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A Father's HS Fears and Reassurance

HIGH SCHOOL WAS CRAZY... So, needless to say, I do have some fears and reservations about HS... Can you blame me? I am human too!

ANYHOW... I had to send this succinct note to my youngest baby and baby girl this AM on her second day in HS.

See, I was a nerd like my daughter is and I could not wait to leave it. I was told that I was ready to graduate at 16. I took some advance placement classes because my advisor felt that I looked too young.

I still looked like I was 12 at 17 (smile). My daughter is taller at 13 than I was at 17. She is way more prepared for the World than I was. She is so smart and fearless. I'm sure she will be fine!

But this morning it hit me! My youngest baby is in HS. I am a CRY BABY, so I did cry despite my Faith In Almighty God! Perhaps it is my human side, perhaps it is because I realize that ONLY GOD CAN PROTECT HER! I love her so much!

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