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Predicting the Ripple Effects of Guilt-Driven Liberalism or Cancel Culture

This is my earnest attempt at analyzing what I have been observing for the past 7 years as part of a misguided movement to counter past U.S. racial and gender atrocities. For lack of better words, Please allow me to call it either "GUIILT-DRIVEN LIBERALISM" or "CANCEL CULTURE". You can take your pick.

Anyhow... at this point you may or should be asking the following question:

what the heck are you talking about Pete"?

Well, while I understand that America has a brutal past when it comes to racial and gender discrimination, I also understand that allowing the laws of nature to apply (i.e., basing our actions on simple reactions based on laws of physics, such as for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) simply put many of us at the level of less intelligent species that function mainly on instinct.

YES, Black people have been treated inhumanely in the past... and were even considered to be a fraction of a human-being in an attempt to justify the inhumane treatments of slaves as sub-humans. Likewise, women and other non-White males were subject to less than ideal treatments and had unequal access to the rights and privileges that were quite frankly reserved to wealthy White males. I said the latter because poor Whites only had "White skin privilege" to hang on and thus were also considered to be inferior to wealthy Whites.

NEVERTHELESS -- all of the above facts and others are part of American history. They are here to remind us of who we were then, what we are now, and thus what we've learned and how close we are to our ideals... so, CANCELLING any part of it is like ENTERING A STATE OF DEMENTIA or at least SELECTIVE AMNESIA.

Of course, I want progress. Especially as a Black man, I do! I want to see more Black men in positions of power. I want to see better Black neighborhoods or just better diversified neighborhoods; after all, why should we box people in one area in a form of either forced or implied or indirect segregation. YET, our cultures sometimes dictate where we live and what we treasure, maintain and cherish, and the latter is a matter of fact.

America is about "controlled/protected/unprotected" FREEDOMS...

As we start cancelling everything that was done by a White man no matter how perfectly or astutely it was done, we are also cancelling American history and identity. The latter is just as bad as NOT ACKNOWLEDGING what BLACKS or WOMEN accomplished during times of slavery because they were denied access to LIFE, LIBERTY and "PROPERTY" rights that were reserved solely to White men or even maybe rich White men (smile).

There are many penumbral rights that emanate from those of "LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY"... and most of us disagree on one or the other... for instance from that of LIFE came Roe V. Wade (Abortion Rights), but that does not stop us from disagreeing on the moral logic behind it all, and that does not imply that we should CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT or simply CENSOR each other. America is not perfect, but it is an amazing experiment. That's all it's been, and that's all it will always be. We are willing to DEBATE not be pigeon-holed into one LIBERAL WAY OF THINKING.

The problem with anti-conservatism-based WHITE GUILT and CANCEL CULTURE is that it will end up CANCELLING itself out. Because those that hit by the swords typically suffer their perils from the same swords.

It would have been so easy for me to be a LIBERAL, and agree with all aspects of BLACK LIVES MATTER and so easy for me to be so anti-TRUMP and anti-everything-that-Older-White-Men did or believed.

But how about those that are part of the FABRIC of the FRAMEWORK of the CONSTITUTION?

How about "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creators with certain inalienable rights, and among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

I mean, Dr. King KNEW that it wasn't meant to include BLACK MEN/WOMEN, yet as a TRUE INTELLECTUAL, he used it as a PREMISE for one of the most astute REVERSE-PSYCHOLOGY-BASED-DEBATE in human history. YES, it is YOUR CODE OF CONDUCT, we are just asking you (America) to enforce it. It was a VALID and UNIVERSAL ARGUMENT. He was killed because he was BRILLIANT and would have induced too many changes too quickly. He too was CANCELLED. The latter is what CANCEL CULTURE is trying to do to Americans that disagree with it.

Certain rights are guaranteed. For instance, one's employers have rights to be the owner of intellectual properties that one developed while being paid by the employer as a employee as part of their contractual relationship... just like the masters owned whatever their slaves developed. Is it that far fetched?

But does that entitle us to CANCEL everything that reminds us of our past... BESIDES, we all want to have the right to PROTECTED SPEECH. The latter requires that that we will not block everything we don't like, so that we too will be able to utter what others don't like without being blocked or cancelled. It's part of our social contract.

When did we become so hormonal, sensitive and small-minded that we are willing to deprive others of their FIRST AMENDMENT SPEECH RIGHT or or any sort of DUE PROCESS by simply instantaneously PRE-JUDGE, JUDGE, DEMONIZE and CANCEL.

In any event, unless we change this approach, "CHICKEN WILL HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST" and either WHITE GUILT or CANCEL CULTURE will backfire on itself when those that proclaimed to be the PROTECTORS OF THE BLACKS AND WOMEN will have been exposed for their TRUTHS or their HYPOCRISY!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by


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