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Faith Learned from my PAPA...

FAITH from my PAPA... the late GREAT PASTOR LORINS!!!!

My late Father, Pastor Pierre "Peter" Lorins had told me the following about FAITH starting from the time I was a toddler and on... He used to say that, FAITH is like "opening your hand in the dark, and then closing it while having a FIRM ASSURANCE or CONVICTION that whatever you wanted to find in your hand will actually be there."

RIP PAPA -- you were always a great role model to me... I thank you for teaching me about FAITH, and thank you giving me the gift of passionate knowledge acquisition, Fatherhood and FAITH... as because of these things alone I am never bored or too sad!

HAVE FAITH FOLKS... I have seen FAITH take me from IMPOSSIBILITIES to POSSIBILITIES... from lacking CASH to having way more than I REALLY NEED... from being disenchanted to being overly filled with JOY and PASSION. "FAITH" is not linked to religion or even belief system... it is a God-given GIFT for those who choose to banish doubt, and decide to tap into their spiritual realm to believe that WHATEVER THEY TRULY DESIRE will come into fruition, especially if it's based on the right motive (i.e., GOD/LOVE!) Faith requires some level of discernment as to realize how DOUBT reigns in our mind and how fears supersede our passion and thus our very ability to apply FAITH to achieve our goals.

I thank God for my late PAPA who taught me everything I needed to know about FAITH by the time I was 11 years of age.

My message is simple... HAVE FAITH... no matter how much you are going through... keep the FAITH... develop that FIRM ASSURANCE that whatever you truly desire will actually be actualized despite all proofs to the contrary to a heart that lacks faith.

YET "FAITH" without WORKS is DEAD... I encourage you to tap into a study on FAITH... or let's chat about FAITH in a scheduled ZOOM SESSION.

HALELLUJAH is the Highest Praise... and 2020 + ONE is THE ONE! (Like Us on FACEBOOK)

RIP PAPA - I miss and love you IMMENSELY... You're Still MY HERO!

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