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Please - pardon the untrimmed facial hair.

CAPS - denote my own writing style. I am not screaming!

Here, I was singing with my Amazing late Father, the Great Pastor Lorins, one last time... THE MAN who started it ALL! I never forget that I am fortunate to carry his amazing LAST NAME. I take it VERY SERIOUSLY. Whe he called me HIS HERO, I stopped working hard for a couple of years. I felt like I had REACHED HEAVEN lol...

In many ways, I feel like I am just temporarily borrowing this great man's last name... only to pass it on to my son and other children b/c it belongs to him and I have to cherish it... and I have to still PROVE that I deserved to be his son. I'm not kidding. I have that much love and respect for MY FATHER. We had a special bond.

... the man who taught me how to read and write... the man who valued education to the point in which it became my way of life... He started me in school 2 years before most kids started school, and for my whole life I have never felt inferior to ANYONE thanks to him... I always feel like I have a knowledge advantage over most if not all of my peers thanks to him... it can be a bad thing lol... I KNOW A LOT OF CRAP... Good and Bad crap... but trust me I do, and yet I AM STILL A BABY b/c I am still AS EAGER TO LEARN only b/c he PLANTED A LOVE FOR LEARNING in me. Even when I have failed to perform b/c of human factors or laziness, I have never ONCE felt INFERIOR to anyone all b/c of my PAPA.

Yet the biggest WEAPON that he gave me was an UNDYING FAITH in the Almighty. We don't believe in IMPOSSIBILITIES. It's a LORINS TRAIT. We'll DIE BELIEVING, WE'LL DIE GIVING IT OUR BEST, JUST A ONE LAST SHOT, until the OUR VERY LAST BREATH!

I love you, PAPA and Rev. Pastor Pierre Lorins

You're THE BEST!

IN A RUSH (Just like my PAPA)

Dr. Pete the Chief Editor of

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