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Becoming Healthier & Wealthier After Corona

CAPS -- denote my own writing style...

I have seen and read about the craziest things that people can think of about COVID-19 including conspiracy theories, but really, at this point of my life nothing surprises me about human-beings and human stupidity. Often people prefer to side with religion and fiction over God and science. They are not the same folks... not the same! RELIGION is about FANATICISM, and FICTION is about wishful thinking, but GOD is about TRUTH, LOVE, and spirituality (being each other's keeper and servant) and science is about TRUTH, just like God is... there are clear sciences out there that concern diseases, and they are primarily Microbiology, which concerns the study of microbes (e.g., viruses like COVID and bacteria etc) and Pathology, which concerns the study of diseases, including those that emanate from such microbes... and there is even Epidemiology, which concern how such diseases spread from one person or population to another and how immunity can be achieved. YET, CRAZY PEOPLE choose to ignore GOD and SCIENCE and focus on FICTION and STUPIDITY. But hey, to each his/her own. I, on the other hand, prefer the former!

Anyhow, I know that people are awaiting THEIR STIMULUS CHECKS, but what they should truly await and prepare for me is a REALITY CHECK.

America offers us certain things that no other nation does, not to mention inalienable rights to life, liberty and property. But, perhaps what America offers that is less OBVIOUS is HOPE... the HOPE of getting a STIMULUS CHECK... the HOPE of getting a BETTER JOB after a CAREER CHANGE... the HOPE of THIS and THAT... but the latter only comes with commitment, hard work, consistency and determination... it is not FREE!

People still want to come here because of the HOPE of tapping into MORE OPPORTUNITIES. Many contact me from Honduras, Haiti, Panama, and they are all making their way to Mexico just to have a chance to make it to America after traveling through nearly a number of months or even years at times. YET, most of them will be DEPORTED back. So, yes, things are a bit weird now for many, but no make mistake about it, THIS IS STILL AMERICA, and I BELIEVE in GOD and IN THIS COUNTRY. This is why I decided to stay here and become a US Citizen! I LIVE FOR MOMENTS LIKE THIS, when the American Spirit Thrives!

Many experts have predicted that the results of the COVID-19 pandemic will be the like of the GREAT DEPRESSION... thus needless to say, many are UNDERSTANDABLY depressed out there... as of today, the number of people that have been infected has surpassed 2 million, and I must say even for OPTIMISTIC PETE the latter is alarming to say the least. NOT for me, but for others... I am too resourceful and gifted and have too much FAITH to be even concerned. But, either way, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. COVID is, of course, a real problem… one does not have to be a Microbiologist, Pathologist or an Epidemiologist to fully grasp the extent to which it can be deadly and at least annoying. However, rest assured that there are a lot of exaggerations happening out there for a plethora of reasons, but the most pervasive ones are of course linked to money. A lot of entities including news networks and hospitals are motivated by money and sensationalism in over-reporting COVID-19 cases by using terms like "linked to COVID-19" to make as many deaths related to COVID-19 as possible to boost their ratings and have more access to the CARES Act money. You can be sure that many entities will be linking unrelated medical cases to COVID in order to gain access to that money since pursuant to the CARES ACT, SEC 4409, every time a hospital admits, discharges, or loses a patient to COVID-19, it is compensated 15% more. So, yes, folks are “are trying to profit of off this at all levels” and the GOVERNMENT knows about it all and there will be repercussions in the future. YET, on a personal level, one MUST BE CAREFUL because viruses do mutate and this virus attack the LUNGS which are vital organs in re-oxygenating one’s blood to keep one’s cells/tissues alive.

HOWEVER, as an OPTIMIST and TRUE MAN OF FAITH, I am not here to get you more depressed than all those entities are getting you. RATHER, I am here with the GOOD 'OLE AMERICAN SPIRIT... I'm Here to bring you HOPE. I am here to share some good news with you and to tell you that IF YOU HAVE FAITH, you can become one of the small percentages of people that will have become both HEALTHIER and WEALTHIER after Corona, but if and only if you understand where I am coming from. Let us start with premise on which we can all agree. Prior to being hit by this pandemic, many of us took our health and wealth from granted. Americans in particular and especially the younger generation didn't see access to jobs and healthcare and many luxuries as privileges that can easily be stripped away in a time of physical or biological war. In fact, even as they were getting warned about Corona/microbe precautions, many were still not being cautious in their travels to many destinations, including Spring Breaks, and many paid a hefty price for the latter. Far too many of us have been reckless with our money and health for the most part. And undoubtedly far too many of us had NO PLAN to stay HEALTHY and WEALTHY.


