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A Sincere Poem for Haitian Flag Day

* A Sincere Poem for Haiti on Haitian Flag Day *

By Dr. Pete Lorins

So, my former once glorious homeland;

Your glory seems to have come to an end;

You single-handedly ended the slavery institution;

Yet you failed to create an effective constitution;

I left you willingly and with disappointment;

And accepted a new land's appointment;

I often wonder if God cares about you;

And how feeling your plight got to feel like having the flu;

I stopped praying and stopped saying "DEPUIS NAN GUINEN NEG RAYI NEG" (The Negro started the Self-Hatred in Africa); yet, "HAIR LE TIEN" (to hate oneself) seems to fit being "HAI-TIEN" (Haitian) like liquids fit in a KEG;

My Father loved you and swore to be the last Haitian to leave you yet he died abroad;

Just to engage in a dialogue about you nowadays get me bored;

As an optimist, and for the glory of our amazing ancestors I pray that you will return to even remnants of your glorious days;

But for now I will enjoy other countries for most of my stays;

I wish I could celebrate you today... even for the sake of my glorious fighter-tribe ancestors even through accounts of you on my diaries;

However, when I look at you all I see is STUPID MERCENARIES.


-- Dr. Pete Lorins

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by


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