a FILTH... The only places in Haiti and Haitians that I truly enjoyed were those that were, ironically, far away from the so-called HAITIAN BOURGEOISIE on top of certain mountains, which I won't reveal here (as they are my secrets in Haiti). They were probably the ONLY TRULY SANE HAITIANS that I met in HAITI, with reasonable exceptions applied.

Such decent people (who were willing to give everything to those who are willing to work with them) deserve better leaders and when I listened to the past and current Haitian leaders I realized that they lack both basic knowledge about BUILDING or DESIGNING A STABLE NATION and THEY SERIOUSLY NEED HELP, but the most HELP that they need is that of REALIZING that THEY ARE NOT AS SMART AS THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE. EVERY GREAT LEADER KNOWS HOW TO USE THE TALENTS THAT GENIUSES HAVE THAT THEY DON'T HAPPEN TO HAVE THEMSELVES.

ONE who fails to realize that his/her house is FILTHY is probably IGNORANT... BUT...

BUT one who does so realize and does nothing about is either a SLOB or and an INCONSIDERATE FOOL who has no regards to his/her family and potential GUESTS.

Haiti is the latter... HAITI needs SERIOUS HELP from CARING GENIUSES who gives a flying rat's ass about HAITI... And I (along with some of my other GENIUS colleagues) are some of them and we can help, but I WILL NOT DO IT FREE OF CHARGE... because HAITIAN LEADERS make MILLIONS and do NOTHING!

Read on... if you really ever cared about the PLIGHT OF HAITIANS... and THE ROOT of the RECURRING UTTER FAILURE of HAITIAN LEADERS in NATION BUILDING...

Haiti's chronically unstable political environment and fragile economy are well known to the World by now... and it does have resources, which have been exploited and limited via its very purposefully unstable government... but as a SCIENTIST, that's not sufficient for me, especially as a son of Haiti. In fact, I'm very pissed at a every purported Haitian leader or politician that seem to FAIL to address the root of the problem, as the latter is prima facie evidence that they will have just repeated the same mistakes, their way and just like that the abuse cycle will continue UNLESS my advice does not fall on deaf ears. I have personally observed such mercenaries of all races, nationalities and countries express their bizarre psychology about Haiti despite undeniable evidence that disprove the very premises of their thinking, and have concluded that it can only be based on confirmation bias, purposeful denial of the truth, or self-aggrandizement. I have seen it happen both in Haiti and abroad and to be honest, occasionally I have both been embarrassed and ashamed! HAITI is known to be rich in a lot of natural resources, but like many other countries that are plagued by corruption, even with in-demand resources like OIL as in the case of Venezuela, corrupt renders such countries inept. But, in the case of Haiti, WHY has a country who shares the same island, namely Hispaniola "Little Spain" as named by Columbus, with the Dominican Republic, which was so beautiful when he landed on it as it was inhabited by Indigenous people, then a melting pot after the Haitian Revolution, in which Haiti ruled over the whole island, been reduced to nothing but nearly ZERO INFRASTRUCTURE (i.e., erratically paved roads, scarce electricity and water supply etc) and run by MERCENARIES who clearly don't care about the people that live on the Haitian part of the Island)? Before the end of this article, I promise to provide a solution to what I perceive to be Black Inequity using the Accountability Quotients. I recall leaving Haiti as machine guns were used around my Junior High School, shaking my school building... I saw looting, beheading, burning of cars and tires and the placing of the heads of former PAPA/BABY DOC militias on sticks... The heartlessness that I saw in HAITI (despite the outrage that Haitians felt from the ruthless Duvalier regime) was insane. People were not only looting buildings, but they were also destroying properties which could have been confiscated and used for the good of all. I observed a VERY CONFUSED PEOPLE and I wanted nothing to do with it, and thus decided UNILATERALLY to leave Haiti, and with a single letter to my Aunt Marie in New York, I made the best deal of my life at the age of age of 12.