In order to stay healthy physically or emotionally/spiritually or financially, one must have a PLAN... If one FAILS to PLAN, one essentially PLANS to FAIL. We all talk about how the GOVERNMENT didn't have a SOLID PLAN to fight a PANDEMIC like Corona, but a great percentage of us DID NOT have a PLAN either. And now we are realizing that our ACCESS TO JOBS, PARKS, and LOVELY RESTAURANTS (etc.) are things that many of us might have taken for granted... but more importantly, our access to WEALTH, HEALTH and SPIRITUAL MANAGEMENT VEHICLES are things that many of us have FAILED to USE because we quite frankly NEVER PLANNED to use them to begin with. ALL IN MODERATION my friends... don't be WASTEFUL... ENJOY LIFE as moderately as possible... analogously, just like when you're eating... it's better to NOT CHEW TOO FAST... Savor it all slowly, but surely as to masticate and digest it all WELL...

I don't mean to rub it in, but I DID HAVE A PLAN... I used to be like everyone else, prior to 5 years ago. I never really valued money... I really enjoyed entrepreneurship and learning/academia and those were my drugs, but not necessarily a means to an end. However, within the past five (5) years, all I had been doing was PLANNING... I was planning for both the FORESEEABLES and the UNFORESEEABLES... I was working my rear end off in as many aspects as I humanly could. I shared some of my tips to my only son... and taught him by example that NOT ONLY IS A PENNY SAVED EARNED, but also, a PENNY SECURED IN

THE FUTURE requires a PLAN! Way Prior to Corona, I had many VENTURES going; made some key business deals at the right time ; and even helped others start their own VENTURES via our own =>

SEE, because I had a plan, CORONA was only a BIG BOOST and FOCUS FACTOR for me as it took me OFF THE STREETS altogether and had me AT HOME where I WAS ALREADY DOING MOST OF MY KEY WORK ANYWAY!

My friends, you see... that was not always the case for me... I had learned from my previous mistakes, which had come from EXCESSIVE OPTIMISM until I realized that the World does not lack GENIUSES... HOWEVER, even most of those GENIUSES will remain UNREWARDED BECAUSE OF THREE MAIN REASONS:




WITHIN THE PAST FEW YEARS, I have proven to myself that one can reverse the course of time by applying those three basic things to create a PLAN that is worth BILLIONS OF DOLLARS... You may not believe me yet, but those that do will have realized the same MENTAL FORTITUDE that I have managed to achieve, especially within the past few years.


You see, I was always GIFTED or TALENTED, but I only worked IN SPURT (i.e., I was INCONSISTENT, IMPATIENT and NOT DISCIPLINED)... I USED TO a tendency of being LATE because I DID NOT HAVE A TIME MANAGEMENT PLAN. And my FORMER lack of discipline came from SELF-SABOTAGING; SELF-TESTING... I often felt that I NEEDED TO PUSH MYSELF TO THE LIMITS to test my GENIUS... I call it the "MCGYVER SYNDROME"... which is one in which one NEEDLESSLY puts himself into a POSITION to do the IMPOSSIBLE because he has gotten accustomed to MAKING THE SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE HAPPEN when he really NEEDED to do so.

I had to realize that I didn't need to work 12 hours a night and 7 days a week (i.e., 84 hours a week) to put myself through engineering school, my doctorate, or law school or medical school anymore. I had to realize that I could now PLAN my TIME MY WAY. I can have ANY JOB that I DESIRE. I can PLAN MY LIFE as I PLEASE and through FAITH achieve ANYTHING THAT I DESIRE TO ACHIEVE through GOD, who so allows. Thus, MY ONLY TRUE ENEMY was MYSELF through my LACK OF PLANNING.

So, just like that I PLANNED to design a new approach to work in multiple fields INDEPENDENTLY by using my own companies, and resources and paying myself; just like that I PLANNED to become a US CITIZEN despite many hurdles that so preceded; just like that I PLANNED this and that and the other and SUCCEEDED... by one I was SUCCEEDING...

So, what the heck is PETE talking about?

My friends, I HATE TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE, but the issue is NEITHER a CORONA issue, NOR is it a TRUMP/GOVERNMENTAL ISSUE (unless you accuse them of a FAILURE TO PLAN as well, which is possible)... but MORE DIRECTLY, on a personal level, it is an issue that concerns "YOUR FAILURE TO PLAN", and any FAILURE that you experience will have emanated therefrom. Far too many of us expected things to keep going the way they were... and as a result we were doing WHAT? We were "PLANNING TO FAIL" and many of us WILL FAIL... but FAILURE IS THE MOTHER OF SUCCESS when one finds out WHY ONE FAILED!

I was one of the lucky ones who was prepared but this preparation came about FIVE YEARS AGO when FINALLY I realize that wasn't satisfied BEING A LAZY OR UNREWARDED GENIUS. You see, I know I was a GENIUS... I had many professors call me a GENIUS and many friends and business partners call me a GENIUS, but I was a bit complacent, and depressed about being away from my parents at first, and losing my late Brother, cousin, and Mother... I just got to a point in which I was working IN SPURT and did not have A FIXED PLAN at all.

