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Herd Following & Failed Leaderships

By now, even if one lived under a rock, one must know that Blacks fought a great fight and succeeded via the NON-VIOLENT MOVEMENT led by Dr. KING and others like Rosa Parks after they were systematically wronged both during and post-slavery. And even Worldwide, the system did manage to disenfranchise Blacks as part of a way to justify past commercial systems (e.g., slavery) and maintain dominance over assets located in colonized Black nations and properties that could have been owned by slaves that worked free-of-charge... and of course, the end of physically slavery, gave birth to the industrial revolution and now the digital revolution. However, mental slavery persists. See my MENTALLY ENSLAVED ARTICLE.

No one can count the many Civil Rights leaders out, but they all had their strengths and weaknesses. Yet, what brought America's conscience alive was "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creators with certain inalienable rights... among which are that to life, liberty and the pursuit happiness." And that his "4 children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Dr. KING with the help of both Black and White activists and people like John Lewis who just passed away demanded that America understood that BLACKS were also 100% humans/men, not 1/4 (25%) or 1/3 (33.3%) of a human. And finally the CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS were passed and a VIRTUAL TABLE OF BROTHERHOOD was created as an ideal based on DR. KING'S DREAM that ONE DAY his children will sit at such at table at which BOTH BLACKS and WHITES will live together harmoniously.

Blacks are not monolithic, but we are definitely, as the ORIGINAL MAN, we are an emotionally charged people and too much emotion can cloud one's judgment and induce unnecessary foresightedness. Trust me, I'm Black, I have learned to control my emotions over the years. Thus, seeing those young Black dudes acting a fool and looting have me feeling sorry for them because of what awaits them or us. Trust me retaliations will come.

Obviously, Floyd-like moments during a pandemic are perfect storms to test such an ideal. Therefore leaders who claim to adhere to the NON-VIOLENCE approach that was championed by Dr. King should be careful in how they address groups of people that are frustrated and ill-prepared to peacefully demonstrate and prevent themselves from being overshadowed by THUGS who are opportunists that are using the unrest to commit crimes (public wrongs). Dr. King would NOT have so implicitly or indirectly CONDONED and his approach would have been so different from those of current Black leaders because even as he faced even more racist Whites, he held his message of LOVE and understood that ONLY LIGHT can put out DARKNESS.

Many Black leaders, including Obama seemed to have dropped the ball here. Their anger at the Trump administration had them forget that "with high-level leadership comes high-level responsibility." President Obama went from a peace-maker to an activist. He forgot that he was a former POTUS (and really a man) who will be called a U.S. President, and will be receiving a paycheck from America for life. While I'm sure President TRUMP will have had faux-pas like he did, he shouldn't lower himself to a standard lower than those set by his precedents under the premise of Black activism. Implicitly inciting young Blacks to go out there and march and loot so that they can get a record and ruin their chances of ever getting a decent job is reckless, especially in a society in which they are already taught to be BOUND by their history and often mentally-enslaved by it. Dr. King got things done with HIS HEAD/BRAIN and not by physically retaliating and shooting and looting.

Boys need to know that they can make more money by being smart than by being strong or fast! ~ Robert F. Smith We need to outsmart with our HEADS not with our bodies and our records and our image.

Many of us expect every other Black men to sound the same as if that is a way of making progress. ONLY diversity of thoughts can foster the right level of progress-inducing dialogue both among Blacks and Whites. Many of those that ask for tolerance are the most intolerant ones. The hypocrisy is rampant. Many of the mayors of the BIG LIBERAL CITIES seem to have given a GREEN LIGHT to CRIMINALS (many of whom are Black to go into other people's properties and loot). Imagine that it was happening to your own private or professional properties. It is a violation that should have induced ALL BLACK LEADERS to DENOUNCE such thugs so that their criminal activities will not OVERSHADOW the post-Floyd and existing Black Lives Matter Movement.

However, they acquiesced. And acquiescence is a form of approval. And trust me WHITE RETALIATION will arrive for DECADES to come... You see, unfortunately WEALTHY WHITE MEN own a lot of those establishments and they see themselves as THE LIONS and those thugs as DOGS of the JUNGLE called America and thus as the emotion-filled dogs bark, the LIONS are simply planning their moves.

People will find out how RIGHT I was sooner or later. TIME always tells. And I will be pleased to have at least told people what I believe is happening. We have a case of failed moral leadership across the board. All of our leaders are complicit, including Obama. You cannot INCITE People w/ already HOT HEADS! When a baby is crying, you don't make him/her cry more, you should at least offer it a pacifier or a bottle.

RICH WHITE MEN are still the top dogs in the American Jungle, and many are not liking this and are saying... "let the dogs bark, the LION is still THE KING!" Black protesters and looters are like the dogs barking right now, and while they bark, the LION is strategically planning how to control the dogs or scare them away indefinitely.

There are American ideals and American realities...

Read the article entitled "The True Plight of Blacks in America" to fully understand this in the context of the BIG LIBERAL CITIES where many Blacks live.