The heroes of Haiti's independence from France (e.g., The Brilliant Toussaint Louverture, the Best Orator of his Time, and the FIRST OF ALL BLACKS who taught himself how to read and write at 50, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines who took over after Toussaint was betrayed by France and died in a Dungeon in France in search of accolades, something that many Blacks still do even today, not always for intellectual curiosity, but mainly as an inferiority complex) NOT ONLY wanted Haiti to be a BEACON OF HOPE from BLACKS ALL OVER THE WORLD as the only Black Nation to defeat a mighty European Army or the mightiest of its time, but they also wanted Haiti, the FIRST MELTING POT OF THE WORLD (prior to America) to become a stable, diversified and prosperous nation.

They WERE WISE MEN and GENIUSES who outsmarted the smartest of European leaders, HOWEVER, with the UNDERSTANDING that they WERE THE TRUE GENIUSES (just like America's FOUNDING FATHERS WERE in framing the framework of the CONSTITUTION),they were all either tortured or massacred leaving HAITI in the HANDS of STUPID BLACKS and BIRACIAL MEN who were focused on creating just THE OPPOSITE... A perfectly UNSTABLE BLACK NATION that would remain a reminder of BLACK INEQUITY,SHAMEFULNESS, MEDIOCRITY and STUPIDITY.

My late Father passed away a couple of days ago, and he was the proudest and most honorable man I have ever known. My Father loved his country. So did my Grandmother. They were PROUD BLACKS (pretty much 100% Africans), who never tried to identify themselves among Whites, who were viewed as former perpetrators of evil to Blacks either via slavery or other means. My Grandmother declined to visit the United States because she refused to set foot on land that was owned by the WHITE MAN. My Father's side of the family is from the North and they pride themselves of keeping their heads up high, working hard and living an honorable life. And that my Father and his siblings did as well. My maternal family was a bit different, but they too were hard working. My Maternal grandmother though was not 100% Black... she was either 50% or 75%non-Black or White. However, the siblings wanted to identify as fully Black as well for PRIDE purposes. Everyone wanted to be FULLY BLACK in those days.

The PATRIOTIC days of HAITI... when singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM -- "It is good to die for our country and our children/future..." was one of the proudest things a Haitian could do.There was HOPE... but as the BLACK, MULTI-RACIAL and OTHER MERCENARIES of HAITI including Syrians and other ethnic groups established their dominance and ran the politics of the country, HAITI became a PIGGY BANK for DUMB and HEARTLESS NEGROES, MULTIRACIALS and OTHERS.

Today, the HAITIAN INDEPENDENCE HEROES are rolling in the graves... part of me wanted to hang on the my Father's dreams of seeing a better Haiti, and being the last Haitian standing in Haiti... but after I realized that my Father was one of the trustworthy individuals who was discouraging me from doing anything in Haiti and corroborating the latter with my own experiences with Haitian politicians and their self-deceptions in ascertaining and caring for the dire needs of the Haitian people, I decided to plan to help Haiti from afar in the future. So, in Haiti, we have the case of THE PURPOSEFULLY or "PRETENDEDLY" BLIND (politicians and rich mercenaries) leading the BLIND (the working class and poor of Haiti.) But among the blinds, every Haitian that one meets purports to be THE GENIUS who has the solution for HAITI only to prove that he is another blind one.

VIABLE SOLUTION - Combat "Black/Haitian Inequity" by Using TRUE GENIUSES to Help Save Haiti.

To me, and objectively-so, "Black Inequity" concerns the LACK OF VALUE that Blacks attribute to themselves or others when it comes to BUILDING Black countries and infrastructure. It seems to be that most Blacks work harder and smarter when they are working for White entities than when they are working for themselves or other Blacks. The latter is the remnant of BOTH what Blacks experienced during SLAVERY and the TRIBAL MENTALITY inherited from Africa. When a Black person has been told and treated like he is inferior for so long, he not only believes it, but also he attributes this lack of VALUE/EQUITY to those that LOOK LIKE HIM (even subconsciously) as well.

