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7 Best Realizations about American Commerce & Politics

MY 7 BEST REALIZATIONS about AMERICAN COMMERCE & POLITICS... the truth may not make me popular, but it does make me RIGHT! Sorry for my BRUTAL HONESTY, I got it from my AMAZING LATE MAMA. So, please allow me to be your AMERICAN POLITICS 101 PROFESSOR today. I apologize in advance if I offend you in anyway. I also apologize in advance if yet another woman don't make it to VPOTUS or POTUS.

CAPS denote my own writing style...

1. The system was (initially) created by and for White men ONLY... Period... Asians, Indians, Blacks, Women, White-Women etc. were EXCLUDED... you don't need my help for that... read American HISTORY!

2. Every one else has been FIGHTING to get fully in, including WHITE WOMEN. TALENT is never enough! One has to be gifted and a GENIUS (1% inspiration and 99% Perspiration.)

3. Obviously, HILLARY was super-qualified, she was a former senator, First Lady (twice), Secretary of State etc. and she still lost against a man who was not a politician at all... LOL...

4. Occasionally, you might have GENIUS like Obama who was able to tap into the country's best attributes in his campaign just like a Dr. King would have... but it's still NOT HIS SYSTEM and he still wasn't fully accepted because his ideas were not aligned with those of POWERFUL WHITE MEN... but even an Obama is VERY RARE!

5. Non-White minorities and White women did not create the GAME or ITS RULES... THE WHITE MAN created it. Occasionally a non-White may have a chance, but it's HIS GAME, one either plays by HIS RULES or ONE LOSES! Unfortunately, that's the TRUTH, at least in America! I know telling the truth may not make me POPULAR, but it does make me RIGHT! Our only chance is to MASTER THE GAME... and win as often as possible FAIR and SQUARE using HIS RULES so that he too will be impressed by our accomplishments...

6. Complaining about it ain't gonna help...

7. The GAME is only winnable for the BRAVE and the STRUGGLE is REAL... YOU MUST FIGHT, and playing the RACE and FEMALE CARD will not HELP either... BE TOUGH and BE BRAVE on the LAND OF THE BRAVE... Develop a THICK SKIN... don't be a wimp!

Sorry, I did not sugarcoat it! But based on the comments that I have been reading, I had to share this after realizing that many were confused between IDEALS/ASPIRATIONS and REALITIES/FACTS.

Truly Yours,

-- Dr. Pete


"Brilliantly stated as always, my cognitive elite brother! I agree with everything you wrote, but would add that those white men in power are so exclusionary, that they will also exclude other white men, such as our president, Donald Trump, who is a rich, white man himself!

It DOES take genius to battle your way to the top in such a system. MLK had it, but was assassinated. Obama, Hillary, and Trump have it, but Hillary is too unlikable. Although Obama and Trump have millions who HATE them, they also have millions who LOVE them. Hillary didn't have that - she had people who respected and admired her, but really didn't go GA-GA over her.

Further, it is a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant game too. That's why JFK was also an outsider, and he too was assassinated.

The best way to succeed in a game is to understand it."


HE TOO, was an outsider to the TOP CLUB! And by WHITE MEN, I meant the ones that are in that TOP CLUB lol

I will leave your Critique as is as a feedback... b/c I can't state it better than you did!

Great observation, Professor Dino S., my Cognitive Elite, Brother!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of

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