My friends, YOU NEED A SOLID PLAN from HERE ON... A LIFE PLAN... (REMEMBER, if you FAIL TO PLAN, YOU WILL HAVE PLANNED TO FAIL).... such a PLAN should INCLUDE 100% BELIEF IN A HIGHER BEING from which you can tap into FAITH and INFINITE WISDOM. Then, you need a PERSONAL PLAN, which includes a PLAN TO STAY HEALTHY and also one to BECOME and STAY WEALTHY. A first start would be to realize your current resources and how you can FULLY tap into them... Any money that you can tap into from your pension, government, unemployment etc... must be tapped into immediately. The latter will give you a bit of breathing room to panic less and make the right moves, which may include moving from a big city to a smaller one... from working in an office to working from home, and in turn you may end up making a lot more money than you were making before Corona by being able to save a lot more because of such changes and other similar ones. They key thing is, you must start making changes or plan to make necessary changes whenever you must do so ASAP!

WE are NOT all GENIUSES (But GOD IS)... but we all have at least ONE TALENT... God gave us a TALENT or more for a purpose, and the purpose is because GOD intended to use that TALENT through us to help ourselves, others, and nature at large.

YOUR FIRST PLAN is to figure out what YOUR TRUE TALENT IS... What you would do FOR FREE HAPPILY had you not needed to earn a living. And even as you do other things to pay your bills, keep harnessing that talent... TALK ABOUT IT EVERYDAY... BUILD A WEB SITE ABOUT IT... TALK TO YOUR RELATIVES AND BEST FRIENDS ABOUT IT... BECOME OBSESSED ABOUT IT...

BRAINSTORM WITH YOUR BESTIES and BUSINESS PARTNERS ABOUT IT.... Create an AFFINITY GROUP ABOUT IT and and I assure you that very thing will become LARGER than life and the WORLD will have remembered you for being ONE OF THE GREATEST in it!

The problem is, most of us will have failed to yield to this very basic advice. And it is unfortunate. Because after we worked for years in vain jobs to pay bills, most of us will retire unhappy, nearly broke and still UNREWARDED. And then we'll START BLAMING OUR BOSSES, THE GOVERNMENT and yes even the POTUS... I recall seeing lots of 2-year-olds do the same when they fall down and were embarrassed and they would point fingers at anything or anyone as the cause of their FALL.

NO, my friend… You are the CULPRIT!

So, where do we go from here... What is the SOLUTION?


2. Find a NEED that others have and have a PLAN to FILL THAT NEED;

3. Create a SOLUTION "that is at first HARD-TO-CREATE, but EASY-TO-RECREATE";

4. The latter will become your SECRET-SAUCE;

5. And Once you're done, Don't be a BILLBOARD IN THE DESERT;

6. Develop a Marketing/Branding/Advertising Plan Accordingly.

7. Act on the Plan.

The latter is easier said than done but is the FORMULA/ALGORITHM that you must follow to succeed.

If you feel lost... Call the GENIUSES at my team by tapping into

In less than 15 minutes we'll breathe BUSINESS LIFE in your BUSINESS CONCEPTS

and if we don't we'll PAY YOU for YOUR TIME!

One last thing... BUSINESS is about SERVING/HELPING others... in a way, we are each other's servant... something that CHRISTIANITY taught me... I always insisted that I was their SERVANTS... Society sees SERVANTS as MAIDS and LOWER-TIERED PROFESSIONALS... but in serving others there is GREAT HUMILITY and I have discovered that being HUMBLE especially when one does not have to be is also HONORABLE. Many of my professors and clients used to think that I was TOO HUMBLE... but now they'd probably think that they created a MONSTER (LOL)... but sometimes there are some people that ONE MUST TAME... There is a time for EVERYTHING IN LIFE! ... But back to SERVING OTHERS;I learned it from MY LATE FATHER as a child... I still serve the HOMELESS today... WE are here to SERVE each other...

Many are forced to do it through through VEHICLES called CAREERS... but these VEHICLES were not meant to create SUPERIORITY, but rather help us become BETTER VESSELS (VESSELS OF HONOR) that would be become better at reliably helping OTHERS who are in need.

Hopefully, COVID will have taught us that no matter what WALKS OF LIFE we are from, which economic status, race, color, national origin and religion... we are IN THIS TOGETHER... For instance, when ONE PERSON practices SELF-DISTANCING, he was not only helping himself/herself, but he was helping HUMANITY AT LARGE. And YES, we should ALL LOVE one another... and WE MUST LOVE EVERYONE including and especially OUR PRESIDENT!

May God bless you and may God Bless the World!

Now, like Dave CHAPELLE said, "GO OUT THERE BE SOMEBODY!" (smile)


-- Pete Lorins, PhD, JD, MDc.

"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." ~ Jim Rohn

“Ask now what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for it.” ~ JFK

Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article was sponsored by

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