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Are the Trump Arrests Analogous to Black Arrests in Timing and Grouping?

So, Are TRUMPISTS the New Negroes?

Is Trump/Orange the New Black?

Is TRUMP Viewed as a THUG like Most Black Men Are?

Is TRUMP Treated Unfairly as a Former President of the U.S. (POTUS)?

Is It all About INTERFERING with TRUMP's Potential RE-ELECTION?

Everywhere on Earth, societies have selected people that they should vilify at one point or another based on their RACE, COLOR, NATIONAL ORIGIN, RELIGION or even POLITICAL AFFILIATION.

For a long time, America has made most of those that fall under such categories members of PROTECTED/SUSPECT CLASSES with knowledge of such human tendencies. This is exactly why the prosecution of a political candidate during an election period is patently suspect. In short, MOTIVE will always be questionable and so will the appearance of impropriety.

Such prosecutions should be made UNETHICAL because of their TIMING and GROUPING. It's been said that IN LIFE as in love, TIMING is EVERYTHING! Accordingly the timing of Trump's arrests of Trump's person and that of his affiliates are PATENTLY SUSPECT. And that will never change.

Yes, TRUMP is flawed, and hates LOSING... like every American, WINNING runs through his blood, and I'd be the first one to admit that he did not want to LOSE especially to JOE BIDEN. I'm sure he can't even process it. And to be candid, I can't blame him, even with his flaws and antics, he was a stronger candidate with better ideas. However, he did err, like we all do. He probably tried to NEGOTIATE HIS WAY INTO a WIN whether he reasonably believed he won or NOT. However, MOTIVE should matter and so should INTENT. Also, we should consider that he is not a simple man. He is the Richest President that the US has ever had, and also a former President of the US (POTUS). In the history of the US, no POTUS is treated like a regular Citizen in any way, shape or form.

Trump can make an EQUAL PROTECTION argument by arguing that he is not as EQUALLY PROTECTED as other presidents. In other words, he is being SINGLED OUT and treated patently unfairly despite his status as a former Leader of the Free World, and a member of a PROTECTED/SUSPECT CLASS (e.g., former POTUS or a Presidential Candidate). And the SOLE MOTIVE of so doing is to prevent him from being Re-elected as POTUS.

While that may not pass certain test, it will go in the history books as part of his cases as a new precedent about POLITICAL PERSECUTION/PROSECUTION.

Yes, TRUMP should be held accountable like every other FORMER PRESIDENT would have, but that does not mean that he should be treated like every other average American because by being a former POTUS that makes him NOT A FORMER AVERAGE AMERICAN. No former POTUS has ever been treated like Trump is being treated -- Just like you can argue that no other men have been SINGLED OUT like BLACK MEN have been treated in America. On that basis, Trump and his affiliates are being treated like Blacks in that illustrative picture provide above were. Singled out and arrested at the WRONG TIME based on being TRUMP/ORANGE and thus that makes being TRUMP or a TRUMP supporter/affiliate the NEW BLACK/NEGRO. And thus, TRUMP and TRUMPISTS and those that remotely like TRUMP for any reason should become a member of a PROTECTED CLASS in America to avoid being PERSECUTED by the Government like BLACK FOLKS have been in America.

On a last note, the arrests will create more political division among Americans, while it has UNIFIED a lot of TRUMP ENEMIES on all aspects of the political spectrum with TRUMP as the equal opportunity offender, it will induce a trivialization of the US Presidency, a bad precedent, and more likely than not create more American mishaps or tragedies like that of January 6 or worse. And since we're all on the same boat, we'll all suffer in the end and if the boat (US) sinks, we'll all sink along, unless my Black ass will have already been on the Motherland (smile). By the way, if you're a Black person or or working-class White person, THINK ABOUT this, if they can do it to a WHITE BILLIONAIRE, think about what they can or will do to you. After all, all of our protections (e.g., 4th Amendment Right against UNREASONABLE Searches and Seizures of Person or Property, or 5th Amendment Right against Self-Incrimination etc.) are meant to protect us AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT. And considering that Trump's arrests are UNREASONABLE under the circumstances, would you expect such a government to be REASONABLE to you?

