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Harmonious Response to a Racial Remark


I was told by a dear friend that the WHITES of FLORIDA would FLY me back to the Caribbean if they could (the person used SHIP... but since I was blessed to FLY to the U.S. each time I came w/ my late PAPA and didn't arrive here on a BOAT like so many of my Haitian Brothers (whose bravery I applaud in their attempts to leave MISERABLE HAITI) I believe the word FLY is more appropriate to me...

Here is my sincere response:

Harmony by Dr. Pete Lorins

Florida is made of a lot people with different ideologies. I can only speak based on what I experienced in my 14 years of living there. Just like anywhere else, there are good and bad people within all segments, races, colors, national origins and religions. Believe it or not, there are many WHITES that love Blacks and Islanders and even smart yet crazy Haitians like you and I in Florida... I said CRAZY b/c we dared to move to another land which has a language and culture that was so different than ours and we dared to challenge a culture or at least an economic system that was established before we arrived and we also dare to criticize it, when ours is failing in Haiti. As smart as we are, we are also crazy. The day I realized that, I stopped doing so, and picked my battle more wisely. I am a human being first, a God-fearing intellectual man second, a proud father, a passionate businessman and renaissance man, a proud naturalized American who loves America and not the country that forsook me, and finally a man who is mostly of African ancestry through the island of Hispaniola on which the nation of Haiti is located. I am not bound by being Black, or by being of Haitian descent. I can think like any other human beings can, and can achieve whatever any other human-being can, including the White man. Modernly, he is NOT my enemy. In fact, if there is harmony, he is often my friend. Very often, I have felt more compassion from Whites than I have from my Haitians and Blacks. Believe it or not! I am not saying that we don't have a lot of decent Blacks out there. But many of us are so angry at the system, and our plight, that we have forgotten to be human, to be sweet to our loved ones and forgotten to be HAPPY! That's not a way to live a life! In fact, I determined that is a way to waste one! By the way, we can't beat the system. At least it is SO HARD TO DO that it is impossible to do in a lifetime. We might as well live harmoniously with Whites my Brother. We might as well JOIN them and be ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, and hopefully in so doing, we'll FINALLY have TRUE LIBERTY and JUSTICE for "ALL".


~ Pete

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