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Positive Breast Cancer Update

1. My friend Deb who fought breast cancer head on and had a brain scan scare is all cleared. SHE IS MY HERO.

2. YES - breast cancer killed my favorite aunt, mother, their best friend, my uncle's wife (one of the best human beings I have ever met) and to be candid, it is one of the things I intend to do a lot about before I EXPIRE starting w/ having BREAST CANCER CENTERS ALL OVER AFRICA.

3. I will do my best to work as a Breast Cancer Oncologist in the foreseeable future.

4. God gives us amazing signs that we don't always pay attention to, but the older we get, the more discerning we become.

5. Tatas (i.e., breasts) feed babies and they also keep MEN happy(smile). On a serious note, the hope is to keep them healthy, and if we can't, to at least keep those that are affected by cancer-stricken breasts alive by successfully getting rid of them. They can either stay without them or get breast reconstruction if they are young enough to find the latter worthwhile.

I am not sure when I'll complete this journey in its entirely, but rest assured that I intend to make a difference that way too. Thanks DEB for being MY HERO because you're the only WOMAN that is close to me that actually beat it.

I will not give BREAST CANCER the last effing WORD. EFF CANCER. EFF Breast Cancer... It can kiss my Black ass!


ALWAYS IN A RUSH Like My Late Papa (Pierre Lorins)!

I love you Papa!


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