LASTLY, every crime (except strict liability ones) requires that a Prosecutor or District Attorney proves (1) actus reus (ii.e., evil act); (2) mens rea (i.e., guilty mind) ; and (3) causation (a link between them). And in America the burden is on the prosecution to prove a crime beyond any reasonable doubt. Moreover, one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. One last thing, a POTUS is not an average person, and thus it is patently UNREASONABLE to treat him as such. On that basis, William "BILL" Clinton should be in jail right now. Arguments will be made and lives will be affected and the country will be further divided, to whose detriment? ALL OF US. It's not a rich against poor argument. It's rather a RIGHT vs WRONG one. I want every White man (including super wealthy ones) to be treated fairly so that my Black ass can be treated fairly too. After all, if they are not treated fairly, the rest of America is screwed. Trust me on that one!

LOYALTY at its best. It's time to NULLIFY NEEDLESS CRIMINALIZATION OF PEOPLE. And Black men would benefit from that the most in America. If there is ever a man who can make the term CRIMINAL sound SEXY it will be DONALD J. TRUMP. America's TOP BRANDER. I know him. I have been studying him since I was a child in NYC. This country is about to get a LESSON on TRUMPISM. I said it FIRST!

There is a bit of DICHOTOMY that many are neglecting even on something as simple as a MUSGHOT. For instance, a BLACK MAN will not perceive Trump's mugshot like a Black woman would because their experiences and perception of it are different. Trump is viewed as a "Bad Ass" in his mugshot by most macho Black men, whereas as Black women may perceive him as a thug. But I assure you that most brave Black men prefer TRUMP over BIDEN... Most Black men who have had any type of success had to FIGHT the STATUS QUO and had to have supernatural confidence at times. TRUMP represents that to them, especially those who suffered from fatherhood absenteeism. So, Don't be surprised to see many BROTHAS fighting for TRUMP and like the Brothas did in HAITI during their revolution against France if Brothas are fighting for TRUMP, TRUMP will win!

This Country is Famous at taking Mugshots of Influential men... The Great Dr. King is on that VERY LIST!

Regarding Presidents of the US (POTUS)?

When we start demonizing every former POTUS and it will become a vicious cycle. The best solution is to have better ways of vetting future POTUSs. I think their entourage should be fair game. But once the guy becomes a POTUS he is bigger than himself. He should be a mini political god! That is the best way to restore respect in the presidency after all, the presidency is termed which makes the guy's term terminable. We just made the biggest mistake in our country by choosing to prosecute Trump, the most dangerous man in America politically and branding wise. He'll trash talk these guys to the ground and if he is jailed, it will grant extremists in his base full right to go CRAZY on everyone. The DEMS will have been the PROXIMATE CAUSE of it all. Regarding TRUMP, STUDY HISTORY and not what the DEM LEADERS want you to believe. Nearly 50% of Americans supported Trump... that's over 150 million people. I wouldn't call him a DUMB MAN. Can you get 150 people to show up right now to your event? How about 1000. He may be flawed, but he is NOT dumb. If he were to be DUMB then so is AMERICA b/c he was elected to the highest seat in the land. But if you study history, you'll discover that what caused the fall of Rome was mostly CORRUPTION and DIVISION. America has never been more CORRUPT and DIVIDED and TRUMP has to defend himself and that will cause FURTHER DIVISION and you add that to a POST-PANDEMIC AMERICA, it does not take a genius to realize that it will be a PERFECT STORM. And I am an OPTIMIST. So, it's not looking great for America. And what is happening to TRUMP will had FUEL to the fire. I'm 100% sure of that!

One last thing, America is still a top-10 country but the QUALITY OF LIFE here is beneath that of other comparable top-10 countries. America is not doing things that will catalyze improvements. Americans from ALL WALKS OF LIFE are SUFFERING. Politics aside, we are doing a VERY BAD JOB running this country. And after BIDEN got in power, it got so worse. People are losing jobs left and right and those that are working are getting PEANUTS. I feel bad for people. I really do. Oliver Anthony became famous for expressing it all... Whatever we are doing now is NOT WORKING. Let's say TRUMP were as wrong as the DEMS want us to believe, then so is BIDEN because it got worse under his admin. We are screwed either way. Let's agree to that. WE are all on the same boat and when our fellow man/woman is down, so are we!

This article was written by Dr. Pete Lorins to provide enigmatic insights or intellectual twists about the highly likely repercussions based on the wrongfulness of the timing of Trump's prosecutions/persecutions.


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