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Both Extreme Leftists and Extreme Conservatives are Problematic

Extremism in anything is bad... "all in moderation" as the saying goes... too much of anything is a nuisance, if you know what I mean. Extreme Leftists often push agendas that are impracticable (or too Liberal) in a capitalist system where the rule of law must be followed and can be viewed as akin to Socialism/Communism, while Extreme Conservatives tend to be too rigid on many principles and often forget the gray areas, which often attract many far right groups who may see such rigid rules as more aligned with their rigid beliefs (e.g., Supremacy, Nationalism, Homophobia, Misogyny etc.)

> Gender-based Extremism (e.g, ME2) is Bad for America

> Raced-based Extremism is also Bad for America (e.g., generally portraying anything that's been done by/for a particular race as good or bad either because of historical contexts or stereotypes) -- Portraying everything done by White men or Black men as either good or bad or even necessarily desiring to destroy the history by destroying existing structures.

> So is Faith-based Extremism, National-origin-based Extremism, and Xenophobia (i.e, fear of foreigners or Immigrants)-based Extremism.

Extremisms is what created HITLER and the Nazis... Extremism is what induced the justification of slavery and the classification of Blacks as sub-human to justify slavery and treat them as chattel (i.e., personal possessions.)

We need more modernized versions of Centrist politicians like John McCain, and not necessarily extremists like Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and even TRUMP should he opt to start adhering to more extreme views instead of focusing on what's WRONG w/ politics on both sides of the aisle. Politicians like Bernie and Obama may be well-intended, but their policies may still end up creating more factions and thus a less perfect union. We need people that are willing to challenge the status quo without becoming EXTREMISTS or DEMON CREATORS. We need people that will not underestimate the opposition. People that can lead their opponents to agree with them by showing them that there is something in it for them too... that they may need support on some issues when their party gets to be in power again etc... We need collaboration creators... not "demonizers". We need people that will test the limits without crossing any forbidden/dangerous lines. We need people that know when to keep their mouths shut.

AMERICA is an amazing young country. It is analogous to a very gifted post-pubescent young person that has been toying with some amazing ideals yet is still too young to have achieved mature wisdom. Ideally, we should be aspiring to CONSERVE the things that have worked well legally and ethically while rejecting those that haven't. The latter does not imply destroying everything that has even been done by a White man whose ancestors owned slaves. The history must be preserved... it is a reminder of our racial and gender propensities. Most human beings suffer from some form of amnesia. People need to be able to express themselves on history and impact how history is written, however, people should not focus on "HIS-STORY (i.e., the White man's version of the story)". Rather, it should be our collective story. Not an EXTREME HEROISM story that is not aligned with the reality of which the World is now far too aware. At the same time, we should not be inducing children to hate each other and create factions as to induce children to pay for the sins of their parents either.

Lately, after both YE and TRUMP have been cornered, they have become too extreme... It's one thing to be an influencer or status quo challenger, but it's another to easily cross many forbidden lines willingly or inadvertently.

We must not forget human decency... the golden rule... "treat others the way we'd like to be treated..."

Clearly YE, MUSK and TRUMP are extreme conservatives (and sometimes extreme liberals concurrently) in many of their views. And out of the three, two of them have been under either extreme public or legal scrutiny lately. My mother used to say that, "every cornered animal will bite". And right now, I feel that YE and TRUMP are cornered, and therefore they are BITING as hard as they can, and the way to do so is by showing that they will be as extreme as they can be with the views for which they have been scrutinized in the first place as to boast their fearlessness and masculinity.

Regarding MUSK, to be candid, I hate being presumptuous on any topic, however, my opinion of White males from South Africa hasn't been ideal. And I'm sure there are some decent White males that happen to be from South Africa. But, generally, I see them as victims of their environment. that's all they know. Needless to say, South Africa must hold the record as one of the top worst places in the World for racial injustice, followed by Australia's treatment of Aboriginal Blacks and yes ours truly, good 'ole U.S. of A. Some of the most ignorant White men that I have ever met when it comes to RACIAL ISSUES are South African. The amazing thing is that they seem to feel PROUD to be RACIST as if it is a symbol of HONOR (laughing out). And in my head, I am saying, YOU IGNORANT FOOL. These are White men that are like the equivalent of a Racial Hatred Pitbull. In other words, they were raised to Hate and attack Blacks under a brutal Apartheid Era. They love to hate and love to feel SUPERIOR and will work to achieve their perceived superiority by any means necessary. Otherwise, living is senseless to them.

Needless to say, I am aware of who MUSK is and where he is from (i.e., "South Africa", the former home of APARTHEID). I am also aware of who Trump's Dad was and why so many White men feel the way they do about race and politics. But the latter shouldn't stop anyone from being a Conservative. Many amazing human beings of all colors, races, national origins or religions have been amazing Conservatives, including Colin Powell, Dr. Rice etc... MY point is, every political philosophy has its extremes. You have extremists on both sides. I believe that one can support Trump without being a White supremacist/nationalist or an anti-Semite. And one can support Biden without being an extreme Leftist or Socialist or Communist. It is sad that so many that support either side choose to be extremists.

Like MUSK, men like YE and TRUMP are narcissistic men that had to be narcissistic to succeed. In other words, they have to defy many seemingly insurmoutable odds and prove both their friends and foes wrong. Thus, you can't expect men like this to back down with pressure. In fact, pressure will drive them to push harder or fight harder for their belief system or their view of the World. They are VISIONARIES... trust me, I can relate... they see a VIVID WORLD that most people can hardly even believe could exist.

NEVERTHESS - There are danger lines/extremes that one should never cross. When even an extremist MUSK had to PAUSE YE's Twitter account, that in and of itself should tell YE that he's crossed a danger line and must manage to chill somehow. To be candid, YE, MUST and TRUMP had to have to same type of mindset to become BILLIONAIRES... Extreme self-belief and a willingness to step on a lot of toes and break a lot of hearts at all cost to acheive one's ultimate goals. In a nutshell, such men are extremists by nature. HOWEVER, there is a price to pay for words that we utter.

Brothers Ye and Trump must be referred to Matthew 12:37, which my DAD taught me about during a Sunday School Session as a young boy: "for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned (FRENCH: Car par tes paroles tu seras justifié, et par tes paroles tu seras condamné.)". I am not a religious extremist, however, I believe 100% in ALMIGHTY GOD. Our words can be more than words... We must watch what we say to our loved ones, friends and strangers. And we we don't, we may end up being CONDEMNED by our own words.

If you know both men personally, please share this article with them. One can still be an Extreme Influencer without crossing the danger lines. And when one does, Condemnation awaits, and one will easily go from influencing to making a fool out of oneself. IN THE END, we should all aim to be UNITERS and not DIVIDERS. We should recognize celebrate both our differences and commononalities like colors in a human rainbow as to appreciate and treasure God's/Nature's magnificence. Anything less is not only uncivilized, but also unappreciative and ignorant.

In a Rush!

This Article was written by Dr. Pete Lorins and is sponsored by and


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