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ABORTION – Analysis of a Flawed and Elusive Female Hypocrisy

By Dr. Pete Lorins

This is the most original argument that you will have read against abortion… It is the product of a pure thinking heterosexual male human-being who was raised by a saint-like mother who ran two girl-only orphanages in her life time (around which I was raised). I also have two beautiful daughters and love women wholeheartedly and love them at times more than they love themselves. HOWEVER, women can be wrong too, no matter what the emotional basis of the wrongness is.

So… read this with an open mind… and with some form of emotional intelligence. At least learn to appreciate another person’s point of view. If you’re intellectual at all, that is the least that you should be able to do. Personally, I entered this World after my Mother nearly lost me, and had to use a Mid-wife to ensure that I was not born prematurely. I am so glad that my mother did not allow me to be unwillingly aborted and here I am getting on your nerves about your flawed belief on abortions. GOD IS GOOD!

Anyhow, “My Body, my choice”, is often uttered by abortionists (i.e., mostly females who believe in abortion).

Having studied engineering, education, law and medicine, my take on this is rather different and based on SCIENCE and LOGIC as opposed to emotional rah rah.

So, you are a biologically a man who is dating a woman (i.e., a human being with whom you can procreate) … PRO-CREATE implies to keep creation going on the premise that we were initially CREATED in God’s image.

However, in case you don’t believe in GOD, let us focus on SCIENCE, which is incidentally God’s intellectual property (smile).

However, let’s focus on SCIENCE.

A fetus comes about when a sperm either via intercourse or artificially meets an egg that has been released from the ovary duration a woman’s ovulation/fertility period. This is called “FERTILIZATION”, as it induces the creation of a new life starting from a zygote to a fetus and eventually a full human called an INFANT.

I hope I did not lose you yet.

So, let’s help each other understand this… the man’s sperm (his personal property) fertilizes the woman’s egg (her personal property or personalty) and for argument’s sake let’s assume that CONSENT or PERMISSION is not an issue and that we only care about LOGIC and MORALITY and that a born fetus can always be given up for ADOPTION, even if the woman had to be paid for carrying the child as a surrogate, which is not too far fetched because many people use surrogates anyway.

So, the man’s personalty combines with the woman’s personality on a medium called her body and a new future life comes into existence, and according to the abortionist, the man has ZERO personal property interest in that new life, as the CHOICE to terminate/extinguish/kill that new life lies solely in the selfish will of the woman no matter what her intent is and however irrational or selfish it may be and that is a PERFECT ARGUMENT to so many people, especially those who followed the teachings of the not-so-bright Planned Parenthood leader.


Imagine that I rent a lend from you for 5 years to cultivate some plants or fertilize some seeds on that land. And on the second year, the landowner tells the tenant, I want to revoke our lease agreement and by the way everything you planted on the land can be removed at my discretion or kept as collection for future rent. How would you feel about it?

Well, that is philosophically what is happening with ABORTIONS.

Two people agreed to have sex, but only one person (i.e., the woman) can decide/choose what comes about with a future life that is produced from the product of his seed/personality. I have never heard a more flawed argument in my life both logically/scientifically or morally.

But let’s add INSULT to INJURY:

That same woman who told the man “I am all yours, baby” or agree to have sex with him with the known high probability of fertilization and thus the creation of a future life, CLAIMS: “it's not only MY CHOICE, but also if I CHOOSE NOT to terminate the pregnancy and a child is born you THE MAN have NO CHOICE but to pay me to SUPPORT THE CHILD, and if you don’t SOCIETY has laws to take away your privileges (e.g., Driver’s license, wages, and even freedom). UTTER BS and HYPOCRISY!

It's logic 101... Abortion is all about FEMALE HYPOCRISY and SELFISHNESS. Women who want to have their cake and eat it too. So, if a woman wants to abort a future child, it does not matter how prepared the man is in taking care of that child and do so even without her help… it’s HER CHOICE… however, if the man does not desire to have the child, the WOMAN can still CHOOSE to have that child and force the man to be A FATHER, and to SUPPORT that child against his will. It must be the most double-standard BS that I have tried to understand as an educated man.

ABORTION is not about CHOICE… it is about WOMEN wanting to act like men, which is impossible.

A man can impregnate thousands of women in a year (and thus have thousands of children) if he’d like to, but a woman can only have so many children in a year. It is not by accident that we have MORE WOMEN than MEN. It’s nature’s (or God’s way if you believe in God) of balancing things.

In Chemistry, it’s called “LE CHATELIER’S PRINCIPLE” … when u have too little concentration in one area, there is always a force to move in the other direction…

PRO-CREATION is about keeping creation going… keeping things balanced in one way or another… often it takes centuries to see the reasons behind scientific happenings, but who are we to tell NATURE or GOD what is best? Why should women play GOD or NATURE?

Some will argue that men should get a vasectomy or practice abstinence… while others would argue women should simply get their fallopian tubes tied or simply remove their ovaries or use other contraceptive methods that are not as reliable. However, many have become pregnant despite their unwillingness to become pregnant, and many UNWANTED CHILDREN have been known to become great scientists who found cures for humanities most pervasive illnesses.

Please think about it. We have laws for everything… including property laws… if “MY BODY” is about a woman’s body and egg (personalty), then it should also be about the MAN’s BODY and SPERM (his personalty) and they both should have a STAKE in the outcome of the future life. PERIOD.

