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A Solution to the Race or Statue Debate

CAPS - Denote my own writing style... I am not screaming...

We Must Communicate RESPECTFULLY to One Another like WISE ADULTS... a Mind is either EMOTIONAL or WISE or Reasonable! I am a learned man. I understand systems and know about things that most people will never think about when it comes to the human mind and life at large. But this one is not rocket science. It is a communication problem. We all have it!

Race-based quarrels (are communication problems) in which people are screaming at each other like quarreling spouses, and the latter will take us from a SEPARATION to a total DIVORCE (as a society) based on potentially IRRETRIEVABLE Brokenness. And we'll ALL end up with less, just like CHILDREN with DIVORCING PARENTS.

Dr. King once said:

"We must all learn to live together live Brothers, ELSE, we'll have to resort to dying together life FOOLS!"

I don't want to be a FOOL. I used to waste my time on such vain and EMOTIONAL pursuits... but now, I'd rather form PARTNERSHIPS with people that can actually CHANGE SOCIETAL NORMS. Most of us will have NO IMPACT on the LAWS that are enacted... and even those of us that do help ENACT LAWS cannot LEGISLATE MORALITY in the minds of mankind!

Back to the basics children... Stop fighting like HS KIDS and start RESPECTFULLY COMMUNICATING w/ ONE ANOTHER like WISE ADULTS... people only try to please PEOPLE that they LIKE or people that PAY THEM...

So, it's either COMMUNICATION or COMMERCE (Capitalism) or HUMAN EMOTIONAL STUPIDITY one my friend... Take Your Pick!

Now Regarding STATUES -- Lord have mercy!

I am a Black man. But I must disagree w/ the STATUE DEBATE b/c it is EMOTIONALLY STUPID whether it is argued by Whites or Blacks! WHY?

One has to pick one's battles... No one can win the STATUE battle. People have the right to TREASURE whomever they chose to treasure... what if such a person was a relative or a great grand father? We have FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in America. I want the KKK to be able to express itself so that I can express myself too... I want STATUES of everything that reminds me of everything GOOD and BAD that we stand/stood for so that we can ALL learn from 'em ALL!

I don't care who owned slaves a million years ago... it was the thing to do then... Who was supposed to own slaves? Animals? That's OUR HISTORY... So, ok, just b/c a dude owned slaves, does that make him a bad person? I don't believe so! Come on now people! Let us be REASONABLE and WISE! I get it, AMERICA via WHITE MEN had been ruthless and systematically racist. You don't think WHITE MEN already know that?

If you go for STATUES of people that they admire, some White men will rightfully go for statues of those that you admire... DON'T BE STUPID or EMOTIONAL PEOPLE... BE WISE... don't forget that WHITE MEN still have most of this country's wealth, and they still CONTROL most things!

Now, let's put this statue debate to rest ALREADY... instead let's start COMMUNICATING... that's the only thing that will EVENTUALLY foster more UNDERSTANDING... ALL PEOPLE like their FRIENDS better than they like perfect STRANGERS... and without communication even SPOUSES can become ENEMIES!

If we make it so hard to communicate with each other or feel comfortable to accept each other's likes and dislikes we will not be SOLVING the PROBLEM, rather we will be WORSENING IT!

My Answer to a question, which included an ANALOGY with the CONFEDERATE FLAG on a Facebook POST on this TOPIC:


The Confederate Flag I get. There should be one FLAG... but the DEBATE is not about FLAGS, my Brother. It is rather about STATUES that had been erected by people who were the majority group in this country and are now still the majority for reasons that represented their belief system, which also included slavery, and good things that we all enjoy in a capitalist system as well. The question is should the STATUES be removed if some of those guys had moral blemishes? My answer is NO! It is equivalent to removing pages from a History book. Perhaps some more offensive ones should be removed if they SHOCK society's conscience, but just like we should EDIT the HISTORY BOOKS to add positive portrayals, we shouldn't UNEDIT physical history to alter it either. It is a country in which we do have FREEDOMS. Take a POLL, and let the PUBLIC FIGURE IT OUT. Everyone... ALL WHITES, BLACKS, BROWNS and others... Vote people in and out based on it. But defacing monuments is not ONLY a crime, but it is also not tantamount to solving any social problems that such groups are truly facing. People need economic empowerment, education, understanding about community development and commerce, ethics and yes partnerships with ALL including the WHITE MAN!

I will share this article with key editors as always... and over the years I have induced a lot of editors to write articles that they would have otherwise NOT had written! FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS ARTICLE!


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