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YOU TOO CAN Lose YOUR JOB Even When You LEAST EXPECT It to Happen!

OCCASIONAL CAPS only denote my own writing style... I am NOT SCREAMING (smile).

Yesterday, I found out that one of my dearest friends and respected minds and business partner, who is a MEDICAL DOCTOR was laid OFF at the hospital at which he works as an HOSPITALIST-EMPLOYEE. It was supposed to be a recession-proof job, Right? Needless to say, I wasn't happy to "hear" the news at all. While he is blessed because he is an avid investor in various entities, has an AMAZING MIND, and will eventually find another job somewhere else (since healthcare is still a hot field, and he has me around as well to assist along), many are not as blessed. It will have taken many who have lost jobs months or even years to find similar jobs if EVER. NEEDLESS TO SAY, no matter how much of a LEAP OF FAITH that it seems to be to you, THE ONLY JOB that is SECURED is the ONE that YOU CREATE.

WE were trained to be EMPLOYEES or be CONTROLLED BY OTHER INSTITUTIONS (e.g., corporations, churches etc)... from the time that you were young, your parents or most of your loved ones probably only talked to you about STAYING IN SCHOOL so that you will get WHAT... YUP, you know it, A GOOD JOB! While a JOB will help one make a living, or afford a more expensive car or house, it is NOT the best path to WEALTH or living a happier life.

Personally, I DON'T LIKE JOBS... they make me feel POWERLESS or CONTROL-LESS... I just don't like NOT KNOWING "WHY" I am really "anywhere" and "WHEN" I might be told to pack up my stuff and leave. It really makes me feel not in control of my destiny. I can't even begin to tell you how many resignations I have given to companies at very good jobs. While having a job is ideal for SOME PEOPLE who like consistency or like to manage expectations or may perhaps suffer from anxiety, what most don't realize is that the very idea of having set expectations and comfort is SELF-LIMITING and DANGEROUS. In the past few decades, I have trained myself to be a BUSINESS INNOVATOR, FOUNDER and DEVELOPER. I have generated LEADS for a plethora of companies including my own companies on a shoe string project and have created substantial PROFIT MARGINS. Since I was a child, I envisioned being a business man and started my first business at the age of 9 selling ice-cold Coca Cola from my Father's large front metal gate to folks on a tropical island that did not own a refrigerator at home. And even those that did had to deal with electrical shortages or erratic electric supply. Like my late Mother, Martha, a business genius like her Mixed-Race Mother (or my Maternal Grandmother), nothing seems to give me a bigger "high" than starting a business from scratch, breathing life into the concept and watching it "blossom". I have gone on to start many companies since my early 20's (even while I attempted to be in Corporate America and all while I attended grad school). I'd work all night, only to take a nap and go to work for a full day in my own office and business, and eventually resign from my jobs. I have done it countless times until I got tired of doing it and decided to focus mainly on having my own businesses and side hustles. It TOTALLY LIBERATED ME. I felt like a BIRD FLYING freely with no restraints and unnecessary concerns.

Yet, on the other hand, I get it. Some people are scared to take the leap of faith. Or some may prefer to keep their jobs and invest concurrently. But unfortunately, NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS CONCURRENTLY... To become a TRULY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR you have to LIVE and BREATH ENTREPRENEURSHIP at every fraction of a second and with every breath that you take. YES, some are born LEADERS but leadership skills can also be learned. A LEADER is someone that OTHERS choose to follow to a PLACE where they wouldn't go by THEMSELVES because of any type of FEAR / CONCERN. As an aspiring business person, you do have some fears and while most of them are reasonable, AS LEADERS, my team and I can SUCCESSFULLY LEAD YOU to business ownership by empowering you with some key tools that will help you become a LEADER yourself.

Subsequently, like most effective leader you, too, will be able to:

(i) FIND the FUTURE; (ii) Then RECOGNIZE that you have FOUND the FUTURE; And (iii) Subsequently, you will SECURE the FUTURE (via contracts, intellectual property rights registrations etc).

Don't worry... my team and I will be here to assist along... the whole point of me taking my precious time to write this article is to tell you that you don't have to do it alone... you don't have to make the mistake that many including my business partners and I might have made in our early entrepreneurial days. You can do it right the first time around.

My name is Pete Lorins and I work for Turnkey Ventures Inc. ( We are in the business of allowing others to become successful entrepreneurs WITHOUT TRIAL-and-ERROR either by:

(i) Owning a piece of one of our existing Turnkey Ventures; OR (ii) Creating a new turnkey venture for you as per your vision.

We will help you refine your vision, complete a feasibility analysis and most importantly help you realize that while MOST SMALL BUSINESSES do fail, you will NOT be one of them if you have the SECRET SAUCE with which we will have empowered you (i.e., a Unique Marketing Advantage).

SO, if YOU either HATE YOUR JOB, or are TIRED OF FEELING NOT IN CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY or simply WANT TO FINALLY BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS... you can do it... but, "NO MAN is an ISLAND"... we'll help you learn from THE MISTAKES that most make and we'll help you SUCCEED the first time around, on a relatively a SHOE-STRING BUDGET.

I can be reached directly through the following CONTACT POINTS:

PHONE: (773) 372.9656

WhatsAPP: (407) 955.3534

Pete Lorins, PhD, JD, MDc Turnkey Ventures, Inc.

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