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Haitian Human Rights Violated in the DR, Haiti and Elsewhere

This is only a 5-minute read... I wrote it in a rush... Thus, please forgive any typographical errors. AND, please... Brace yourself - and Embrace the TRUTH... You will have only read THIS LEVEL OF RAW TRUTH through

Lately, a CANAL DISPUTE between HAITI and the DR has exposed a HIDDEN WOUND that has existed between the two countries that is rooted in the covert hatred or mistreatment of Haitians based on their race or color or ethnicity or national origin. This is the reason why my parents and I never had any dealings in the DR, which despite being mostly indigenous and African has acted like Argentina or parts of Europe or like US did in the past when it comes to the Haitians.

Most Dominicans are for the most part decent people, but as in most places including the US, the GOVERNMENT is the CULPRIT. In short, from my observation, the current Dominican Government should at least appear to be patently RACIST towards the Haitians to any reasonable mind. Haitians have had a raw deal since they induced the end of Europe's best business, SLAVERY, and the PRICE that they have had to pay for it over the years shows how unforgiving EUROPE (particularly FRANCE) and the US have been to Haitians for fighting against slavery and ending their beloved cash cow. The remnants of slavery persist though in minds of far too many children of former slaves and slaves owners in the form of stereotypes even though most of us would prefer to live as BROTHERS and SISTERS...

Call it COLOR-ISM or RACE-ISM or "I HATE HAITIANS"-ISM... it is simply a HATRED and ILL-TREATEMENT OF A HUMAN BEING either based on an immutable characteristic (e.g., his/her race) or his national origin or his socio-economic status. Thus, it is a HUMAN-RIGHTS VIOLATION and at the least a form of ETHNIC CLEANSING.

To the DOMINICAN PRESIDENT - Sir, please stop being RACIST towards MY PEOPLE. If you don't stop, GOD will PUNISH YOU. I am asking GOD to PUNISH you unless you repent sir. I know that your ANCESTRAL ROOTS make you feel better by PUTTING DOWN fellow human beings, but I assure you that as an EPHEMERAL BEING, you will be remembered for your EMPATHY and COMPASSION than by submitting to OLD RACIST TENDENCIES that you might have inherited. The World will not remember you in a good light unless you find least damaging means of dealing with our Haitians brothers and sisters. And you will be held accountable for any violations that you have induced against them either by GOD or mankind.

THE SPIRITS OF MY ANCESTORS and that of ALMIGHTY GOD asked me to write this article and present to the US PRESIDENT, the DOMINICAN PRESIDENT and WORLD LEADERS at large. You ought to be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Your hatred of HAITIAN PEOPLE smells so bad that it has reached GOD'D NOSTRILS and if you don't REPENT, GOD will destroy you all and expose you to SELF DESTRUCTION.

Today, My heart BLEEDS for the CHILDREN OF MY ANCESTORS - namely the HAITIANS. While my ancestral roots include indigenous people, and Europeans as well, I am PRIMARILY AFRICAN ANCESTRY and proud to be an AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

Dr. King once said that: "an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." The treatment of poor Haitians by wealthy native/Black and immigrant non-Black leaders in Haiti, in the Dominican Republic, the U.S. and elsewhere has reached a point in which it should SHOCK the conscience of a presumed JUST WORLD. But perhaps we live in a World that is or has become PATENTLY UNJUST, one that still HATES HAITI and HAITIANS for leading the slave revolt that ended slavery when Haiti became the First Black Republic after beating the mightiest European army of the time, which induced substantial deficit to White slave owners worldwide, culminating into the Industrial Revolution, which is nothing short of "a way to learn to live with free slave labor." However, for the price of liberating enslaved Blacks Worldwide, the Haitians had to indemnify France with the equivalent of Billions of Dollars for what it lost during the Haitian Revolution, which not only crippled Haiti's economy, but also fueled the climate of political instability fueled by both France and US meddling into Haitian politics causing stupid mercenary leaders and dictators to rule over Haiti with the sole intent of using Haiti as their personal piggy banks. In the mean time, over the past 5 to 7 decades, Haitians at large have been left with a SINGULAR GOAL of leaving Haiti, with most leaving for the U.S., Canada, France/Europe, Mexico etc. Meanwhile, those that want to stay closer to Haiti, and the poorest Haitians who can't go elsewhere have been going to the Dominican Republic (DR), which has always mistreated poor Haitians, but lately due to an issue over Canal/water rights, Dominican Human Rights abuse against Haitians has reached a point that is so PATENTLY UNJUST, INHUMANE and RACIST that if it does not SHOCK THE CONSCIENCE of Dominican and Haitian leaders and World leaders at large as an travesty to justice, then it will be a THREAT to JUSTICE everywhere.

