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Mother's B-day Good Morning Cheers Session

This Good Morning Cheers session is special because it honors my late Mother on her birthday (6/10) and shares parts of her philosophy which I have inherited!

There are many things that my late Mother would have wanted to continue to share with others and among them are wisdom, serenity and love. My Mother's wisdom and serenity was like calmness and peace during chaos or war. And I want to share it with as many people as possible as it is something that I have incorporated in my own philosophy as of the past 5 years in honor of her legacy. Even carrying a fraction of her wisdom will make my life very effective and fruitful.

In this "Good Morning Cheers" session I will share the following 5 things with you:

1) The LOVE of a good/amazing Mother is incomparable, unless one is a Mr. Mom I am more often than not (smile).

2) Keep LOVING YOURSELF and HUMANITY AT LARGE and great things will happen for you. LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

3) Have 100% FAITH in God or your aspired achievements.

4) Start a BUSINESS and if you're in doubt, call me, Dr. Pete at: (773) 372-9656 OR go to:

5) Create an ONLINE PRESENCE so that you won't be a beautiful billboard in the desert -- to find out how, visit:


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