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Pick a Ministry... Help Someone... Anyone!


You don't have to send money to Africa or to some Very Remote Poor Country to help your fellow man. PICK A MINISTRY. My ministries are: (1) Any Homeless Person; and (2) Any Lost Black Man in America... it is in that spirit that I often help others... Yesterday, March 29, 2021, my first daughter and I drove around the amazing City of Chicago to help homeless folks at specific and well-known homeless tent cities. My late parents who died on the say day April 3 (4/3) seven years apart were all apart helping their fellow man. Thus, it was rather appropriate to feel the urge to do so... to share words of love and some essentials with the homeless.

I have always had an affinity to those in those two groups... I have always identified with both groups... PERHAPS it is because I have always felt that BUT FOR GOD'S GRACE, when I left my former homeland at 13, non-English speaking, culture-shocked, and being nearly all alone at 17 when I started college (as a homeless Black man), I could have been in either category. You're more powerful than you believe you are. Some people just want to feel human decency again. Others want to feel LOVE and UNDERSTANDING... yet others don't want others to feel sorry for them, but want to feel like they are what they truly are... and that is SURVIVORS... FIGHTERS....

...many of them could have given up, but chose to fight on... and some will beat homelessness and become your next PHYSICIAN, LAWYER, ENGINEER or BOSS and testify to GOD's GREATNESS, and like me will say, BUT FOR GOD!


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