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Extremism on All American Ends

Please only comment on this article if you have read the entire article, otherwise you will be ignored or deleted. I don't have the time to waste on inconsequential dialogue.

God and Extremism have been two major constant forces that have guided all American shortcomings, changes and progress... and EXTREMISM about anything is bad except when it reaches a threshold to induce consequential or positive societal changes. It is arguable that the TRUMP Presidency tested all aspects of the fabric of a yet young nation with its political-incorrectness and its no nonsense approach to governance. However, it, too, tested AMERICAN EXTREMISMS at their cores.

Before mentioning anything about yesterday's U.S. Capitol mob issues, let me state that America started out as a country of extremists... gender extremists, religious extremists and racial extremists to be exact ...

Fights to tame extremism led to the Separation of Church and State, Abortion laws, the industrial revolution and modernly even the use of female bathrooms by transgender individuals!

Extremism under segregation led to the civil rights movement, extremism under a male dominated corporate America led to women’s movements, likewise extremism under Clinton led to Bush and extremism under Bush led to Obama and extremism under Obama led to Trump and extremism under under Trump will lead to Biden extremism and enablement!!!

The following extremisms still persist:

  • Me2 Or Feminism Extremism

  • White Male Privilege Extremism

  • Black Disenfranchisement Extremism

  • Racism Extremism

  • Gender Extremism

  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) Extremism

  • Gay Rights Extremism

  • Trump Support or Political Incorrectness Extremism

  • ETC.

So, YES, Trump extremism did incidentally incite the Capitol Mob yesterday... and that was an assault on American democracy.

But extremist from the Dems did intentionally incite the looting horrors by the BLM mobs... another assault on American democracy resulting from years of demonizing Trump especially in the aftermath of the George Floyd nightmare... To me, even as a Black man, The BLM looting was even scarier as it reminded me of what I experienced by fellow Black Haitians in my former homeland!

But luckily, thanks to the framework of the U.S. Constitution, America will survive as it continues to fight with all types of extremisms... especially those perpetuated by both parties... yet America will keep learning and evolving generationally as it continues to strive to become ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE w/ LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!

In the next four years, the Left/DEMS will bring its/their own extreme views and the Pendulum will shift yet again to the GOP after such views reach extreme thresholds... I have seen that dance happen over and over... THIS IS the AMERICAN EXTREMISM BALANCING ACT FOR YOU AND ME!!!

Now that the DEMS got what they wanted, let's hope that for the sake of AMERICA that their motives were not both the destruction of TRUMP and AMERICA concurrently. Let's hope that they will either prove the GOP wrong or prove themselves right.

I'll be OBSERVANTLY watching... TRUST ME!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and this article is sponsored by


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