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My Own Experience with Police Brutality...


CAPS denote my own writing style!

Please DO NOT send me Videos of the POLICE beating up Black Men. It HURTS MY SOUL to watch them... But I need to say something on the topic though because I am a BLACK MAN... I have tried to stay quiet on it... But a video that I just saw stroke a cord.

I cannot stand to look at those those videos because they not only BREAK MY HEART, but also, remind me of my worst experience in NYC as a young soon-to-be engineering graduate. You see, 25+ Years ago, I had to Prove a NY Police Officer Wrong ALONE on the Eve of finishing my First Engineering Degree... The OFFICER profiled me, fabricated 6 tickets, brutalized me, squeezed my genitalia and urinated in my shoes etc... You see it was prior to the INTERNET... there were no cell phones, and BLACK PEOPLE were not that AWAKENED YET.

1. I went to a BLACK LAWYER, and he told me that unless my family had money he couldn't help me. You see, I am GLAD to see MORE BLACK MEN trying to help other BLACK MEN today. It wasn't the case two decades or so ago.

2. I left a 4-hour deposition against the officer at the Civilian Complaint Review Board alone.

3. I fought all tickets and proved the officer wrong in court alone.

4. I never looked at him in court, and it seemed that he regretted what he did, but I just blocked it all and handled it valiantly.

5. I wanted to sue the New York Police Department but my DAD begged me no to. He said, son, sometimes if you want to stay in a place and live in peace, you have to lose to win. He was a wise man.

6. TODAY, I announce that I FORGIVE THIS OFFICER. I had written articles about it, and I may share it on here if I am asked to, but I don't want the views shared in my past article on the POLICE to change my current view of forgiveness.

7. I cannot see these videos because I KNOW how these Black men feel... I see myself, my son, father and IT HURTS MY HEART... TEARS...

We are all SOCIETAL VICTIMS of ACCEPTED VICIOUSNESS and LACK OF MORALITY... many people, especially WHITE MEN who choose to become OFFICERS are WEAK MINDED MEN who wanted to feel POWERFUL somehow.... and SOCIETY ARMED THEM and made the NEGRO MAN their PREY and PUBLIC ENEMY #1.

YES, some of us (Blacks) need ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTS b/c we are poorly raised and have a FOUL MOUTH. I must admit that MY MOUTH was not nice when the POLICE OFFICER PULLED ME OVER either... and to be HONEST even though I didn't deserve the TREATMENT, until he saw me in the COURT room and pleaded NO CONTEST, I was just another negro to him. But I must say that MY ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT has prevented confrontations w/ the POLICE OFFICERS out there who are OFTEN little boys who really want to feel POWERFUL w/ frail egos and often animated by some racial animus.

Do not let it consume you though... Society as a whole needs to fix this PROBLEM. I have done my part already through my articles, complaints, and even race discussions over the years. I now am PLEASED to finally SEE that BLACK MEN and society at large are awakening. HOWEVER, if we are INSPIRED BY REVERSE-HATRED we will not succeed.

We, Blacks, must also fix our own dirty laundries... And Black men must remain in their children's lives... and BLACK MEN MUST REALIZE that they are BLACK MEN as BROTHER X once said!

While I don't think we should burn things down or break things... I believe that America as a WHOLE has to fix its POLICE BRUTALITY ISSUE and BLACKS have the right to be UNITED and PROTEST after they realize that they have been persecuted, oppressed, dehumanized and TAUGHT -- "SELF-HATRED" post slavery. They have a right to aspire to SELF-LOVE and to SELF-HUMANIZATION!

It is OK for Black people to let WHITES (POLICE BODIES) know how they feel about POLICE BRUTALITY... but personally, I do not want to see those videos, because it brings back way too much emotions!

UNIFY... HELP EACH OTHER OUT... GO TO THE REJECTED.... GO TO THE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.... HELP EACH OTHER OUT... DO LIKE JESUS DID... focus on helping the DESPISED, but do it intelligently... But most importantly, help each other OUT... Support Black businesses... share knowledge, educate, foster relationships with open-minded people of all races including WHITES!

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