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Mother's Day is Sad for Me




I seemed to have lost ALL MY MOTHER FIGURES... you see, I had 4 mother figures and they all died of breast cancer: 1) My late mother; 2) Her sister (aunt Marie); 3) My Uncle's wife (Mrs. Paulina) ; 4) Mrs. Azor (my late Mother and Aunt's bestie). This is why BREAST CANCER is so personal to me. Yet, I have a few people that I love lately that have beaten it. You know who you are.

I looked up to my MOTHER. She believed in GOD so much... was so wise and entrepreneurial... certainly a genius... and was such a lovely person... my aunt another genius, and Mrs. Paulina who had a heart of an angel just like my late Mother and Aunt did. Mrs. Azor was also so precious to me. These are VERY SORE PARTS OF MY EXISTENCE. I have to live knowing that they are NOT LIVING. I would have reduced my lifetime just to extend theirs if I could. They were ANGELIC FIGURES. While I can't change their fate... I will do my BEST TO ENSURE that BREAST CANCER will not have the LAST WORD w/ God's help.

So, while I say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO my friends, exes and you. Part of me feels SEVERELY ROBBED. While I do carry their memories... I still feel robbed of such amazing people. But like those who beat cancer, they too are my HERO. I wouldn't be the man I am today had my MOTHER not opted to let me go at the age of 13 because she was convinced like I was after I persuaded her to realize that HAITI had no better future (yes I was that bright at 13)... and had I not loved my Aunt like she loved me. And as to Ms. Paulina, she represented PURE LOVE. She always made me feel perfectly loved. I watched her interact with my MOTHER as a child... they would take long strolls together. I'd often wonder what stories they are sharing about their lives as mothers, and wives who married two brothers. I wish I could have asked them about their discussions. Mrs. Azor was my Aunt Marie and my Mother's bestie... she was like my Mother too growing up and she left an amazing son, who is a brother figure to me. I wish I could be hugging all those ladies today. I wish I could kiss my Aunt's face and hug Ms. Azor, Mrs. Paulina and my Mother... No achievements can ever match what I would have felt if I could just hug them again. Instead, all I have is a teary face... and all I can say is that I MISS YOU ALL and LOVE YOU ALL just like I LOVE MYSELF!

RIP Mothers!

Teary Eyedly,

- TiSon!


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