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My Papa and I

I was at the magical age of 11. He was not only the strongest and bravest man that I have ever known but I was his favorite and he was also my favorite. He wanted me to travel with him, but he had me earn it with good grades. Parents need to teach their kids that they need to earn certain things in life.

He was a stern and strict man, but he always had a weakness for me. I respected him and loved him and he loved me and gave me the gift of knowledge acquisition, bravery and faith. He loved me. I just knew it. My son and I have a similar relationship. I feel his presence every day. His laughter and jokes were incomparable. He made me see BLACKNESS as a symbol of STRENGTH not victim-hood. He was prestigious, classy, loyal, trustworthy, non-herd following, strong-headed, and fearless! He stood up to Papa Doc and was respected by Civilians or Military men or women. So, don’t be surprised if I never see myself as a victim! It started with my PAPA! I am responsible for my actions and with God, I can do all things if I am passionate and driven enough about it! I know my history but I am not bound by it, not by a party that makes many that look like me a continuous victim of their History!

RIP Original King Lorins!

Boys need to know that they can make more money by being smart than by being strong or fast! ~ Robert F. Smith

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of

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