What percentage of Americans are White? 72% White Americans (including White Hispanics) constitute the historical and current majority of the people living in the United States, with 72% of the population identifying as white in the 2010 United States Census. Non-Hispanic whites totaled about 197,181,177 or 60.4% of the U.S. population.

What percent of the US is black 2019? 12.3% According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 12.3% of the U.S. population is black, and 12.5% is Hispanic. Gallup Poll results from March 26-28, however, show that slightly less than one in 10 Americans can accurately identify that the population of either blacks or Hispanics in this country falls between 10% and 14%.

What is my point?

If there is to be a group that will continue to suffer more or retaliated against strategically or topped or subdued in the even of continued unrest, who do you think such a group will be?

For how long do you think any of the type of looting like the one that occurred in the Chicago Magnificent Mile on 8/10/20 will be tolerated?

Happy ending or not, how do you think it will help the plight of Blacks in America?

I'll leave you with one more thing in mind... Have you heard of the Clintons? Don't forget who TRUMP defeated. Do you think that the DEMs have nothing to do with the unrest and how the news media as as a whole have handled the Trump administration? Do you feel that Mr. Trump has no reason to have enemies based on just winning and how he has undone many Obama policies?

Have you seen how quiet the Clintons have been? (smile)

MOST PEOPLE are FOLLOWERS... don't be a herd. Think for yourself! Know your history but don't be ENSLAVED or BOUND by it! You're FREE NOW... You can do WHATEVER you put your mind into! Remember, the "YES, YOU CAN!" chants, it wasn't just about electing Barrack Hussein Obama into office. You can use YOUR BRAIN instead of your body to effectuate changes via jurisprudence and your INTELLECTUAL and ECONOMIC PROWESS, but you can't forget that the WHITE MAN intends to remain KING of this JUNGLE that HE brought you onto!

YES, the TRUMP administration's handling of the pandemic and the Floyd crisis has not been ideal. However, it is the only administration that has bailed out the private citizens, in my over 3 decades of living in the U.S. Many would have been without an unemployment check or other reliefs had Trump not signed the executive order because the DEMs are still fighting in Congress. TRUMP also rendered the U.S. Supreme Court to be more conservative as well, and I applaud him on that. It is similar to the fact that George Bush was not the best POTUS, but he is the only one that reformed immigration and create the Department of Homeland Security (after 9/11). And Obama was not the Messiah that he was proclaiming he was going to be, but he did get Obama Care passed. Every POTUS will have contributed one additional thing that no other POTUS would have. Duh? That's the whole idea! (smile).

Anyhow, in America, there is still ONE KING, and unfortunately for those that look like me who believe that they are SO POWERFUL, the KING of the AMERICAN JUNGLE is still the WHITE MAN. While America's ideal allowed a man named Barrack Hussein Obama to become POTUS, American realities induced TRUMP to get into the oval office. And TRUST ME, he could not have gotten in unless some agreed that America was going TOO FAR LEFT, and to some extent many like me had to agree in part.

So, if you're a BLACK MAN, and you feel like you're SO POWERFUL because you have a few guns in your little house, JUST REMEMBER that perhaps you can become a king of a jungle in an African country, but the reason why you had to fight so hard to have a semblance of equal rights in America is because THE WHITE MAN wanted to ensure that he remains the KING OF THE JUNGLE that he conquered for his own benefit. NOT YOURS. You were only a tool used through slavery to ensure his dominance. However, because of the strong message of non-violence protest and brotherhood and love preached by people like Dr. King, you tapped into his conscience and he decided to RELUCTANTLY allow you in.

But now, if our Black leaders choose to UNWISELY encourage our youth to refute the NON-VIOLENCE APPROACH and are expecting that THE WHITE MAN will not retaliate, then they are SHORT-SIGHTED and are obviously HORRIBLE STUDENTS OF HISTORY. You're being foolish, and the leaders that you are following are BLINDED by their hatred of Mr. TRUMP, and as the BLIND leading the BLIND, if looters and demonstrators continue on that same path, many of us will have fallen into the SAME HOLE! They fell for the TRAP that Dr. King avoided, because he knew or what wise enough to undertand or discern that ONLY LOVE can outshine HATE!

Dr. King's dream may never be FULLY realized, but like the other ideals in the U.S. Constitution, they are metrics to which we should all aspire even while realizing who THE TRUE KING OF THE AMERICAN JUNGLE IS. A failure to do the latter will induce much frustration and period of unrest whenever George Floyd moments pop up. And if such moments produce disorderly conduct that induces DETRIMENTS to the KING OF THE JUNGLE, rest assured that RETALIATION will ensue. However, it is only right that we allow the legal process has to handle such things, NOT LOOTING and certainly not HATRED and destruction of the hard fought for semblance of brotherhood despite the fact that in far too many way America will always be SOMEWHAT SEPARATE & UNEQUAL.

This is my prediction and I am sticking to it! If you don't like it, LIVE WITH IT as you'll have to anyway sooner or later UNLESS our leaders use their voice to stop the FOOLISHNESS that I have been seeing recently.


*POTUS = President of the U.S.

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article is sponsored by

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