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Our Current US Status QUO

As of today, the probability of a person of color becoming POTUS is 1/45 = 2.22%. In other words, there is a roughly 98% chance that the next POTUS will be a WHITE MALE every 4 years, and nearly 0% chance that the POTUS or VPOTUS will be a female. This is the current status quo. The solutions lie not in demonizing the status quo, but rather in aligning the interests of ALL AMERICANS. I welcome meaningful dialogues on how we can build on our human commonalities. We clearly have different advantages and disadvantages. But, unless we are building bridges on key foundation stones (commonalities), 300 years from now, we'll still be having the same conversation.

If you'd like to start a meaningful dialogue, please contact us at RECRUIT@RAPIDGIGSPLUS.COM or tap into


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