How else could we have tolerated the type of TERRIBLE CONDITIONS that POOR HAITIANS endure in HAITI (if we VALUED THEM or THEIR LIVES), when we have SO MANY WEALTHY MEN AND WOMEN profiting from BOTH AID MONEY and BRIBE MONEY in Haiti, yet DO NOTHING for Haiti? Most former Haitian Presidents and politicians have hefty bank accounts with millions of dollars in them in Panama or Switzerland, yet those bastards did not find a cure for AIDS or the CORONA VIRUS but somehow, magically, they are MULTI-MILLIONAIRES.The Haitian DILEMMA can only be ameliorated and eventually MINIMIZED BY HAITIANS... and only when HAITIANS start realizing that they are NOT ALL GENIUSES... that there are some HAITIANS that know BETTER and that such HAITIAN GENIUSES and OTHER GENIUSES can be used to help solve the problems of Haiti. I have offered my assistance to help with the ELECTRIC GRID OF HAITI and VENTURES DEVELOPMENT, but many wanted to talk more about PROSTITUTION and each other's inequities rather than helping Haiti and Haitians themselves!

YOU SEE -- I'm willing to see the good in other Haitians because I see the good in myself... and the amazing thing is that the reason why SO MANY HAITIANS can't work with other HAITIANS is because there is a lack of SELF-WORTH, SELF-RESPECT and INABILITY to complete projects, finish buildings, minimize bribery/corruption, comply with code and build solid infrastructure that seem to become a part of the DNA of all modern Haitians, especially those that are still living in Haiti. They can't work with OTHER HAITIANS because MANY still VIEW each other through the LENSES of their FORMER MASTERS. YET, there is the pervasive need to be the HEAD BLACK GENIUS IN CHIEF... REALLY? This is exactly why I removed all Haitian political aspirations from my ambition scope... I just want to be PAID to help HAITI. That's ALL! A PARADIGM SHIFT IS NEEDED, and using the Accountablity Quotients, a CONSCIENTIOUS HAITIAN GOVERNMENT can begin to have a chance at tapping into the FOUNDATION STONES that are needed to reverse the current PERFECTLY UNSTABLE BLACK NATION course to one of a PERFECTLY STABLE, CAUSAL and PROGRESS DRIVEN ONE... but TRUE STABILITY-DRIVEN CHANGE must be the main CONSTANT agent. I can help solve 80% of the problems of Haiti in less than 5 years, But the latter would start with a few QUESTIONS, which are as follows: 1) WILL THE PURPORTED SO CALLED HAITIAN GENIUSES (or NOT-SO-GENIUSES), who have FAILED OVER AND OVER AND OVER to learn from other nations and create HAITI-CUSTOMIZED solutions to build a developed and modern nation in an ACCOUNTABLE MANNER, listen? 2) WILL they listen to a GENIUS SON of Haiti (who has proven himself despite all odds) or other sons and/or daughters of Haiti Who have self-proven as solution creators and implementers? 3) WILL they listen to a GENIUS who happens to have been born on a land that should have remained the "PEARL OF THE ANTILLES" but rather has become the "DISASTER OF THE ANTILLES" or will they resort to remain the HEAD NEGRO IN CHIEF on a land that no one respects FOREVER? As an engineer,educator,lawyer, entrepreneur and doctor-in-training, I have CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTIONS, but the other questions are: 4) WILL BLACK EQUITY CONTINUE TO PREVAIL IN HAITI? 5) WILL THE HAITIAN ELITE/BOURGEOISIE stop ITSELF from being BLINDED by SELF-DECEPTION and listen to GENIUS SONS (OR DAUGHTERS) OFHAITI like MYSELF and PAY US to help them do what they have been TOO CLOSE-MINDED, SELFISH OR GREEDY to do?

AND UNLESS THEY CHOOSE TO TO LISTEN TO THAT SEEMINGLY SIMPLE SOLUTION, I assure you that the conditions in HAITI will worsen disaster after disaster as others get richer like PARASITES... ENTROPY will persist, and they will continue to self-deceive making the WHITE MAN that main CULPRIT. That's BULL SHIT, my FRIEND.

The main CULPRIT is HAITIANS, and a failure to listen to PROVEN GENIUS HAITIANS will continue to leave the country in the hands of the above mentioned HAITIAN MERCENARIES who fail to realize that THEY DON'T HAVE THE ANSWERS... and that they NEED to CHANGE SOMETHING... I am now a PROUD American Citizen... but I'm still willing to help as a SON OF HAITI, but ONLY IF I am compensated, and if the people in charge are SERIOUS about helping HAITI and its WONDERFUL PEOPLE who have been BEGGING for TRUE LEADERSHIP seemingly forever.


Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by

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