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A Few TRUTHS That Hurt TRUMP From a FAN

CAPS - denote my own writing style. I'm not screaming.

'Frustration', 'Confirmation Bias', and Mail-in-Votes-Doubt- Elimination aside, as a Believer I must say that there are few TRUTHS about TRUMP that I must assert else GOD will not be happy with me. To the DEMS, you know how you felt when Hillary lost... I did not know how you felt, but now I do... it will feel HORRIBLE if TRUMP really LOST (when the latter is confirmed by December) because despite his flaws, he did do a lot, but there are also many things that TRUMP brought unto himself unnecessarily. And some people said ENOUGH either through their votes or through any circumstantial and direct evidence ascertainable and allowable manipulation. AND I don't need the DEMS to use this against TRUMP or even me. But, I also have to assert the TRUTH as a believer. Here they are:

TRUTH#1. Trump did take it too far by talking too much. Proverbs 10:19 NLT Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut. Trump like so many of us, including me, sometimes talk too much or say too much and thus will sin more than those who talk less.

TRUTH#2. Trump did insult way more people than he should have or than he needed to as to help his re-election bid. Certain things should have been kept in his own mind, flawed or not. But the Bible says that it is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Luke 6:45 For his mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart. Despite many TRUTHS behind all that he said, He was too rough on women, Mexicans, Black immigrants, and did not empathize enough with police brutality and he also was too rude to well known and respected politicians. He did take it too far and I see how people might have wanted to get rid of him by any means necessary. And I also see how he could have frustrated enough people to vote against him EVEN THOUGH he did help a lot of those very people. Some people don't like any form of abrasiveness, disrespect, arrogance, narcissisms even if it's in politics and even if it's supposed to entertain.

TRUTH#3. TRUMP's PR TEAM was SUBPAR There are a lot of great things that TRUMP did that they should have been talking about during the past 4 years... and many things that THEY SHOULD have had TRUMP do to put him in COMMAND of PR such as his HANDLING OF THE VIRUS EARLY ON and HIS HANDLING FOR THE GEORGE FLOYD ISSUE... these two things exposed his character flaw... plus there are a lot of other things that TRUMP should not have said or repeated because even if they were partially true they could not have helped him PR wise, or brought him more votes. While I agreed with some of his policies, and was certainly entertained by him (and will miss him if he does not get re-elected) and am a fan until the very end, I disagreed with his PR approach, and also felt that he SAID WAY TOO MUCH and INSULTED WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE than he should have. At some point, some people said "NO WAY THIS CAN BE ACCEPTABLE AT THAT LEVEL . His camp seems to have helped him alienate the media, former politicians WAY TOO MUCH, and kept ONLY PEOPLE that liked them around while insulting everyone else WAY TOO MUCH. Despite having a great following, one also needs a lot of internal people on both sides so that enough people on the opposing sides could deflect to one's side on many issues. The TRUMP CAMP failed miserably in this regard.

Anyhow, ALL CAMPAIGNS can learn from those mistakes as they were obviously unnecessary and blatant ones that even as a fan I could not ignore in the end as my conscience would have bothered me.

Anyhow, it was not easy for me to write this article, but my parents taught me to tell the TRUTH as well. While I was a PROUD TRUMP SUPPORTER, if he is re-elected (miraculously) or ever runs again, his team must address these issues in order to even be re-electable, and all politicians must learn that there is only so much that the public will accept even if it's fun or even if it's done "tongue in cheek".

As always, I will share this with all well known news editors... I just felt that I needed to say these things because I feel that he could have accentuated a lot more positives that he had going for him and a lot more alliances, which would have in turn secured his re-election bid whether some fraud existed or not. Those are rather INCONVENIENT TRUTHS, but I am a man of conviction. But, if Biden is elected, I will respect him. However, I will miss the most fun and theatrical POTUS of my American experience.

FOR THE RECORD, as an intellectual, Unlike most DEMS, I am willing to accept TRUMP's FLAWS but I don't deny him of his accomplishments or the right to contest a potentially fraudulent election fairly. But as to far too many of you DEMS, OBAMA was perfect and Biden is so so ideal and perfectly coherent. And that logic is SO SO FLAWED! BIG DIFFERENCE. I am an INTELLECTUAL... I can be a fan of TRUMP even if I disagree with him on some issues... and I can admire him even if he is WHITE! That makes me NON-RACIST! Many of you voted for BIDEN b/c of KAMALA... and many of you voted for BIDEN just b/c you really hated TRUMP. And that's the TRUTH... and just like many of you voted for OBAMA b/c he was BLACK (as Steve Harvey admitted).

IN A RUSH -- Dr. Pete

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by


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