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By now, the whole World knows about how HURRICANE IAN has devastated our “wowingly” beautiful Southwest Florida, an area that has brought thousands of people around the World (including myself) inexplicable serenity and peace. I have personally seen mansions nearly submerged in areas of Naples, Florida that were in Flood zones. And I'm sure most people know of the bridges that have collapsed and the beach front houses that have been literally wiped away on the Fort Myers Beach. Many made a living by providing hospitality to tourists on those beaches for decades... I have personally been there and I have shed quite a few tears for those folks among others as well.

Thus, it should not be surprising that as an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a few ventures in this area, I felt compelled to extend my unique existing services as to include Hurricane Assistance for people from all walks of life in Southwest Florida, who are severely affected by HURRICANE IAN.

Together We are SOUTHWEST FLORIDA STRONG… and as part of a great State and Nation we are also Florida and America Strong. I believe in the American spirit. I love the way we help each other in moments like this. It never ceases to amaze me. We are truly ONE BIG AMERICAN FAMILY no matter how many use our POLITICAL DIFFERENCES to divide us.

In a nutshell, including those Hurricane Assistance Services in our existing services, we are essentially CREATING JOBS and GIGS in Southwest Florida and beyond because we’ll end up using both local and out-of-state resources.


  • Home Repair Services

  • All Other Household Services

  • Generator Rental Services

  • Government Hurricane/Disaster Applications and Legal Advice Referrals

  • Customized Transportation/Moving/Logistics Services via

Should you be able to collaborate either as a contractor (service provider) or donor or collaborator/laborer or skilled worker, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US via the following:

PHONE#1: 407.955.3534

PHONE#2: 773.372.9656

(Texting and Emailing are preferred at this time due to the potential volume of inquiries at any given time or another)

We look forward to working with anyone who is willing and able to help those who have been left "broken hearted" by Hurricane Ian.



Pete Lorins, PhD, JD, MDc


A Turnkey Ventures Inc Subsidiary.


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