The TRUTH is that the entire island named HISPANIOLA (i.e., both Haiti and the DR) used to belong to the Haitians at some point and could have still belonged to the Haitians today had Europe not been even more racist than it is now in the past. There is no doubt that HAITIANS who are primarily of West African ancestry are some of the most resilient and brilliant human-beings who have ever existed and as a child my BRILLIANT HAITIAN PARENTS and my teachers taught me about the TRUE HAITIAN HISTORY. I still remember what I learned when I started Kindergarten at the age of 2. I was always ahead of my class and was #1 student for nearly 10 years. So trust me, I do remember everything. In fact, as a child I thought that all Dominican women were prostitutes because, at that time, the only thing I knew about Dominican women was that they came to Haiti as prostitutes to serve richer Haitian men and I recall my father pointing me to them in that manner. Thus, in those days, no serious Haitian men would ever marry a Dominican woman. Fast forward to 2023, nearly 4 decades of me leaving Haiti as a teenager, I'm reading and watching still and moving pictures (videos) of Haitians being mistreated by Dominicans in the DR and my brain cannot believe what is happening. In fact, I can safely say that PARENTS never set foot in the DR while they were alive, and personally I went through the DR twice just as a layover to get to Haiti, but have never had any business or personal interest in the DR despite many offers that I have gotten from friends and clients over the years mainly because of my knowledge of the sentiments that have existed among Dominicans and Haitians over the years. And that is in spite of the fact that I have many Dominican friends. However, personally, I would NEVER INTEND to live in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.


It is very simple. Even though both countries are of mixed African and indigenous ancestry, the DR which was initially controlled by its previous colonizer Spain (after a pact with France to split the Island into two parts) has always seen itself as a Eurocentric country and thus welcomed wealthy Europeans and fostered a smart tourism program, while Haiti was controlled by France, which crippled it after Haitians revolted and kicked most Whites out of the country and promoted a more Afrocentric and thus anti-European culture that discouraged tourism and culminating in a lack of wealth being brought to Haiti since the Europeans had amassed ample wealth from the Island (Hispaniola) anywhere both through slavery and in the forms of debt payments that they received from Haitians as their lenders so that Haitians can remain free of threats of being invaded by them (mainly France) again. And additionally both France and the US have a History of being RACIST towards Haiti and countries like the DR have preyed on that same sentiment in a more subtle way, but as of the last decades have gone from a state of covert racism to one of over racism through its treatment of Haitians via both its laws and/or human rights abuses in how it captures Haitians like animals, imprison and mistreat them as it packs them up and sends them back to Haiti.


In the meantime, US and other World leaders have remained most SILENT on this matter. Acquiescence is essentially defined as an agreement or consent via silence or without objection/protest. By definition, acquiescence is passive acceptance or submission. In other words, agreement or consent via silence or without objection/protest. The silence of US and World leaders on this matter makes them COMPLICIT or in AGREEMENT with the Dominicans. And thus guilty of any Human Right abuse of which Dominican leaders are guilty.

The U.S. is still the leader for the Free World and in that position it has been known to have even killed or help kill leaders of countries like Libya and Iraq (i.e., Quadafi and Saddam Hussein) under the pretext of liberating people. However how about the treatments of Haitians by former Haitian leaders and as of late by Haitian Gangs and by Dominicans next door? What is the US doing about that?

Yes, Dominicans have the right to protect their borders just like the US has the right to protect its borders. However, the latter has to be done in accordance with principles of morality and human decency that are codified via International Human Rights Laws which are now being violated by Dominicans as I am writing this article.

A Haitian Born in the DR

I am as Dominican as You Are!

Human Rights protection should also extend to Haitians that are more in the DR as they must either be recognized as Dominicans of Haitian descent or have a path towards DOMINICAN CITIZENSHIP. And no Dominicans should be targeted based on the color or their skin or for being mistakenly believed to be a Haitian. And of course, Haitians should be given an opportunity to prove that they are there for HUMANITARIAN reasons as refugees prior to being backed like sardines to be dropped like animals on the Haitian border. This is PATENTLY INHUMANE and it shocks my conscience and that of the soul of my ancestors and should shock the conscience of any DECENT human-being Worldwide of any race, national origin or religion.

REMEMBER - "An Injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to JUSTICE EVERYWHERE"... This DOMINICAN INJUSTICE is a threat to JUSTICE in the US and all other countries Worldwide. And we'll ALL BE PUNISHED by ALMIGHTY GOD if we don't do something about it.

Haitian human rights are being abused in HAITI by mercenary leaders that are hand-picked by France and the US, in the DR and the US as I type this very article. WE MUST not become ACQUIESCENT and COMPLICIT through SILENCE. This is why I felt morally and intellectually compelled to write this article.

And if you don't feel the same way, you CANNOT call yourself a DECENT HUMAN BEING or CHRISTIAN, OK? I'm not EFFING CONVINCED!

Here are a couple of very helpful videos that will provide you more insight on the HAITIAN DILEMMA!


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