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The Great John Lewis Left Us!

CAPS: denote my own writing style... I am not screaming!


I am NOT sure how one gets to live to be 80 after going through ALL that he has gone through and seen all that he has seen. A VERY SINFUL NATION w/ so many GREAT IDEALS many of which it has struggled to live up to. Mr. Lewis walked and talked w/ all the recent greats of the World. Whether you're a REPUBLICAN or a DEMOCRAT or an INDEPENDENT, or BLACK or WHITE or YELLOW or GREEN this man deserves to be BOWED DOWN TO. He challenged America's past wickedness. He persevered against seemingly irredeemable hearts. He reminds us of Dr. King, Macolm X, Garvey, Rosa Parks, and all the GREAT BLACK and WHITE Civil Rights leaders who aspired to RIGHT past WRONGS.

AND somehow, a SKINNY LITTLE BLACK BOY from a developing country had a chance to make a name for himself DESPITE SUCH A BRUTAL SYSTEMATIC and RUTHLESS PAST. He is part of America's greatness. AN Experiment... a BRAINSTORM SESSION... a place where a PEOPLE that were subjected to the lowest form of TREATMENTS used LOVE against HATE to believe and say "WE SHALL OVERCOME..." and "FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, Thanks GOD ALMIGHTY we are FREE AT LAST!"

He reminded me of all the overcome struggles and yet the ones that have yet to be overcome

RIP Towering Hero

I am NOT Worthy!

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