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NEVER TOO LATE/EARLY to Change Your Life's Course

At 12, I made a GENIUS PLAN to leave my parents and move to the US.

At 14, I did and made a plan to become somebody by graduating at the top of my High School Class

At 17, I made a plan to get an engineering degree with no money and no help as an immigrant.

At 24, I made a plan to become a man and to become a husband and a father.

At 34, I made a plan to pursue graduate degrees in engineering, law and medicine.

At 44+, I made a plan to become one of the most innovative business men who have ever lived and to work with ALL PEOPLE (who can pay now or from their profits (smiling)) and to give back; to cherish my children, ALL PEOPLE and LIFE AT LARGE.

See, I was raised to Hate White People, but today I love them; to despise the Ghetto, I've studied it and do business in it; to see Blacks as victims, but I want to see US as victors; to believe that I am a victim, but I feel like the most victorious man on Earth every day; to believe that non-Christians are bad, but God is a God of redemption; to see America as SEPARATE and UNEQUAL, but I now see A GREAT NATION; and to believe that most or all cops are RACIST, but today I SAY HELLO TO COPS as if they were friends. And if I am pulled over, 99.9% of the times I get no ticket and I'm left with decent words from every single COP.

OUR ATTITUDE MATTERS. While we point fingers at others, we often forget to check ourselves out while the rest points at us. YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY is not Black People, White People, Asians, Your Boss, is actually YOU!

Start loving everyone and I assure you that you'll see a better World. But if you choose to participate in POLITICS, get ready to get MUD on you. That also is YOUR CHOICE because You don't have to participate in politics.

In my quest to look at myself, I found out that there is something great about everyone and that it is people like US that far too often DIM IT. My quest is to put a MAGNIFY GLASS on everyone's greatness and calling... I'm always genuinely happy for people when they succeed... b/c if more people could be happier, we'd all live in a happier World.

CAPS - denote my own writing style. This Black Dude never screams (smile).

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This Article was sponsored by


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