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I GOT SHOT IN CHICAGO, in my nightmare

CAPS - denote my own writing style... I am not screaming, but I am ANGRY in this article!

YUP, I GOT SHOT IN CHICAGO - in my nightmare. It was vivid... I asked those guys what they wanted, and told them I had 3 lovely children, and had I not grabbed the arm of the shooter in the nightmare to misdirect his arm, I would have been more fatally shot. He seemed to have had no soul. I thought about my children, and other loved ones and saw blood gushing out of my guts, and realized then just how much I valued life. I rarely have nightmares. But in this one, I had to be smart to stay alive as I dealt with soul-less human beings to whom life meant absolutely NOTHING because without LOVE life can be meaningless to far so many. SO, in the months and years to come and especially when I become a politician, I will do whatever I can to induce or SHAME CITIES like CHICAGO to do something about VIOLENCE because of that nightmare alone. It was so good to wake up and realize that it was just a NIGHTMARE; but for many, it is a sad reality. Accordingly, I immediately messaged my son to ask him to be careful, of course and felt compelled to write this article. I LOVE CHICAGO... it is a VERY SYMBOLIC CITY TO MY OWN ASCENT. It is one of the most architecturally beautiful and complete cities in the World and the CITY itself, outside of poor and worst parts of its Black and Hispanic populated South and West side areas, is a GEM and second to none!

WE WANT TO SAVE HAITI, but we can't even save YOUNG BLACK CHICAGOANS. WE REALLY SUCK! It is much easier to love them and save them than to help HAITI, yet we have failed to do so. Many that are being shot are just blocks away from the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO area or near the Obamas; the Farrakhans, University employers and students, where I still have a residence in Chicago. In that area all is well, but 10 blocks away it is the WILD WILD WEST! COME ON! I think about it ALL THE TIME! We are so full of hypocrisy that it SICKENS ME to the core. ALL OF US! REALLY... YOU TOO! As we go through our SELFISH DREAMS of being whatever the heck we want to achieve, POLITICANS and SOCIETY AT LARGE are allowing HUMAN BEINGS to die like ANIMALS on the streets of Chicago... but wait a minute, I mean to say ON THE BLACKS SIDES OF CHICAGO! The latter is WHAT RACISM really is. To allow one group to be treated so perfectly by others and its own, while watching another being treated in privileged manners. IT NEEDS TO STOP! PERIOD!

People are saying what kind of animals would do those things? WELL, the "animals" that we failed to raise right at home and through our school systems. The "animals" that we, as a society at large, FAILED TO LOVE! Therefore, they FEEL NO LOVE FOR US. WE reap what we sow. PERIOD.

Want to change it? I want to be part of the solution. But I'm OUTRAGED! REALLY OUTRAGED, especially after my nightmare. I mean both civilians and officers are getting killed by gun shots or violence.

I guess I had this dream because even while I live in LOVELY PARADISE NAPLES, I can't stop myself from thinking that there is a guy in Chicago who will have been SHOT today just because he happens to be BLACK and living in a predominantly Black area in in Chicago, which is located right here in ABUNDANCE AND SERENITY-FILLED UNITED STATES!

SERIOUSLY? I mean OBAMA got his break in Chicago... he is a TALENTED MAN... we expected him to stand taller on the SHOULDERS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE GIANTS like DR. KING and ROSA PARKS. But he got too comfortable being a PRAGMATIC LEADER to act like a TRANSFORMATIONAL or TRANSCENDENTAL ONE. He really needs to use his influence to STEP UP TO THE PLATE along with those in his circles and his many accesses to give back to the lovely city of CHICAGO and convince his Liberal allies to do whatever it takes to change that situation. It is disingenuous to talk about saving HAITI, when we can't even save CHICAGO!

IN A RUSH like my late and GREAT PAPA (smile)... I love you, Pastor Lorins!

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