Any other argument is flawed and selfish at best. By the way, I have yet to speak to a woman who had an abortion that did not feel some degree of GUILTY about it. What does that guilt emanate from? Hmm

And on more thing... if we don't need rules, why were women forced to wear MASK during the pandemic? It's HER BODY right? Well, a woman has a SOCIAL CONTRACT with society, and when she chooses to have intercourse with a man, she impliedly created a social contract with the man as well. Thus, if we remove rape-like outliers and focus on the hypocrisy behind OWNERSHIP or POSSESSORY INTERESTS in a future life, Abortionists are the most hypocritical people on Earth! PERIOD!

If your BODY belongs to ONLY YOU, you can CHOOSE not to SHARE IT, but if YOU DO, the product is not JUST YOURS, it should be OURS... just minus the "Y" from "YOURS" and you'll be RIGHT and we'll all get along! So, whatever basis is used to make ABORTION illegal is sufficient as a means to the end of logically balancing the PRO-CREATION equation.



It is natural to think of patriarchy as the culprit to anything that affects women. However, there are a lot of societal issues that have nothing to do with patriarchy. They simply have to do with IMBALANCE. WE are not better than one another as human beings, but when we start comparing, we forget that we all have different but equally important roles and that the best decisions are meant to be taken together as TEAMS as opposed to opportunistic use of each other's resources. That is what FEMINISM is premised on... The fact is, we need each other... Thus, why are we fighting over that very reality? The feet are more important than the hands, and the poor is not less important than the rich... IF everyone were RICH, no one would have worked for anyone else. If WOMEN didn't need a SPERM to procreate many would have done without it modernly b/c so many are ANTI MEN... but men are our sons, fathers, and their TESTOSTERONE can help provide us all FOCUS and SECURITY... a woman is more about stabilizing and gluing and rearing and comforting and nurturing and being a conduit for peacefulness and creating a HOME! That was the natural order of things. The more we destroy it the more CONDITIONS we'll create and the more confused we'll become!

CHOICE CHOICE. Yet, U won't strengthen women by destroying men; Just like U can't enrichen the poor by destroying the rich! ~ Pete

Our society has been treating FATHERS like INSIGNIFICANT, IRRELEVANT and MARGINAL PARENTS... If I got paid for and counted how many WHITE WOMEN thought I was a HERO when I carried my babies around at the SUPERMARKET alone and ran to me to tell me how much THEY WISH their WHITE HUSBANDS would do the same, I would have been a TRILLIONAIRE by now. We don't treat FATHERS seriously... We only DEMAND that they PROVIDE FINANCIALLY to be exact. Yet we Expect them to view CHILD REARING responsibly. Most don't because we as a society so induced:

All previously unfairly discriminated groups (e.g., Blacks, women) try so hard for EQUALITY that they often fall PREY to the TRAP of becoming unfair discriminators themselves. The key is to become BETTER DISCRIMINATORS than one's former unfair discriminators, NOT WORSE ONES! Often the ABUSED becomes an ABUSER too, but being previously ABUSED does not justify becoming an ABUSER! I felt the ABUSE of ABORTIONISTS today... and it is unfortunate because I felt sorry for them. FATHER, forgive them, they know not what they do or say! :)

Me, as a VICTIM. Never... even as a BLACK MAN, you never here VICTIMHOOD from my behavior, mouth or demeanor. PLANET EARTH belongs to me. Forget VICTIMOOD. Wrong NIgg*! You are putting words in my mouth. And acting like OLDER WHITE DUDES used to act towards women and Blacks. Proving how well you've been conditioned to think. It is ok if you don't want to believe me, but the WOMEN'S MOVEMENT has not improved relationships between men and women! PERIOD! Moreover, it has not been to the benefit of the family unit. Even an uneducated glance at the stats will so indicate. You don't have to believe me, but you should at least believe the Stats if you want to understand the depth and breadth of my thesis/philosophy, which by the way is corroborated by top scholars. In the quest of seeking EQUALITY many WOMEN have become MAN-ified and many Blacks have become REVERSE RACISTS. If that was your goal, you have achieved it. Many hang on to their dogs and careers instead of children and family, and act like men instate of nurturing beings. I just happen to have never been affected by PEER PRESSURE. You obviously were in HIGH SCHOOL and beyond

My CHATS on the ABORTION TOPIC have now come to an END... If you want to see the highlights of my DEBATE with ABORTIONISTS, which was INTERESTING and rather FUN simply go to -->

I wish the ABORTIONISTS all the best, but my PHILOSOPHY on the TOPIC is one that I intend to die with. MAY GOD help you all make the right decisions with your lives! If it's YOUR BODY, you can CHOOSE not to sleep with a man... and CHOOSE not to get PREGNANT and thus CHOOSE not to have an ABORTION!

She should CHOOSE not to sleep with a man, and CHOOSE not to get PREGNANT... then she will have CHOSEN not to have an ABORTION. When she slept w/ the man, she SHARED her body with him and he shared his and his chromosomes w/ hers. It's called a UNION and in a lot of cultures it's a MARRIAGE! Got it?

I adored my late MOTHER & AUNT. I have daughters. No one has loved women more than I have. But ABORTION... no-go!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by


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