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The Meaning of a Lorins Birthday

TODAY is "MY" Birthday!

As a visionary person, today is very symbolic to me. While many would love to show "love" by either "doing something for me on my BD" or "telling me what I should do on my BD", birthdays and I have a love and hate relationship. While they remind me that I get to see another year for which I am VERY GRATEFUL and somewhat CELEBRATORY, they also remind me of my MORTALITY and to be candid, they are VERY HUMBLING and sometimes SAD DAYS FOR ME. And as an OPTIMIST, I am rarely sad. They are MY DAYS... and those who really KNOW ME understand that they are days on which I PREFER to have TOTAL DOMINION over what I do and my reflections. "I" choose who to talk to or hang out with. It's ALL ABOUT MY BLACK ASS. Is that clear?

NOW -- am I grateful to you for remembering my birthday? You betcha! I was raised by the most loving and God loving angelic parents on Earth. While we never truly celebrated birthdays, I would always look forward to a note from MY MOTHER that INVARIABLY read: "on this day, I gave birth to this very special Asian-eyed baby boy and the many spiritual revelations she had about me." I have seen them ALL unfold. She taught me about GOD and DECENCY. On my BIRTHDAY I prefer to reflect on her. I'd also prefer to reflect on my amazing LATE FATHER whose love is still inexplicable, the way he carried me to school on his shoulders, taught me how to drive at 10/11 and taught me about FAITH, CORE, what being a STRONG BLACK MAN means, and to FEAR NO MAN. I'd also love to reflect on my late BROTHER. I wish I had loved him more. I still remember ALL HIS JOKES. I wish he were still around. I wish we could have shared our childhood jokes and memories still today. Last but not least, I would also love to reflect on my favorite aunts MARIE and Paulina. They too were angels. I miss them dearly. And I can't forget my bestie ASR who rescued me after losing my Mother... and "I have looked over my shoulder" and "you have been there ALWAYS!" No words! ;)

While I will also reflect on so many amazing visions with which God has entrusted me, I simply want to feel BLESSED to be the TORCHE bearer of the Lorins clan. For some reason, God chose me to STILL be the around and for that I am SO GRATEFUL to ALMIGHTY GOD. I treasure EVERY SECOND of it. I breathe the AIR so perfectly and I am so kind and loving to MYSELF, MY CHILDREN and to everyone including the old White man on the plane yesterday. I enjoyed his company 100%. We talked briefly here and there, we were both grateful that the middle seat was empty and felt great civility and respect for each other. It was an amazing flight. I might have been the ONLY other Black dude on the plane, yet as always I saw myself in EVERYONE. SO, If you ever meet me you'll feel the LOVE I have for GOD and humanity at large. That love is from MY PARENTS... two amazing angelic people that God used to bring me here. I am INSIGNIFICANT compared to them. As I get older, I realized that I am them. 23 chromosomes from my Mother and 23 chromosomes from my Father. Their legacy matters. What they stood for matters. LOVE, PHILANTHROPY, a LOVE FOR ALMIGHTY GOD, and undying compassion for humanity at large.

So today, as you wish me a happy birthday, if I don't respond it is because I'll reflect on THEM, MY VISION and what I want to do on MY DAY... It's "MY" GOD D*MN BD right? I get to do whatever the HECK I want to do. RIGHT? Cool! We're good!



I love you Maman and Papa

I ADORE you ALMIGHTY GOD. Thank you!

~ The Son of Peter and Martha Lorins (Dr. Pete Lorins)


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