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Audacious Income-generating Web Sites and Apps

To be an entrepreneur, it is not only important to be AUDACIOUS, but also the latter imperative in order to thrive! And to be a successful ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR, AUDACIOUSNESS must become an integral part of one's modus operandi ("MO").

Truly successful entrepreneurial individuals like Mark Cuban are known for their AUDACIOUSNESS. In 1999, Cuban and his partners sold BROACAST<dot>COM to YAHOO for a HEFTY $5.7 Billion USD. In a nutshell, the latter was simply a creative income-generating web site, which helped Cuban become a Billionaire. Believe it or not, you can do it too, but only if you have the RIGHT TEAM or SECRET SAUCE. No man/woman is an island.

Likewise, FACEBOOK made Zuckerberg a Billionaire; and web sites like AMAZON, TWITTER, and even CRAIGSLIST made their respective founders nothing short of Billionaires. To be candid, while most people may never become Billionaires, many could have almost effortlessly become millionaires (with half the effort that they put in their regular jobs) IF AND ONLY IF THEY had been AUDACIOUS ENOUGH to put their most original ideas to work via the right team. In fact, some have missed out on opportunities of creating MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR-WEB-SITES or APPs that have the potential of being highly INCOME-STREAMS-GENERATING.

However, in order to create such SITES and APPs, one must use rare/unicorn companies that specialize in SYSTEMIC SOFTWARE ENGINEERING or DEVELOPMENT with a focus on INCOME-STREAMS GENERATION like WEBIFYAPPIFY.COM. The latter allows one to tap into technological innovation that is grounded and aligned with SOUND BUSINESS PRINCIPLES allowing the aspiring income-generating Web Site or App founder to use an approach that will yield the desired result the first time around (i.e., revenue streams.)


Audaciousness stands out as a quality that most COMPANIES are not willing to court, and one that MOST INVESTORS are neither willing nor able to FINANCE. In fact, it is a LABEL that must be EARNED not only by ACCEPTING RISKS, but also by THRIVING ON THEM (i.e., RISKS).


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  • Etc... But that is all saying that you've either been GOING AGAINST THE GRIND or DEFYING THE STATUS QUO. YES, YOU"RE WINNING!

This is exactly why CUBAN said:

  • "When you've got something 24-KARAT-GOLD in AUDACIOUSNESS, let it SPEAK FOR ITSELF."

PROVE THE NAYSAYERS WRONG like Bill Gates; Steve Jobs and even Einstein did... DIG DEEP... STOP BEING RISK-ADVERSE. There are many firms that claim to specialist in income-generating sites and Apps, but the folks at WEBIFYAPPIFY.COM have a proven track record in both business and software development or engineering. They'll get your projects off the ground the right way the first time around EVERY TIME!

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